She Sleeps


Tonight I hold her. Tonight I kiss her. I keep her warm, and secure. Tonight I reflect on how we met and how happy we are together; tonight I cater to her. I bathe and caress her soft skin with the finest oils. Her favorite aromas and perfumes are selected. Tonight I massage her from head to toe. She is relaxed mentally and physically. Tranquility fills the room as light music is played. White silk against her beautiful skin is amazing. Her long hair is brushed back, and reveals the beauty and radiance of her face. I can’t help but to stroke her face and kiss her. As I draw her closer to me, there is an unexplained feeling within me, a deep feeling of love for her. This kind of love can’t be broken. I am in tune with her mind and body. I am in tune with her spirit. We are one. I have eyes only for her and she has eyes only for me. Arguments are left behind. Strife and anger are left behind. We transcend. We move forward in love and loyalty. It’s late now, and in my arms my angel falls asleep. Peacefully, she sleeps.