Black waterfalls flow over brown contours
That cover the inlets of her spine;
The moon’s light shines on shimmering skin
In gorgeous twilight divine;
Her eyes are the mysteries of
One hundred thousand years;
Her mind is the intricacy of laughter
And the sorrow of tears.
Diamond chandelier earrings shadow the
Femininity of her neck;
Her own natural beauty is the essence of her adornment.
Her lips are the softness of honey butter,
And the sweetness of strawberry nectar.
Her beauty is the delicacy of the petals
Of burgundy rose flowers.
At the bottom of the depths of her soul
Are sweet and peaceful waters;
From her inception she was a shining star
Among many daughters.
Her undying love is the core of her being,
Surpassing the superficial and transcending
Into the ethereal realm.
None were created like her on the earth
Or under the heavens.
Many men desire to draw
From the depths of her water;
She was born in the winter with a heart of fire,
And is the obsession of secret desires.

Sagittarius Woman


Sagittarius woman, let us become passionate lovers and enjoy each other. Your sensual nature enthralls me. I have dreamed many dreams of kissing you in the brightness of a full moon, and making passionate love to you under the starlight. Your smile intoxicates me with feelings of desire and lustful imagination. Your carefree ways incite my spirit to be free. Let’s escape on an adventure together; the fire that burns within you, also burns within me. In the heat of the moment our fire signs will merge together; your long hair and deep kisses are a wondrous pleasure.

Sagittarius woman, you are an exciting lady and never a bore; your beautiful spirit and honesty is refreshing and leaves me wanting more. Your love is like the many colors of the hibiscus flower in beautiful array. Your feelings are true; your passion runs as deep as the currents of the Atlantic ocean blue. Beautiful and wondrous lady, let me take of your essence to invigorate my spirit. Walking under a cherry blossom tree, in a yellow sundress, on a rainy day in the summer is where I saw you. You turned and looked at me, and in a moment’s notice, you captured my spirit eternally.

I want no other but you, and I will love you faithfully. Our love and fire cannot be quenched. We’ve spent many wonderful days and nights together. We’ve held deep intimate moments and passionately loved each other. Now autumn has come, and I can hold back my feelings for you no longer. Sagittarius woman, please accept my heartfelt notions and fervent feelings to be true. In the two seasons we have spent together, I have wholeheartedly and sincerely fallen in love with you.