Tragedy of Ecstasy (Tiffany’s dilemma)

Before she fucks him, she always takes of her wedding rings. She says she sincerely loves her husband, but his dysfunction does not allow him to satisfy her constant craving. Often in uncontrollable amorous throbbing, she touches herself, and she uses many different toys of her choosing; but her desire is for the sensuous feeling of the real thing. With her lover, at first, per agreement, there was just primal fucking, not intimate kissing — but as time went on, rules were broken, and her husband, she divorced him; and her lover, she fell in love with him. But her lover, he was not faithful to her, for her lover had wives, mothers and others. Some were for pleasure, some were for the money of his hire. Often after the quenching of her lustful hunger, she thinks about the husband who unconditionally loved her when she is in the shower. She misses her husband’s loving whispers and sincerely affectionate kisses. She misses the way she was held. She cries, because he rescued her from emotionally hell, took care of her wonderfully and treated her so well. But he could not satisfy her sexually — he could not bring her to ecstasy; he could not quench the fire within her. The bareness of her ring finger signifies the story of tragedy, and even after ecstasy, still, she is unhappy.

Executive Assistant (work wife)

Physical and emotional wants and needs are satisfied at a designated location vigorously and thoroughly without hesitation; she says she loves him, but he is married, and she knows his situation. She is understanding. She is not demanding or in anyway nagging. She is his reprieve; the fresh air that he breathes. She knows that his wife he will not leave, but still to him she cleaves. Oftentimes, she fucks him in his office when everyone else leaves—intensely pleasing him with her mouth on her knees. She is his executive assistant. She is his lover and his other. Business trips and late nights in the office are things regular. There is a palpable sexual tension every time they see each other. In black heels, on his desk, she bends over, and she’ll cum several times before it’s over. On certain holidays, the executive’s wife calls her to come over for dinner. They may even have brandy and eggnog after. She will never give it away, communicating to him through glances and whispers. So many secrets they share. They’ve been together for so many years.

She Sleeps


Tonight I hold her. Tonight I kiss her. I keep her warm, and secure. Tonight I reflect on how we met and how happy we are together; tonight I cater to her. I bathe and caress her soft skin with the finest oils. Her favorite aromas and perfumes are selected. Tonight I massage her from head to toe. She is relaxed mentally and physically. Tranquility fills the room as light music is played. White silk against her beautiful skin is amazing. Her long hair is brushed back, and reveals the beauty and radiance of her face. I can’t help but to stroke her face and kiss her. As I draw her closer to me, there is an unexplained feeling within me, a deep feeling of love for her. This kind of love can’t be broken. I am in tune with her mind and body. I am in tune with her spirit. We are one. I have eyes only for her and she has eyes only for me. Arguments are left behind. Strife and anger are left behind. We transcend. We move forward in love and loyalty. It’s late now, and in my arms my angel falls asleep. Peacefully, she sleeps.

The Lonely Hours

He reaches for her, but she is not there. Her scent still lingers in the place she slept. Strands of her hair are found on pillows. Again he reaches for her, but she is gone, never to return. In the late hours he sheds tears. Sleep has not been a friend to him. Peace has left him. Happiness has eluded him for two winters now. He is lost in the innermost workings of his mind. Hopelessness rushes in like water from a broken dam. Even though he puts up a strong barrier, it presses against the door. Waiting to invade his thoughts. Waiting to wreak its havoc.

He can withstand it for a time, but only for a time. Maybe he will make it through winter; maybe he will see the bloom of spring, and feel the warmth of summer. Still it waits, bearing down its full force upon his will, taunting him, laughing at him. He misses her; he misses her so much. Tears flow once again at the thought of her memory; her soft touch. He is tired. He is so tired. His movements are slow, and his will is weak. His barrier cracks and splinters.

Hopelessness seeps through. It is followed by loneliness. Depression makes its entrance. Following closely behind are fear and anger. They slowly wind and make their way through his system like poisonous molasses choking his life force and corrupting his once endless energy. A beautiful garden is turned into an unsightly bed of weeds, and waterfalls are dried up. Ripe fruit is turned rotten and given to the worm. He is tormented day and night. He seeks rest like a wild scavenger seeks food, but there is none to be found.

Darkness surrounds him and misery peers through his window to bear witness to his demise, but he remembers her warmth, and their time together. He remembers her laughter and her joy; he vividly sees her face and the light of her life shines brightly in his being. The movie of her love and life play in his mind, and he is strengthened. Her glowing face is amplified in his thoughts and his joy comes back to him. Fear and anger dissipate. Depression is trampled. Hopelessness is utterly rooted out and destroyed. Only loneliness abides. He misses her.

My Precious Lady, I had given up on myself but you believed in me. You saw something in me that I could not see in myself. It was your love that rescued me; it was your beautiful and mysterious eyes that looked past my faults and saw my soul. It was not only your eyes that saw me, but it was the love in you that saw the essence of my heart and the depths of my soul. I will forever love you . . .

Lavender Dreams

In lavender dreams I see you, and I am lost in your love. Your sweet scent intoxicating me in my subconscious, calling me to lavender fields in the warmth of the sunshine. My love, in those beautiful fields you walk barefoot, a product of nature and divine creation. Your smile is beautiful and indescribable, causing my being to feel a sudden warmth and deep feeling. Your long hair glistening in the sun is a sight to behold, it is a glory and gift given by the creator. I had fallen in love with you instantly upon beholding your countenance. Adorned in all white, you looked as delicate as a flower; as gorgeous and sweet as a pink rose bush in full bloom.

Darling let us walk slowly in your fields and converse about the heavens. Let me prove my love for you and toil in your fields day and night. At night please stare out of your window and cast your gaze on me, for your eyes are heavenly and loving.  Three seasons ago I would have never thought that I would have needed you; needed your love. You had been visiting me for some time and I played the fool; I had taken you for granted and you had stopped visiting me. What a fool I was. Day and night I slept like I hadn’t slept in years, calling for you, begging for you to once again visit me in my dreams and comfort me. I cursed myself for being a stupid and foolish man, to take for granted such a wondrous being of love and beauty. Where are you? Where are you O, woman of the lavender fields? Come back to me for I was a fool and I now fall on my face and will wither away without your love.

You came back to me and rescued my failing heart and weakened spirit. You rejuvenated my will, and gave me purpose once again. Be me wife lovely woman; let me make my solemn vow to you right here and now to always love you. I cannot go on without your smile and warmth. I refuse to be a fool ever again. Let us walk the lavender fields together and enjoy the fragrance in the evening. Let us have picnics with the finest samples of cheeses  and the rarest of wines. Allow me to prepare a fine meal for you and then bathe you with the sweet scent of bath oils. Such a natural beauty; such a wonderful woman of love and laughter. I had heard of other men contending for your love, and trying to steal your heart. Who are they to understand the complexities and the true nature of you? Who are they to sneak into your fields unannounced and harvest the sweet fragrance of your lavender flowers?

Darling they were too late, for I had already stolen your heart on a warm evening in spring. I had already vowed my vow and poured out my heart to you. I cried in your presence and released my emotion like a caged bird is released into flight once more. It was then that you held and comforted me. You held my hand and guided me back into your fields once again for a midsummer walk. I looked at you in glowing light and I could not hold back my feelings and my love for you. I held and kissed you as we stared into each others eyes and whispered our vows to each other once again. I love you woman of the lavender fields. We will hold each other and dance once again in my dreams. 

Divine Lady


Welcome to my warmth. I promise to love and protect you always. I promise to be a rock in deep dark seas; a place of escape and healing. I will love you to the end of time. Our legacy of love will live on and fill the pages of history with the stories of our courtship and love. I love you with such feeling that tears could not fathom. I adore you. You had come to me like a dream in the dawning of the day; the sun rising in the heavens above me, signaling the beginning of our love. The moonlight illuminating you with such passion and depth, that my soul cried out inside me. Your face a wondrous pleasure in beautiful splendor.

My god, your beauty electrified me as I gazed upon you in trance like state. My love, your beauty is unparalleled and comparable to nothing in this world. Where can I find the words to say to you? Your inner light is bright and you pull me in with your words of love and encouragement. Oh, how wonderful to have a woman so endearing; so kind; so giving of herself! Your warmth and tenderness touch me at depths not found in the deepest of oceans. You embrace me and kiss me in the darkness of night. It is a comfort that is indescribable; a sweet song, soothing with every verse and stanza.

Darling, please sing to me again; sing me a lovely song in soprano, and after whisper in my ears a passionate love story of two people who came together, and found love in each others arms. I have been longing for you my wife; the days are so long when you are not near me. Without you, I am but a man on a long and lonely road, lost in a desert in search of water to quench my thirst and revive me once again. I will hold you in my arms for a lifetime my love. I will sing to you the lyrics of our love; a dream fulfilled as fate would have it.

Oh, what wonderful things we have found in each other! A love and bond that could never be broken or torn asunder! My only proclamation is to love you forever my divine lady. For I have vowed a vow and declared to the earth and the galaxies great deep and personal feelings for you. I have whispered it to the moon and the stars, and I have sung it to the streams and valleys. I love her; I love her. Divine Lady, I’ll love you always.