Erotic Recollections

Her memory takes her back
to a long fulfilled fantasy.
She had waited for so long,
but then her secret desire, happened finally.
On that particular day,
the weather was stormy;
she walked in, wearing
seductive heels as she
made her way to her room,
passing through the hotel lobby.
Concealed, under her belted
cream colored trench coat—
were black lace thong panties,
a matching black lace bra,
and a silk black teddy.
With excitement,
she got herself ready;
the anticipation, causing her
to be wet with intensity.
If walls could tell the story
of what they see,
it would not be only two
engaged in the heights
of euphoria and ecstasy,
but there would be three.
The erotic positions of
her fantasy were incredible;
The feelings and sounds
of unadulterated pleasure,

Secret Desires

She is with him, but she is unmoved in her responses,
For he is not her desire, but another man she fantasizes.
Intermittently, she feigns pleasure through spurious euphoric noises;
She cannot stop thinking of him and is taken in her longing.
Her spirit burns, in the fire of her unceasing yearning;
She is not his — but she truly wants to belong to him.

Blue Dreams

Colors of blue variations enter into intimate spaces.
Dark blue flows through, leaving light blue traces.
Ultramarine blue lips on a goddess, leaves the mark of a celestial kiss.
Chelsea blue, covering New York City in the warmth of spring is almost ethereal;
Midnight blue, contrasting against an ivory backdrop is beautiful.
Majorelle blue silk, brushing against soft cream colored quilts is next to sensual.
A blue sapphire shinning in its clarity is a wondrous thing of mystery;
On a golden throne, indigo stands alone, but together with ivory
It is an empyrean beauty for the eyes to see.
Navy blue and cream, should never go unseen.
Egyptian blue, approached me subtly

With white chocolate dipped strawberries
And kissed me in an erotic dream.


Strapless stiletto heels, reveal the sensual subtly of her appeal;
Burgundy polished, pedicured feet with ankle bracelet
Make her feminine arches spectacularly undeniable.
The confidence in her walk is a slayer of men’s hearts—
And in its womanly intricacy, a thing of absolute beauty;
Without heels, she is still a goddess — but in heels,
She surpasses all, in the harnessing of her sexual prowess.
The softness of her feet, displaying the beautiful color of her toes
where they peep, is an exercise in excellence;
They match her short black sundress and flawlessly impress.
Academics try to encapsulate the mystery of her feminine essence,
Debating the ethereal nature of every slight movement in her steps.
Her sexy toe rings, in addition to everything else,
Will make your heart jump and take away your breath.

Ecstasy Again

When it was over, he kissed her and savored the moments after,
going over scenarios in his mind, so the next time, he could again thoroughly please her.
And in his constant longing, he again aroused her, appealing to her erotic nature;
he then teased her neck, venturing lower and lower,
allowing the eagerness of his tongue to take over.
In sweet ecstasy, she released loudly,
in the place where the taste of her still lingers.

Unspoken desires

The mystery of her body is a quest in sensual discovery.
It is more than mere sex but a protracted transcendent intimacy.
Her excitement, can be hidden for only so long;
She moans expressively and longingly,
As he uncovers her secret desires with his tongue.
Her wanton eyes, tell him to keep going—
He enthusiastically pleases her in ceaseless rhythm,
As he looks into her eyes, with no intention of slowing.
She screams, releasing waves of euphoria flowing;
Over and over. Again and again. Over and over. Again and again.
Seductively, she wraps her legs tightly around him,
Whispering lubricious words, that she knows will enkindle him.

Amorous Dreams

Erotic dreams drive her to the edge of a new awakening;
In both her subconscious and conscious mind,
She finds herself fantasizing about him.
He pleases her thoroughly, sparing nothing.
She screams loudly, allowing herself to let go;
After the third wave of sensual shudders,
All inhibitions are thrown out of the window.
She kisses him wildly, whispering utterances
Of lustful desires long held back and suppressed in her psyche.
Touching a transcendent wave of pleasure,
She cannot express through words the feelings of her measure;
Deep breaths and closed eyes are all she can give.
Every moment is savored and mentally recorded.
Her bodily reactions to ecstasy become involuntary,
And she is totally wrapped in passionate intimacy.
Waiting for the next waves to come,
Again and again, she holds onto him and breathes deeply.
With every deep breath, he finds the hedonistic secrets of her depths,
And he gives of himself, until there is nothing left.