Sensual Chapters

The whisper of a sincere utterance cuts through the stagnant silence;
they are there — in darkness, two lovers, reunited to write new sensual chapters.
The foreword of their book is filled with the passion of sensual kisses;
by the third chapter, she says his name through sounds of pleasure
as she rides and rediscovers the euphoria of the length of his measure.
The vivid descriptions of their intimate union captivates the reader—
the fifth chapter, revisits the origins of how they found each other.
A few paragraphs in, and you will find the love between them is genuine.
The seventh chapter, speaks of how they separated and came back together again;
and here they are, in intimate passion, steeped in love and in the most erotic positions,
recording fiery paragraphs of euphoric transcendence that long lasts—
giving no heed to restrictions, and doing away with all inhibitions.
She kisses him — while on top of him, moving in seductive rhythm
only dismounting to taste him, then eagerly mounting him again—
he places his arms behind him, and she holds on, allowing herself
to be taken by her primal form; she is not timid in pursuing what she wants.
In their time away from each other, they had both yearned for too long,
separated for inconsequential reasons, but now their bond is strong.
The sentences of the eighth chapter, in there intricate details are long.
The union of their euphoric sounds is like a duet of an erotic song.
He picks her up, and she feels the depth of him with her back against the wall—
he does not hold back, as he gives her his all; in a rapturous trance they fall.
Intoxicated with ecstasy, she wraps her legs around his waist and caresses his face.
The ninth chapter approaches, and they are lost in each other’s embrace.

Tears Amidst Roses

The wreckage of my soul lies scattered amidst the roses in the cold.
I hope for warmth and again to be made whole.
The tall stems hide me, and the morning dew rolls
off of red and burgundy petals, as if the roses weep for me;
In my shattered sate, I hope for an angel to find me
and love me with everything within her unconditionally.
I am broken but not lifeless; I am desolate but not hopeless—
I have seen many things and have dreamed many dreams;
Restless ghosts walk around me and rouse me from my sleep
to tell me of faded past loves and troubled waters deep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep

I hope to see the sun again, but until then
I hide scattered among the roses tall stems;
They whisper sweet words to me and give me water in their nurturing.
The fragrance of them sooth my agony, and I sleep on the softness of fallen petals;
Oh, heaven restore me to the whole man I used to be.
I lie amidst the roses in the shade of their petals listlessly,
Waiting for the day of redemption that I may never see.
Once, I loved fearlessly, but love was never returned to me;
Under colors of red, white, pink, yellow and burgundy, I sleep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep

The restless ghosts still come to me and tell me of their anguish;
They tell me of love betrayed and of dreams unaccomplished.
I am dismayed in my tormented state — but still hear their passionate cries.
Mother, if you can hear me, look upon your son in his travail,
And give me of your strength so I can again deeply inhale.
I am in agony and I am broken in my pain—
I cry incessantly, as rose petals fall on me softly;
Daily, they grow taller and flourish more beautifully.
I have survived thus far, because beauty is my company.
I dwell here, where the ants crawl, and the creatures of the night creep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep

Intimate Confessions

Between euphoric breaths,
she confessed that she loved him;
not holding back, she gave him her everything,
and in her moaning, she signaled her joy
and the fulfillment of her longing—
touching his soul, and evoking emotions
that long stirred within the depths of him.
It is then that he said to her, I want no one else;
forever you are my woman
Without inhibition, she rode him
uncovering the breadth of her eroticism—
she leaned in and kissed him,
whispering to him, how much she had missed him.
And after the last letter, she released the passion of her fire
and kept going as he whispered, faster.
His drive took him over the edge
when she passionately said, mi amor, deeper
he closed his eyes when she seductively
Started sucking his fingers;
and in the height of his release,
he told her, that he was more than a lover
but that he was in love with her.

I Keep Falling

The shattered pieces of me remain behind and unswept,
Still strewn on the floor where my eyes first wept.
I awake, still broken, wanting to be whole again,
Hoping that my soul will finally mend.
The sorrow of my heart seems to never end.
I keep falling — but not in love again;
I just keep falling,
Like raindrops
Without end.

She Is the Sea

The Sea roars. 
The edges of her violently hit the shore.
At even she is pulled by the moon;
She moans as she rises.
Her depth and darkness set under a red sky;
The place where men go to bury secrets.
She has become an involuntary accomplice;
Lifelessness slowly sinks to her cold floor
From the relative warmth of her surface;
She will not give up her dead.
In her currents they become somewhat lifelike, 
Moving to and fro like some morbid puppet show,
With wide eyes open in the darkness.
The creatures of the sea
Observe their latest inhabitants;
Like shipwrecks they are scattered
Longing to be remembered;
The last of their tears coalesced 
Into the salty waters.
On the surface, the living
Weep for their sons and daughters;
In their distress they go to her,
Jumping from bridges to find solace;
In her depths, they seek solace.
In her melancholy—

She is stirred with waves of sadness.
The heavens look down upon her
And see her vastness;
She is a keeper of secrets;

Yes, she is a keeper of secrets.
She holds them in her bowels for perpetuity
And cradles them in her rapture lovingly.
She is the Sea— 
She is the Sea.
She will not be tamed,
And she will remain.
She gives of herself;
In her calmness and warmness they swim,
On her surface they sail,
And in her, are fish, dolphins, and whales.
She is the Sea— 
She is the Sea.
She will not give up her dead;
Their tombs she will not reveal.
She embraces them and carries them with her
Wherever her currents may go.
Her cold and salty depths 
Are their final rest.
In her depths,
They find their final rest.

Love Rescued Me

Your beauty is unparalleled and your character unquestionable. Your virtue enthralls me. Your very presence lifts up my countenance and sets me on a higher plane. Before I found you, I searched tirelessly, with vigor, and with such fervor that it burned up within my very soul. I hadn’t yet found you, but within my mind’s eye you were there always patiently watching and waiting. I called out for you in my dreams and I reached for you in my restless sleep but you alluded me. Where are you my love? Where could you be?

I continued on my journey to find you; to find a love that is rarely found. A passion was within me, an unrelenting drive had built up within me that took me over completely. The type of passion and drive that only a worthy woman could draw out of me. The prospects of our love and devotion had driven me to my limit; the visions of your soft touch and affection had turned me into a madman. Then it happened; I saw you. I knew it was you. I approached you and the look in your eyes spoke to my spirit; it had to be you; a certain peace swept over me. Your kind smile warmed my heart and inside me tears of joy flowed like a deep river. You extended your hand to me and I kissed you, I poured out my feelings to you; my most vivid dreams and visions I conveyed to you. I told you of my journey and adventures; my long travels to capture your heart and your love. About how I saw your face in my dreams.

I had given up on love. I had cast it away from me and vowed never to seek it again until you appeared to me; until you reached out to me in my deepest sleep. I was a barren and dry desert and you came to me like twelve nights of rain to restore my scorched heart and create an oasis for my thirsty soul. You listened to me intently and you cried. These were not tears of sadness but of joy, for we had found each other. We had found love. Never will we be without each other; never will we be apart. Our love is as vast as the universe and deeper than the deepest sea. Our affection is eternal. Your love rescued me.

Lady of The Night (The Allure)


A lady of the night. Extremely beautiful and calculating. Her heart is as cold as a Siberian winter. So many men have encountered her, only to witness their own destruction. Their souls gone forever, never to return. Her beauty is uncanny. She is always draped in the finest materials. Her nails are manicured to perfection. Her skin is radiant and beautiful; her face gorgeous and alluring. Her hair is long, conditioned, and wonderfully curled. Her selection of perfumes are a rare and irresistible pleasure. Her eyes are captivating and she has hypnotized many men with her gaze. Her lips are inviting and adorned in the most complimentary of colors and glosses. The tone of her voice is soft spoken.

No one really knew her story or background, only the rumors that were whispered in dark corners by men and women who had come to know of her endeavors. It was said that she was a lady of the night who took the souls of men; it was conveyed that she was irresistible and many men fell by the wayside after dealings with her. Rumor had it that she left many powerful men in financial ruin and made addicts of men. Addicts of her attention. Addicts of her sexual prowess. Addicts of her perceived love, and her powerful attraction. Still, many men pursue her to no end, as caution is thrown to the wind and reckless passion abounds. What they wouldn’t give for a night of lustful desires fulfilled where nothing is of limits. A night of excitement with a beautiful woman of her skill and talent. Only once have I spotted her; one glimpse of her was enough to invigorate my wildest and most lustful imaginations.

Without a word spoken she had mesmerized me. Incredible. She disappeared like a ghost before my eyes and I never saw her again. I shuddered at the thought of being totally captivated by her. The fate I would no doubt suffer if I was caught in her alluring web. My brief hypnosis wore off and I came back to reality. Still the curiosity in me needs to know her story. I want to know the reasons her heart is so cold. How she came to acquire her skills and prowess. The story of her upbringing. At least a name?