Goddess Rising

The most eloquent poetry could never fully capture the true depths of the essence of her femininity. A woman poses sensually, pausing for effect visually, but only briefly. In simple words, she is sexy; she is so sexy. She exudes elegance naturally, with an erotic proclivity that manifests verbally, and even more so, in intense intimacy. There is nothing added to her body for enhancing effect, additionally — she is a goddess rising in constant transcendency.

Erotic Reminisce

She remembers everything; the deep sucking, the hair pulling, the flood that came after a thorough licking — a hard and relentless fucking, how she rode him on a wooden chair and wildly kissed him; how wet she becomes every time they begin, how he moaned when she told him that she loved him, how she positioned herself with her face in the pillows so he could deeply enter in and how loud she gets when she rubs her clit and so badly misses him.

To Live Uninhibited

Satin caresses what craves to be sensually touched and what is extremely stimulated with just a light brush. After euphoric screams there is a wondrous hush; such a wondrous hush. Her hair is tangled, and she appears disheveled, but pleasure never looked so beautiful; I swear it never looked so beautiful. They call her whore, because of the expressiveness of her eroticism, but they could never reach the depths of a woman; emotionless men could never touch the soul of a woman. They are frail and are shaken when beautiful eyes gaze upon them. The secrecy of her intimacy is a lovely mystery interwoven with erotic potency that brings her and her lovers to ecstasy perfectly and easily creating a transcendent intimacy that is indescribably intense and otherworldly. She wants to be touched — sometimes delicately; sometimes roughly. The essence of her is contradictory to monotony and she remains immersed in the eroticism that she embodies.

Black Lace

Euphoric flesh is wonderfully graced with black lace. Sensual contours are held tightly within an embroidered embrace. Light sprays of floral perfume add to beautiful perfection. Lace against the skin feels heavenly, and it is aesthetically pleasing. Black lace accentuates the wondrous femininity of a woman. Gaze upon her thoughtfully, and contemplate the erotic origin of her sexual expression. Embroidered darkness holds her body in sweet caress — she exudes confidence; she is the embodiment of sexiness. Lace that inadvertently brushes against the erect nipples of her breasts cause her to be wet; the natural lubricant of her desire permeates the black embroidery that is between her legs, but the dark material holds her secret. The contrast of black lace against her skin is akin to a rare majestic painting; under pink satin sheets it becomes even more amazing.

Luciana’s Sensuality

Luciana’s last lover didn’t know how to touch her, and his inexperienced tongue couldn’t please her. She tried to be his erotic teacher, but her frustrations boiled over. She would even touch herself in-front of him so he could learn the most secret places of her desire, but he was inadequate and had no fire. She loved the hugeness of his cock, but he couldn’t quench the blue flames of her desire. She would mount him and tell him to stay still so she could enjoy the length and thickness of him, but he would never last long enough for her to reach orgasm; her often visible anger was the manifestation of her sexual frustration. She was tired of having to play with herself right after sex to reach her climax. On more than one occasion, mid-fucking, she stopped him and instead used her magic wand and butt-plug in-front of him to achieve satisfaction.

Now, in experienced hands with a new man, Luciana surrenders herself to pleasure, eagerly getting on her knees to suck her new lover’s cock before he uses his tongue and fingers before penetration to please her. Her throbbing pussy hasn’t had a tongue like his in so long; two fingers are inside of her at the same time as his skillful tongue makes Luciana close to climax as she heavily moans. He navigates her body amazingly. He is a diligent lover. He is not lazy. He introduces her to new positions that increase inner as well as clitoral stimulation; she’s intrigued enough to eagerly try them again. She is a mature woman who only an erotically seasoned man could satisfy. Her desires are intricate, and her sexual appetite is not mild. Luciana is not shy in her approach to pleasure, and she is not afraid to vocalize her most lascivious desires to any lover. She truly appreciates men who are well hung, and who practice excellent dental hygiene and can fuck for hours with never-ending stamina. She is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful vagina.

A few of her past lovers boasted about their sexual prowess but couldn’t last more than five minutes inside of her. Luciana could pass for a woman half of her age; her long dark hair, beautifully accented with strands of silver. She sees no need to dye her hair — in a mini sundress with a plunging V-neck and stilettos, she causes women to take note and men to lustfully stare. Her sensuality is exuded flawlessly, and she has an erotic flair. On top, is her favorite position; a man would have to be in good shape and exude sexual discipline to take the intensity of her aggressive rhythm to last more than a few minutes and following seconds. For her, one orgasm can be gratifying, but she loves to cum again and again. A seasoned lover will know that when she say loudly, Just fuck me, she wants to be fucked roughly to reach her release. A sheepish man would be somewhat intimidated by the levels of her sexual intensity — but her experienced lover lies her down on her couch slowly, to take his time with her tingling body, pleasing her willingly until she reaches the higher heights of her ecstasy.

Once is Never Enough

Subtlety is put aside. The tongue explores thoroughly. He wants her to reach her climax orally, so he teases her purposely. His experienced fingers enter her wetness slowly, finding her pleasure spot. In-between the use of his mouth, he rubs her clit with the thick engorged head of his cock. He wants to be inside her, but sexual discipline tempers his erotic emotions. He purposely lets her see the length and width of it to increase the fire of her craving. The tip of his tongue resumes a steady rhythm of exploring. He pauses to look into her eyes seductively and savor the sounds of her moaning. The longing of her wet pulsating pussy cannot be hidden. Warm water based lubricant and a vibrating butt plug lead to uncontrollable shaking and squirting — but one orgasm is just the beginning. The tip of his tongue runs over the ridge of her clitoris again and again; drenched sheets signify the depths of her pleasure. He passionately sucks her toes and licks her soles. Dark plum polish and a gold anklet increases his desire to thoroughly please her. She tastes so good to him. His tongue explores her ass as she pleases her pussy with a magic wand that is powerfully vibrating. She whispers to him, Make me cum again. The tip of his tongue increases the speed of its intensity and rhythm — he looks at her seductively and gauges the timing of her oncoming orgasm. He keeps going until she screams again; his face is drenched in the warmth of the release of her erotic essence.

“Fuck Me Now”

A man stares at his wet lover’s body euphorically shudder. Looking back at his cock, she wants him inside her. She had just brought herself to orgasm, but she was only supposed to be teasing him; instead he told her to keep going. For fifteen minutes, he stood with an erect cock, whispering lascivious words to his lover that would make it hard for her to stop. After five minutes, she started to beg for his cock, when he started stroking his thickness in her full view to make her pussy spasm with ecstasy. Fuck me now, she said to him, but he wouldn’t allow her to have him until after she reached self orgasm. The way she looked at him and begged for his pleasure heightened his passion, but he held back, only stoking his cock after several ticks of the clock. She knows the full pleasure of what he brings, and it plays on her desperate wanting of him. He thinks about giving her the experience of his mouth and tongue again in the sixty nine position so she too can taste him as they bring each other to orgasm. He knows that it’s his cock she wants, but he wants to see her burn in her lustful wanting, before giving in to giving her a sensual fucking.


Firm breasts pressed upon euphoric flesh
leads to a hard circumference that is felt
against elastic wetness that craves to be stretched
by passionate huge pulsating thickness.
Sexual excitement causes nipples to be erect;
Moaning begins from the stimulation of
erogenous zones, including kisses on the neck.
They are lovers who will explore each other
and indulge in the depths of pleasure until they sweat;
Silence falls after uncontrollable moaning,
sensual screaming, and heavy breaths.

Laura’s Erotic Entry

To fulfill her want, Laura takes the day off to stimulate her clit and have multiple orgasms using her magic wand. An additional black butt plug heightens her ecstasy. She thinks about the married handsome muscular man next door as part of her sexual fantasy. Sometimes, she opens her blinds fully and undresses in bright lamplight at night, hoping he will see. Just watching him manicure his lawn causes sudden wetness and an exciting throbbing of her pussy. When he’s outside, she usually watches him for at least a half an hour as she pleases herself, then she takes a long warm shower. Scenarios of his wife going out of town and John coming over to fuck her, run through her mind constantly. Her mouth waters, thinking about sucking his cock and then being taken from behind roughly. She’s wet and pinches the erect nipples of her firm breasts — she can scream and moan as loudly as she wants because she is by herself. Laura has a lover she fucks occasionally, but she prefers her magic wand when she really wants to have orgasms continually. She is a tenured university professor who likes excellent wine and lingerie and has an array of sexual toys in the middle draw of her antique dresser. She goes to the spa to get massages regularly, and she treats herself to Brazilian waxes to maintain a beautiful vagina.

She likes men who know how to use their mouths skillfully; grinding her clit against a man’s tongue makes her reach intense climax easily. In her California King, she continues to please herself, getting up, only to slide on a pair of black stiletto sandals to feel even more feminine in her sexiness. She has a large beach towel under her because she knows how wet she gets. She closes her eyes with her legs spread wide, breathing heavily as she releases and screaming loudly sometimes.

Uncut Eroticism

Rubbing her pussy, she called him for a rough and thorough fucking;
he came over promptly, then she got on her knees to suck him deeply.
Licking around the head of his cock, she seductively teased him —
her pink vibrator on the ridge of her clit, leaving her pussy dripping.
Usually after, he would have passionately tasted her, but on that evening
he bent her over and started fucking her hard with a primal vigor.
She screamed loudly, drawing the attention of her nosey neighbors,
but she wouldn’t have given a fuck even if she had immediately noticed.
She likes her erect nipples to be licked and sucked hard when she rides him,
but on that evening, she truly only wanted to be fucked in one position;
he kept pounding her hard from behind, never breaking his rhythm.
His raw passion caused her to have orgasm after intense orgasm—
after the fourth one, she said to him through heavy breathing,
Please cum, but he was only able to release when she told him
that she would swallow every last drop and then lasciviously
looked into his eyes and stuck out her tongue.