Slowly, I inhale her and exhale with a transcendent euphoria. Around me, things fall apart. Days of yesteryear weigh heavily on the frayed threads of my psyche. Slivers of solace are found in every intense release. My mouth waters to please her; the essence of her on my tongue is something that I’ll always remember. A woman fully steeped in her femininity is a polished diamond in exquisite rarity. Her moans of pleasure are the sounds of a wonderful orchestra performing on the bank of a wondrously flowing river. Her kisses quiet the grumbling of my lament. Her breasts envelope me, and I am lost in the depths of sensuality. She rides me. She fucks me — and it takes away the pain. Her unbridled sexuality is my therapy. She switches to reverse cowgirl and looks back at me. Deep pain and eroticism come together and form a beautiful intensity unexplained. Passion heightens; tears stream as sorrow is drawn out of me. Again, positions are switched, and she wraps her legs around me in missionary. Without breaking eye contact, we kiss passionately as she wipes the tears from my eyes. I must give her all that is me — I cannot lie. Eroticism and sorrow are strange bedfellows. I turn her around; she moans with ecstasy. Her face supported by soft white pillows. Again, she looks back at me. Again, I take another dose of her potent therapy. Every euphoric breath that she breathes is my reprieve. Gloss pink peeps through the holes of black heels. I kiss the side of her neck wildly and breathe in the scent of light sprays of Channel N° 5. I exhale the pain with rolling tears and closed eyes. We release together, finding the climax of our pleasure, and I am truly alive. We release together, on our sides; her head turned towards me and her leg draped over mine.

She breathes heavily and tastes herself, utilizing her hands efficiently, pinching her erogenous erect nipples and rubbing the source of her wetness with vibrating metal in rhythmic motion, intermittently lightly and heavily pressed against wet and throbbing flesh.

Inanimate Secrets

Inanimate objects keep the secrets of the erotically anonymous. Oh, if only walls could talk and tell of heavy breaths of lust and euphoric screams from every thrust; or the arms that brace against them when wetness drips in white satin; or the girth that teasingly rubs against a pulsating clit before it slowly slides in, causing an intense orgasm from euphoric anticipation and adrenaline; or the shaking legs that are widely spread, supported by red open toe stilettos that display glossy red gel nail polish on sexy toes. Fucking will commence, but only the two participants and inanimate objects will know. Makeup is smeared against white walls, leaving behind the only sign that she used her face to brace herself as she brought herself to orgasm by rhythmically rubbing her clit as she was fucked hard from behind.

Oh, if walls could talk and tell of the exquisiteness of ecstasy right before and after a lustful voice whispers, Cum for me. The walls feel the reverberation of her release, but they keep their silence. They never speak. Forever silent, they will never speak. Red heels make sounds that echo from walls because of shaking legs and the hardness underneath, but imamate objects hold secrets that they will never speak.

Luciana’s Sensuality

Luciana’s last lover didn’t know how to touch her, and his inexperienced tongue couldn’t please her. She tried to be his erotic teacher, but her frustrations boiled over. She would even touch herself in-front of him so he could learn the most secret places of her desire, but he was inadequate and had no fire. She loved the hugeness of his cock, but he couldn’t quench the blue flames of her desire. She would mount him and tell him to stay still so she could enjoy the length and thickness of him, but he would never last long enough for her to reach orgasm; her often visible anger was the manifestation of her sexual frustration. She was tired of having to play with herself right after sex to reach her climax. On more than one occasion, mid-fucking, she stopped him and instead used her magic wand and butt-plug in-front of him to achieve satisfaction.

Now, in experienced hands with a new man, Luciana surrenders herself to pleasure, eagerly getting on her knees to suck her new lover’s cock before he uses his tongue and fingers before penetration to please her. Her throbbing pussy hasn’t had a tongue like his in so long; two fingers are inside of her at the same time as his skillful tongue makes Luciana close to climax as she heavily moans. He navigates her body amazingly. He is a diligent lover. He is not lazy. He introduces her to new positions that increase inner as well as clitoral stimulation; she’s intrigued enough to eagerly try them again. She is a mature woman who only an erotically seasoned man could satisfy. Her desires are intricate, and her sexual appetite is not mild. Luciana is not shy in her approach to pleasure, and she is not afraid to vocalize her most lascivious desires to any lover. She truly appreciates men who are well hung, and who practice excellent dental hygiene and can fuck for hours with never-ending stamina. She is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful vagina.

A few of her past lovers boasted about their sexual prowess but couldn’t last more than five minutes inside of her. Luciana could pass for a woman half of her age; her long dark hair, beautifully accented with strands of silver. She sees no need to dye her hair — in a mini sundress with a plunging V-neck and stilettos, she causes women to take note and men to lustfully stare. Her sensuality is exuded flawlessly, and she has an erotic flair. On top, is her favorite position; a man would have to be in good shape and exude sexual discipline to take the intensity of her aggressive rhythm to last more than a few minutes and following seconds. For her, one orgasm can be gratifying, but she loves to cum again and again. A seasoned lover will know that when she say loudly, Just fuck me, she wants to be fucked roughly to reach her release. A sheepish man would be somewhat intimidated by the levels of her sexual intensity — but her experienced lover lies her down on her couch slowly, to take his time with her tingling body, pleasing her willingly until she reaches the higher heights of her ecstasy.

Ecstasy of Agony

She tingles with anticipation, breathing heavily without being touched. Her wetness denotes the depths of her sensual rush. For so long, her true desires were hushed. For so long, her hopes for unbridled sexual expression were crushed. Patiently, she awaits the ecstasy of agony; leather strikes against willing flesh will take away her breath. With every lascivious whisper in-between the familiar feel of leather, she will be become wetter, and her breathing, deeper. Her wet desire will be explored with experienced fingers — places will be explored by the tip of the tongue where far after it’s over, the ecstasy will still linger. She will be blindfolded and fucked, and her climax will be exquisite. She will ride him vigorously without the need to see as her erect nipples are teased, sucked, and licked. Her hair will be pulled; her ass will roughly spanked, and she will love it. Her lover will satisfy her engorged pulsating clit. After her pretty toes are sucked, positions will be switched, and she will again be thoroughly fucked. Her mind will record her erotic experience in perfect sequence, and she will rely on her vivid imagery to climax when she’s alone and horny. When she can no longer deny the throbbing of her pussy, from her closet, she will retrieve the vibrating source of her ecstasy and recall leather against her flesh, and the deepness of her breath. Climax after climax, she will find her euphoric depths. In the secrecy of her bedroom, she will spank herself with her special belt. She will spank herself to orgasm until she is totally exhausted and there is nothing left. Until there are deep welts on her flesh and there is nothing left.

Once is Never Enough

Subtlety is put aside. The tongue explores thoroughly. He wants her to reach her climax orally, so he teases her purposely. His experienced fingers enter her wetness slowly, finding her pleasure spot. In-between the use of his mouth, he rubs her clit with the thick engorged head of his cock. He wants to be inside her, but sexual discipline tempers his erotic emotions. He purposely lets her see the length and width of it to increase the fire of her craving. The tip of his tongue resumes a steady rhythm of exploring. He pauses to look into her eyes seductively and savor the sounds of her moaning. The longing of her wet pulsating pussy cannot be hidden. Warm water based lubricant and a vibrating butt plug lead to uncontrollable shaking and squirting — but one orgasm is just the beginning. The tip of his tongue runs over the ridge of her clitoris again and again; drenched sheets signify the depths of her pleasure. He passionately sucks her toes and licks her soles. Dark plum polish and a gold anklet increases his desire to thoroughly please her. She tastes so good to him. His tongue explores her ass as she pleases her pussy with a magic wand that is powerfully vibrating. She whispers to him, Make me cum again. The tip of his tongue increases the speed of its intensity and rhythm — he looks at her seductively and gauges the timing of her oncoming orgasm. He keeps going until she screams again; his face is drenched in the warmth of the release of her erotic essence.

Cold Protrusion

Melting ice is moved circularly and slowly over erect nipples, causing a sensual stiffness that makes the protrusions more prominent. A warm mouth sucks them between the cold circular sessions, providing an erotic contrast that causes a clitoris to pulsate and heavy breathing to ensue. Ice is intentionally sucked forcefully so the tip of the tongue can become cold enough to be numb, making it the perfect pleasure tool to lick awaiting pleasure receptive nipples; the light wet brushing, making the recipient moan from the semi rough texture of the eager tongue combined with cold pleasure. The contrasting warmth and cold is joined together with a powerful vibrator to bring a distinct erogenous euphoria. Ice melts and turns into cold water that drips from near numb fingers. Cold kisses are given on the lips and neck, then back again to anticipatory nipples that wonderfully protrude, beautifully and erect. The chain reaction of sensation makes her pussy wet. Her throbbing clit, almost demanding that it be sucked and licked with the same passion, accompanied by melting ice that numbs the tip of the cold tongue, that will lick and lightly brush against warm pleasure receptive flesh, causing an otherworldly orgasm.

The Instructor

Slowly, take off your panties, get on your knees, and crawl to me, her instructor tells her, whisperingly. Her wetness became present at the the first word of his utterance. When she pleases him with her mouth, she also pleases herself, but she is not allowed to have an orgasm without his permission. Her instructor, tells her to bend over for a spanking, and she is willing — her pulsating longing for his hard measure’s penetration leaves her dripping. Many times, she has been with him, and every time, she has indescribably wonderful orgasms in her submission. She loves when she is handcuffed, blindfolded, and roughly fucked. Her clit throbs and her vaginal walls quiver upon the entrance of the huge head of his rock hard cock. In euphoric tones, she often says to him, Don’t stop — and she loves to cum all over him with her hands tied behind her, especially, when she is on top. Blindfolded, she is instructed to suck his fingers before she is put in the prone position for an anal fucking, but before her ass is thoroughly explored, she is lead to her knees to suck his cock again. His hard fucking of her ass and her clit’s throbbing euphoric sensitivity leads her to the verge of an orgasm, but before she can cum, she must first ask. He says, No; but instead, her makes her beg to release on white sheets that will be soon soaked into the bed. Still, he fucks her roughly with his large hand on her head, pressing her face into the pillows that muffle her screams, and she asks again, Can I cum? Yes, he answers, knowing with or without an approving answer she wouldn’t have lasted five seconds longer. She releases, deeply and thoroughly, shuddering wildly as if her body was charged with overpowering volts of electricity. She shakes uncontrollably with her hand that was always underneath her, erotically massaging her pussy. She looks at her instructor with eyes that convey the love of the way he fucked and commanded her. Put your panties back on, he tells her.

The Affair

With throbbing anticipation under white cotton
he awaits her arrival at his hotel suite for a
weekend of eroticism before she goes back
home to her husband.

She claims she only wants her lover’s cock
to make her constantly dripping longing stop,
but with every thrust, new feelings erupt, and with
every session of fucking, she gives more of
her heart to him.

Every time they meet, she first takes off her ring,
then falls into his arms and passionately kisses him
before getting on her knees to suck the full length
of his erect girth.

Her pulsating pussy receives his cock gladly;
he always fucks her roughly and vigorously,
because when they first met, she told him explicitly
that’s what she needed badly.

At her first fuck session with him, she released her passion
and had waves of powerful orgasms, again and again;
every time they have intercourse, she rides his cock with force
because that is the position she most easily releases in.

Her lover taught her the joys of anal pleasure,
and every time they fuck, he explores her ass with his cock,
as she rubs her euphoric receptive clit with her fingers
or a vibrator.

Before, she never allowed him to cum inside her,
but the more they fucked, the more they got closer,
and in that closeness, rules were quickly broken
without a second thought and without inhibition.

She knows he is handsome and fucks other women,
but her craving for him has no ending; when she is at home
with her husband, she longs for him — touching herself
when she is alone and when she talks to him on
the phone.

Her lover has never asked her to leave her husband
but doesn’t know why she continues to stay with him;
He thinks that maybe she does it for the children
or that she doesn’t want the embarrassment of a divorce
in the company of her socialite friends.

Either way, her marriage is not a part of his daily contemplation;
He gives her what she needs, and likes the passionate sucking
of his throbbing cock that she so eagerly gives on her knees.

She pays for everything when they meet, and she fucks him
in everyway possibly, because he is a well hung lover
who thoroughly satisfies her and with whom she is very familiar;
and also because he is experienced and particularly discreet.

She walks into his hotel suite, and immediately she
falls to her knees and looks up at him with passionate intent to please;
After, he instructs her to take of her clothes slowly
and perform a striptease.

Later, he teases her extremely wet pussy with his fingers
as she whispers, I need your cock now. Fuck me, please. He obliges her longing—
and with every firm pulling of her hair, and with every vigorous thrust,
and with every erotic shuddering, she belongs to him.

Sweet Submission

In sweet submission, a woman releases all her sexual inhibitions to her trusted lover. Everything that she is, she gives to him, and her reward is endless pleasure. His erotic experience and strong aura are assurances to his beautiful and delicate flower. With passion, he fucks her; switching tempos, slowly he penetrates her willing wetness, and then faster. Her heart belongs to him, and her body is so willing. Holding on to whites sheets, she deeply moans with her eyes closed as she takes the full length and width of his rock hard measure. She has orgasms she’s never had before, in her submission. Riding him, his hugeness fills her. You have a beautiful cock, she whispers. He looks into her eyes while his strong arms bring her down on his euphoric girth. In heavy breathing, she kisses him and wipes the sweat from his face. She loves the ecstasy of his big cock and the way it tastes. To tease her longing pussy, he pulls out of her and strokes his throbbing cock in a lamplit corner — making her beg for the pleasure of his passionate and experienced fucking. He wants her to swallow every last drop of his erotic essence and she is willing. He leads her to a chair to whisper lascivious things in her ears and fuck her there. With her head down and her ass in the air, he pulls her hair and kisses her neck with beading sweat dripping on her body. The girth of his cock finds the most erogenous spots inside of her pussy and causes the squirting of ecstasy. In her submission, she finds the secrets of eroticism again and again. She says, My pussy belongs to you as she holds onto soft white linen and with an unmistakable longing looks back at him.