Beautiful Contemplation

The darkness offers an indescribable solace. The smoothness of her skin is the epitome of the magnificence of a woman’s softness. Soft light gently illuminates the feminine beauty and sensuousness that so many envy. They lust after her curvature but foolishly step over her true power as a natural nurturer; they could never be profound and loving enough to dig deeper to find the diamonds hidden within her. Indeed, she is a beautiful wonder yet to be discovered. She is alone with her thoughts. The contemplation of her is like a revered book constantly read, re-read and referenced by the most distinguished scholars. To kiss her is heavenly — to possess her heart is to have a gift desired ineffably . To know even just a small portion of her secrets is to know her intimately. To know the loving thoughts expressed in her eyes; to truly resonate with the pain in her cries, is to know pure love eternally. 

Diary Entry – 2/11/22

I loved her deeply, but adoring eyes hid things from me that others could clearly see. With a heart of sincerity I truly loved her, but in agonizing retrospect, she never loved me. I thought we transcended together through open communication and excellent intimacy. I thought she understood the depths of me; my love, my hopes, my pain, my anxiety. I thought I had found warmth in her, and heavenly tranquility — but it was a fallacy and not a beautiful mystery that I wanted to be true and held onto so desperately. Memories fade, and it was twice I was betrayed; first, by my own heart and my own eyes, then by the woman who wore a beautiful disguise who kissed me passionately and told me that she loved me as she looked into my eyes.


They are beautiful, especially when complimented by
open toe heels in the summer, but are appreciated
through all seasons, even in the cold of the winter.
They come in a wide variety of designs and colors
and can highlight a woman’s femininity like no other.
A pedicure can match the color of a dress wonderfully
and can be shown at any number of events, formally or informally.
In stiletto sandals, they are definitely breathtakingly sexy
and are a part of many men’s sexual fantasies.

During sex, they are often sucked and licked sensually
and can increase intense desire very easily.
Through sheer stockings, pedicures are often displayed teasingly
and can elicit many whispers and stares from many.
In the right colors and designs they can even be a source of envy.
It takes time and perfection to do them flawlessly;
the exfoliation of the soles and the polishing of toes
are often adored, and the whispers after are,
What a gorgeous pedicure.

Beautiful Intricacies

She is beautiful, but her intricacies
make her the lovely woman she is;
On any given day, she might wear heels,
but then switch to sandals if she feels.
Sometimes, she wants to be roughly fucked;
other times, she wants to tenderly make love
and feel the warmth of a man’s touch.
Sometimes, she wears her hair down;
sometimes, she wears her hair up.
Sometimes, she wears lip gloss with a little blush;
other times, she wears violet lipstick with full makeup.
Sometimes, after work, and a warm bath
she uses her favorite vibrator to unwind.
Other times, she calls company to come over
to massage her and send chills up her spine.
She doesn’t need a five star restaurant to dine—
but if she decides to dress for an evening event,
every other woman she can outshine.
She can entice with the sexiness of her body,
or entice with the brilliance of her mind.
Sometimes, she is amazingly fierce;
other times, in silence she sheds tears.

Heels (Pt. 4)

Sexy stiletto knee high boots compliment
her denim jacket and black leather cat suit;
with fuchsia lipstick and gold earrings,
she is an attraction that is way more than cute.
Her walk is savage, and her heels are sexier than the average;
concrete and her boots are a perfect marriage.
Even without her speaking her stilettos say hello.
Drops of rain that run off of her heels are sensual.
If she should scuff her leather boots that would be incidental,
but in her sex appeal, it would be hardly noticeable;
she had to learn to walk in three inch heels,
but she graduated to six inches and is highly capable.
She conditions her heels with leather shoe cream
to keep them looking new, and also to keep them pliable.
She ranks her stiletto boots in the top three of her collection
because they are sexy in any weather and reliable.

2 to Manhattan

On my way into to the city, I saw you on the 2;
you were wearing gold open toe heels
and a deep V neck dress that was blue.
The color of your dress matched the color
of your pedicure, which I noticed was new.
You had hazel eyes and a big curl hairdo—
also, you were adorned in a tennis bracelet
and a necklace with a charm that said, I Love You.
In that moment, I wondered who was so lucky to have you
and if his was love was really pure and true.
To be polite, I glanced again, but I did not stare;
in your seat, you were like a goddess sitting on a golden chair.
My heart said to me, Victor, compliment her respectfully,
but my tongue whispered coldly, Don’t you dare.
I laughed when something suddenly came to mind,
but I was unprepared in my astonishment, when
you got up for your stop and said to me beautifully
as you walked out, I like your smile.

To Know Her

Dim light falls on her, gently exposing her feminine contours
and her intimate contemplation in the night’s late hours.
To know her, is to know an exceptionally beautiful aura;
to hold her heart, is to intimately know the levels of her depths
and to hold her soul and body tightly in loving caress.
With her pulled up, the strands that are left brush against her neck.
Like the petals of a burgundy rose, she is gorgeous and delicate.
With or without heels — she is sensual in her steps.
She gives of herself and exudes love with every breath.


I’m so wet, is what she said to herself under her breath,
While with her eyes closed, she moaned and touched herself.
It was a previous event that she was so ecstatic to recollect.
On a stormy Friday, early in the afternoon is when they met,
And by the twilight of the evening, she was screaming
With her hands behind her back, drenched in euphotic sweat.

He Told Her

If you should doubt my love for you,
look into the sincerity of my eyes.

If you should wonder about the depths of my pain,
listen intently to the hurt in my cries.

If you should love me,
love me completely and unconditionally,
with the tenderness of your heart in sincerity.

If you should cast me away,
kiss me with finality, and let me go gently.

If you should be my wife,
embrace me assertively, and tell me you will love me
with everything within you, for the rest of your life.

If we should be together,
let us make moments to remember,
even in old age, keeping our fire—
being enkindled in each other’s desire forever.