Ballet of the Branches

Fall trees finally shed all of their leaves,
Vastly displaying their unabashed nakedness;
What was once a settling rustling, now marks a strange silence.
Branches move to and fro as if they were marionettes;
The winds blow and cause them to dance,
Like a ballerina adorned with a diamond tiara, in beautiful snowfall,
Under a midwinter’s trance.

Summer in The City


Oh, what summers we’ve spent together New York! Your city nights are vibrant and bustling with life. Your bright lights intrigue my sense of sight, and capture my imagination! I will take a stroll through central park in the warmth of the sun, and enjoy the vastness of  the lush greenery. I will taste of your expansive cuisine and drink to my heart’s delight! I will walk the city blocks and recapture the fond memories of the past. I will leave the cares of the world behind, and jump on the 2 line, to look down on familiar city streets and reminisce. O New York, you are the city that I truly miss! Let me immerse myself in your culture and find myself again; being with you in the summer is like reconnecting with an old and trusted friend.

Lovely Lilac


In summer dreams, and beautiful thoughts I see,
Colors of lilac in beautiful splendor waiting for me;
In gardens lovely and rocky hills, peace overtakes me,
And calms my ills. O, lilac trees how gorgeous are you!
Your different colors are like a dream come true.
In spring you bloom till summer’s end, then the winter comes
And you’re gone again. I will patiently wait till the winter wanes,
And in the dawn of spring I will call your name.