True Love

In her arms he finds rest
She kisses him lovingly
With his head against her breasts
She knows the beauty
Of his intricate depths
The love they share together
Is transcendent and endless
She pours out all her love on him
And she is his healing
She watches over him
In his peaceful sleeping
He needs her and she needs him
It was on chilly spring evening
That true love found them
And now they’re inseparable
Their love unbreakable
With soft kisses and beautiful whispers
They are intimate and sensual

With the vows of their souls
They have become one flesh
She is his heart and
He is her breath

Soft Light

Darkness is subtle in its caress.
The soft light slowly exposes her,
Like a sculpture in alluring undress;
It reveals the feminine contours of her feet
and the sensual enchantment of her breasts.
She breathes in eroticism
And exhales euphoria with every breath.
It is an ethereal experience
To discover the levels of her depths.
The well of love in her heart is full;
Her erotic soul is out of control
And absolutely beautiful.

The Gathering (Part 2)

You who suffer, you who are misunderstood,
and you who were unloved since childhood—
gather your hearts together, for there is comfort in unity, and a shelter.
Cry no more, for the abandonment of your fathers
or for the death of your beautiful mothers,
but let the soul that is within you,
strengthen you and strengthen others.
Raise your swords ye valiant men and women,
and with your battle cry, cut through the darkness;
spare nothing, and do not be merciful,
lest the darkness recovers in the void
and comes back to attack you in your slumber.
All ye mighty generals, that conquered and died in battle
lend us your resolute hearts,
that we may raise our banners of war in silent march.
We will carry on, even in the bitter cold of winter,
until the darkness is slayed and our swords rest upon its cursed grave—
but if there is nothing left of us, ye who come after us,
with our swords and armor bury us—
but do not weep for us when our bones return to dust.
Gather up your own hearts, sharpen your swords,
and let not there be frailty in the arms that wield the bow
or in the resonance of your words.
Before warfare, test the worthiness of your armor,
and in battle, strike your enemy with violent anger,
searing even the sinew, to strike down the darkness
that would steal your happiness
and snatch the light that is within you.

Ecstasy Again

When it was over, he kissed her and savored the moments after,
going over scenarios in his mind, so the next time, he could again thoroughly please her.
And in his constant longing, he again aroused her, appealing to her erotic nature;
he then teased her neck, venturing lower and lower,
allowing the eagerness of his tongue to take over.
In sweet ecstasy, she released loudly,
in the place where the taste of her still lingers.

Mirrored Pain

See yourself in her.
Her struggles.
Her agony.
Her alienation from family.
Feel the levels of her depths
in every breath.
Feel the heavy weight
of her anxiety and stress.
Hear the lament in her speech
and in yourself.
Revisit your childhood trauma,
and take heed that her story
may be similar.
Go past her exterior,
and see all the elements
that make her.

Heightened Pleasure

Through a symphony of moaning, your body tells me of its longing.
I am passionate in my approach and intent in my listening.
To please you, is more than just mere expressions of the physical;
It is primal passion, long lasting, mixed with something ethereal.
I immerse myself in you, after a red sky fades into the night
And the color of the sky becomes midnight blue.
You hold onto me, tightly, shuddering uncontrollably,
Unable to express to me what you feel, verbally, but I know; baby, I know.
I must venture deeper to capture the raw essence of your primal heart;
I want you to tell me the secrets of your erotic desires, as if we were long distance lovers.
Whisper to me, not what I want to hear, but the things you’ve wanted to try for years.
Our intimacy started when I kissed your neck and shoulders, as you let down your hair.
The beauty of your aura must be appreciated, so I step back and stare;
With sensual eyes, I step back and stare.
I close my eyes to savor the moment, and when they are again opened, a goddess is there.

A beautiful goddess, with long flowing waterfalls for hair, is standing there.


They think they know us.
They think we’re the same.
They seek notoriety
And take the austerity
Of our suffering in vain.
But in the silent depths
Of our darkness and unending pain,
We remain invisible
And unnamed.


“In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.” —Isaiah 27: 1

Job Chapter 41.

Torment Revisited

In pain, the soul wails,
And the depths of her cry out.
The fallacy of normalcy, is no more.
She is tormented, but lucid;
The potency of her agony
Is measured in piecing screams.
It is the wounding of her being;
The severity of agony finally revealed.
It is the culmination of years of pain
And of things unseen.