Doctrine of War

May my enemies tremble before me in fear. Let my hands and the iron of my weapons be strengthened with the vengeance of my tears. May the mighty archangels bestow upon my head the golden crown of warfare. Let my adversaries vacate their fractured thrones with regretful wails and heavy tears. May their false bravery and cowardly hearts fail them when they witness the hellfire of my stare. May my mighty sword swiftly strike them with the ghostly sounds of wailing winds. May their names and history be stricken from the record and never be spoken again. If I fall in battle, to hell I will take them; let my blood be upon them and the legacy of my name be forever unbroken. When night falls silent, let my enemies lament in torment knowing that I will come for them. When I am no more, through the fierceness of the hearts of the woman that I love and my offspring, I will rise again.

Reborn Kings

In light we are reborn, equipped with a crown and sword.
The banners that we wave — passionately worn.
We go out in the night and conquer the storm;
Our scepters laid upon our thrones,
Waiting to be held in mighty hands which rings adorn.
Enemies seek to slay us, and make us the no more;
But their hearts fail them and decimate their resolve.
Their blood soaks the bottom edges of the king’s robe,
over armor that drags on the vast halls of white marble floors.
Once we were reviled and scorned,
But now we are venerated and adored.