What Follows

Slowly, wetness permeates satin panties. A woman awaits a spanking and a fucking that will be following. She will make the satisfaction of her pleasure known through intense orgasms and screaming. She is finally doing what she has been dreaming. Doggy, is the position in which she will be deepthroating. She bends over on the seat of a chair, silently waiting; her eyes closed — her nipples needing to be lightly brushed and sucked; her pussy throbbing. 

Executive Assistant (work wife)

Physical and emotional wants and needs are satisfied at a designated location vigorously and thoroughly without hesitation; she says she loves him, but he is married, and she knows his situation. She is understanding. She is not demanding or in anyway nagging. She is his reprieve; the fresh air that he breathes. She knows that his wife he will not leave, but still to him she cleaves. Oftentimes, she fucks him in his office when everyone else leaves—intensely pleasing him with her mouth on her knees. She is his executive assistant. She is his lover and his other. Business trips and late nights in the office are things regular. There is a palpable sexual tension every time they see each other. In black heels, on his desk, she bends over, and she’ll cum several times before it’s over. On certain holidays, the executive’s wife calls her to come over for dinner. They may even have brandy and eggnog after. She will never give it away, communicating to him through glances and whispers. So many secrets they share. They’ve been together for so many years.

What a Ride

Slowly, hardened thickness is introduced to her wetness as she sits on it. She whispers lasciviously to her lover, It’s so big. The taste of him lingers in her mouth; eagerly she fell to her knees to please him. The symphony of his moaning always causes her to become wetter. As she sucked him, he instructed her, saying, Slower and deeper. He could have enjoyed her tongue for much longer, but he wanted to taste her. He knows that riding his stiffened tongue that perfectly brushes against her clit is her euphoria. Riding his face, periodically, she looked back to glare at the size and erectness of his member. Though she thoroughly enjoyed his oral pleasure, she wanted his cock inside of her. Fucking is always more intense and memorable when lovers, for a long time, haven’t seen each other. When she dresses in tight jeans and clear cork wedge heels, it makes his mouth water. From the huge bulge in his denim when he initially entered, she knew that he really wanted her. Now, she looks into his eyes, riding him hard without breaking stride. The girth of him and the length of him bringing her quickly to transcendent ecstasy. The low–tone buzzing he hears is her butt-plug vibrating, stimulating her anally. With her arms around his neck, she rides him with non-stop sensual rhythm and deep breaths. Ride me baby; it’s yours, he whispers. Within a few seconds of the words he utters, are screams and uncontrollable shudders. 

Stages of Pleasure

The feeling of his thickness upon initial entrance

The hardened girth that sensually stretches

The whispers that increase her wetness

The anticipation of being fucked in her favorite position

The vibrating anal beads that will be in her ass
when she passionately rides him

The erotic erectness of her nipples when 
he pinches and sucks them

The teasing with the tongue and fingers 
that leads to begging and squirting

The beautiful silence right before climax from 
vigorous thrusting

The deep breathing and screaming that will
signal a thrilling ending

Deep Desires

The sensuousness of lips

The beauty that peers
through the darkness

The gorgeous contemplations
that are deeply intimate

The private whispers
of sensual secrets

The erotic thoughts that
cause uninhibited wetness

The sexual fantasies 
that crave frequent fulfillment

Ecstasy Awaits

It is a thing of contemplation, the beauty of a woman’s psyche, when she awaits in high heels, in high anticipation, silently, knowing that she will please and be pleased thoroughly; knowing that pleasure will start slowly and methodically, then progressively lead to pleas of Please fuck me, after her want is teased unbearably and she can take no more of the throbbing that inundates her pussy or the sensitivity of her nipples that are sucked and pinched intermittently between her hair being pulled and her ass being spanked firmly. She will be a willing whore for him, giving her body to his will completely — black stockings and heels conceal freshly deep purple polished toes that are amazingly pretty. Also concealed, is a glass butt plug in her ass that readies her for the wondrous world of anal ecstasy that hardened girth will explore shortly before she whispers lasciviously, Fucking punish me. Between fucking, she will get on her knees several times to taste herself and to please him orally. It will be a marathon session of pleasure uninhibited; her reddened ass left with hand prints and strands of her hair left in the places that she lost her breath, where her Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume still holds its scent. 

Intimate Darkness

Let me see you through my hands and not my eyes. Let me feel the beat of your heart and listen intently as if I were blind. Whisper to me sweetly and tell me with passion that you are mine. Allow me to caress your face and make a wondrous find. Lead me to the places that you want me to be — be my loving guide. Let me taste your most secret places; let me feel the pleasurable spasms of gratification on the tip of my tongue. Give my ears the pleasure of heavy breathing and the utterances of erotic whisperings. Ride my erect hardness with beautiful moans in intimate darkness. After, let us switch positions so I can pull your hair with the pleasure of primal vigor. Say to me loudly, Fuck me harder, so your words can further inspire my erotic fire. Suck my fingers — let me feel the softness of your tongue and lips — then guide those fingers to penetrate and rub the source of your drenched wetness. Tell me in lustful tones to rub and tease the sensitivity of your breasts. Turn around in reverse cowgirl; savor the pleasure of my girth and length. Ride me hard until there is nothing left but echoes of loud release, sweat and deep breaths. Let my hands be my eyes. Let my eyes see true beauty and unrestrained ecstasy. when I am inside you, tell me that you love me. Whisper to me the most lascivious wants of your sexual desires in the privacy of dark intimacy.

Beautiful Flower

How sweet the nectar of euphoria that comes from the drenched erogenous flower that first quivers with uninhibited pleasure on the tip of the tongue, then explodes shortly after, in congruence with a concupiscent whisper of — I’m going to cum, babe, suck my clit harder, and fuck me faster with your fingers.


She whispers to him constantly, fuck me, and it increases his throbbing intensity. With every exciting position there is a heightening of the levels of impassioned intimacy. His hardened largeness in her mouth made her so wet; she likes it when he rubs her clit as she sucks his dick in doggy. She has a beautiful pussy, and it makes her lover’s mouth water with the anticipation of orally pleasing her passionately. She is fucked vigorously from behind on the edge of her bed, on a euphoric journey to the climax of her ecstasy. She says, I love you baby; now fuck me like you hate me. He indulges her lubricious request, fucking her with primal want and taking away her breath. Thoroughly satisfied, she moans with closed eyes, feeling the length and girth of what is inside and what she so sincerely wants to ride.