They think they know us.
They think we’re the same.
They seek notoriety
And take the austerity
Of our suffering in vain.
But in the silent depths
Of our darkness and unending pain,
We remain invisible
And unnamed.

After the Silence


It was after the silence that I cried.
In a sea of raging thoughts
The mind does what it wants,
But all I wanted was you.
Silence torments unknowingly
And then comes the memory of your laughter.
The love made at night and the morning after;
But who could fathom I would be mourning after?
The storms in my heart shake my core;
I hold on with all my might,
But then I shatter and I am no more.
The man I used to be is left behind me;
I look over to the place you sat beside me,
And you are not there.
Your scent lingers but you are not here.
Is such a fate set before me
That I am destined for loneliness and ruin?
Does my heart not solemnly cry out to the heavens?
Oh what grace would befall me
If an angel walked through my door and kissed me!
But maybe I’m not worthy.
Of the love you gave me, I think about it constantly;
On a clear night at midnight I dance in the moonlight.
You are a dream that was realized but lost;
There is no comfort in anyone else’s arms.
I reach for you in dreams and see your reflection in streams,
But ripples in the water take you away from me.
I shall gird up my loins and scatter my tears on the seas;
Oh that I would see you again in the glory of your beauty!
That I would touch your delicate face tenderly;
And kiss you, and you not turn your face away from me.

Silence Lies

Silence lies;
Then comes weeping and wailing 
The incessant cries.
Terrified eyes shed tears
looking down upon wide open eyes.

Tears drop onto, and stream down the face of the lifeless
as if the lifeless cries in a state of perfect stillness.

The screams and wails of the left behind
scorch the morbid silence.
Onlookers fill the room.
Some mumble incoherently
as if they’re in some nightmarish daze.

Suddenly the mortality of man
Is counted and measured in dreadful wonder.
Minds start to think of the darkness,
And search for immediate refuge.
The light, oh that beautiful light.

The wails become distant
As the room empties.
The crying fades.
Only mute pictures in frames are left to witness.
Again, Silence lies.

Her silence is not golden. It is hard for her to speak. She is listless and tired. Her eyes are the written volumes of her life. Read through the pages thoroughly, and in deep concentration. See the torturous blood that flows through her veins; feel her sorrow. Hear the agony in her voice.