Another Holds Her

I take an inventory of myself, and I retrace the steps I made on the day you left. Still, my heart beats for you.

But someone else takes away your breath—

Diligently, I search the vast emotions of my depths to find memories of you smiling in your favorite sundress.

But someone else takes away your breath—

I whisper vows to the mighty archangels, telling them of my contriteness; my tears falling on heaven’s steps until there are no tears left.

But someone else takes away your breath—

I ponder theories of love and reunification after death, lying silently in bed with my hands over the place within me that you are secretly kept.

But someone else takes away your breath—

Tears drop on pictures of you as I reach for but a sliver of your aura with my arms outstretched.

But someone else takes away your breath—

With every loving touch and passionate kiss I received from you, parts of your heart, I secretly kept. Your love is in me forever, fused to the foundations of my deepest depths.

But someone else takes way your breath—

Alessia’s Hunger

Alessia left her last lover because he no longer moved her nor did he ever truly satisfy her. They had been together for seven months, and still he was sheepish about going down on her. She enjoyed his cock , but after every session, she would find herself supplementing her sexual longing with the use of a vibrator. She had been used to clitoral orgasms from men’s skillful tongues, but her ex-lover Christopher only wanted to penetrate her. Alessia loved giving head, and she could suck Christopher’s cock for hours, but he never returned the favor. At first, she didn’t mind, but after a while, it started to bother her. His cock was long and thick, but he never knew how to use it to satisfy a woman. Over and over again, Alessia tried to teach him and expose him to new and exciting positions, but her passion was an exercise in futility. One summer evening, she was extremely horny and asked Christopher whisperingly to finger her and taste her pussy — but he just sat and looked at her listlessly. It was the last straw. She sincerely tried, but she told herself that she deserved more. She could no longer be with him, so she told him her honest opinion and stopped answering his calls. After six weeks of no sex, Alessia was cocked starved; she still needed a man’s touch and warmth, though daily, she pleased herself with anal beads, a double ended dildo, and a magic wand. She wasn’t actively searching for a man but noted to herself that she should be more stringent in her choosing. She wanted an experienced lover who could thoroughly navigate her body — she craved a rugged man with a rough edge, a substantial cock, passionate heart, and skilled mouth. Bringing herself to orgasm while watching romantic female friendly porn was pleasurable but it wasn’t enough. She wanted her clit to be sucked; she wanted to be passionately fucked.

Weeks later, it just so happened that a new man moved into her condominium. He was tall, built, and handsome with a nice smile, and he also dressed well. Every time they conversed, he was exceptionally personable, engaging, and respectful. Alessia could sense that her new neighbor was attracted to her, but she seldom if ever made the first move. She tried to subtly inquire about his love life, but she only knew that he moved to the area to be close to his widowed and elderly mother. She found herself thinking about him when she sensually touched her vagina. His name was Jonathan, and he had only been there for a week since he moved in, but through his aura, Alessia felt that she already knew him. Daily, her craving for him grew stronger, until she could take it no longer. One day, she asked Jonathan if he was single or spoken for; he told her, that he was single and asked her if she wanted to go out on the town and do dinner. She happily said, Yes, and the next evening they went out together. The food at the restaurant was excellent, and after entrees, they shared desert while talking and staring at each other. He moved his chair closer to her and placed his arm around her as if they were already lovers. They then left and ventured to an afterhours café with an intimate setting — they both enjoyed Irish Coffees and in the middle of their conversation, she leaned over and kissed him. His eyes told her everything that she needed to know. It is then that she whispered in his ear, Let’s go.

She could see that he was fully erect as they drove back to their condo; her pussy was so wet for him, but they didn’t touch each other until they got home. Upon arriving at his place, they kissed passionately, even before he opened the door. Once inside, he lifted her up and took her to his bedroom. With the movements of an experienced lover, he sensually kissed her, slowly moving from her lips, to her neck, to her breasts — he sucked and licked her pleasure receptive nipples that were excitingly erect; at the same time, rubbing her pussy that was extremely wet. She enticed his passion with heavy breaths as he went lower, kissing between her thighs while longingly looking up at her. Alessia was so excited that she knew she would cum just from a light brush of his tongue on her clit, and it happened just as she thought it. Jonathan sucked and licked her pleasure sensitive clit, taking his time to erotically navigate her body. She released within minutes of his oral giving, heavily moaning. She saw that he had a large cock and eagerly wanted to get on her knees for him. Passionately, she sucked him, taking him into her mouth as far as she could, again and again. His moans drove her passion; she would have kept going until orgasm if Jonathan didn’t stop her and put her in doggy position. From behind, the head his cock opened her vagina; slowly he entered until she took all of him — she closed her eyes and let out sensual sounds as he slid his big cock all the way in. She whispered to him through heavy breathing, Fuck me, and he did, powerfully and vigorously until she screamed his name in ecstasy. Without him asking, she said to him, This is your pussy as he kept fucking her deeply. She wanted to taste him again, and looking back at him she said, Let me get on my knees. He obliged her, and she sucked his cock with a possessed erotic fervor. After, she rode him with her hands pressed into his muscular chest, feeling the pleasure of the girth of his huge member and its fullness. After two intense orgasms, she wanted her third release to be at the same time with him; Cum inside me, she kept whispering as she counted down from ten; but at seven, he released, and she passionately released with him. Sexual sounds reverberated in the room they were in, and with sincere feelings in her eyes, she leaned in to kiss him. After they showered together, they made love again until the light of the morning.

Beautiful Recollection

The greatest tragedy would be the disappearance of your beautiful face from the index of my memories. In my blindness, I would try to find you; In desolate darkness, unceasingly, I would loudly call for you — hoping to be again in your embrace. In the darkness, I would kiss you, then gently touch the contours of your face, to rediscover your angelic beauty that escaped me and to make sure I never lose you again in the corridors of my memories. I would keep you in the depths of me in a place where there are large full bloomed roses, peaceful fuchsia rivers, flawless blue diamonds and celestial redwood trees. I would brand you upon the chambers of my heart so you could be a part of the life that flows through me and the breath that I breathe.

My love, If you should ever leave,
Take the beautiful parts of our moments,
And replant them in the rich soil
Of your fertile and loving heart
So I can grow again within your soul
And be immersed in the depths of you forever;
Remember the way I loved you without fear—
Remember the sincerity of my joyous tears.
Nurture me within your wondrous essence,
And carry me with you wherever you may be.
Let me breathe the breath you breathe,
And let me feel the emotions you feel.
Hide me away within the chambers of your heart,
And let me sleep in the comfort of your heart beat.
Let me arise in the beauty of your hazel eyes,
And be your subtle strength when you cry.
If you should ever give your precious love to another,
Preserve our most loving memories together

So my deep roots do not slowly die and my petals do not wither.
Allow me to flourish within you, even
In the harsh and bitter cold of the winter;
You do not have to keep the door of your love
Wide open for me, but please, just keep
The door slightly cracked so I can at least
peer through and see any love you have left for me;
And if not, let me cry my final tears
And fade away from you, quietly.

Edge of Euphoria

The heightened sense of her sexual pleasure is beautifully manifested through the intensity of her orgasms. As she releases, her pelvic floor muscles contract in wonderful rhythm . The tighter he squeezes, the more powerful she releases; she shudders with euphoria. Fuck me, and Squeeze tighter, are her whispers. He feels so good inside her; she closes her eyes to take in the full feeling of his passion. Between the pleasure of his penetration, he likes to also please her with his tongue. Her sounds and facial reactions inflame him to do more. There is a distinct feeling he knows well when she is on the verge of release again. The silence just before she screams is beautiful. She is well experienced in anal pleasure, and she moans as the thickness of his cock stretches her. With one hand she caresses her lover, and with the other, she rubs her extremely wet vagina with just the right amount of pressure from her proficient fingers. He keeps his hand around her neck tightly and she responds by squirting all over him in primal ecstasy. He loves pleasing her, and he doesn’t want to cum until there is nothing left in her but total exhaustion. With the insertion of a butt plug in her ass, he wants her to ride him fast so he can release what he has been holding at last. The wetness of her pussy causes his cock to slide inside her easily. She rides him, looking into his eyes directly and talking to him through heavy breaths; Cum in my pussy, she says. But he withholds his release to see her reach orgasm at least one last time before it’s over. With excitement, he turns her over, and again, he lightly chokes her, furiously stroking her deeply with a renewed vigor that drives them both to the edge of climax as their intimate connection takes them over.

Jennifer’s Discovery

Jennifer finally got the fucking she’d been awaiting. She’d long seen the huge bulge protruding from her co-worker’s dress slacks. She dreamed of sucking his big cock and stroked her clit with a powerful vibrator, moaning and squirting on her back. He was her ongoing fantasy, and she’d released intensely many times thinking about him, in fact. Jennifer usually didn’t date co-workers, but she didn’t care anymore. Her throbbing pussy belonged to him, and he didn’t know it; she wanted to be his whore but she didn’t show it. Even at work, she would take bathroom breaks to play with her nipples and rub her clit; sometimes she would be gone from her desk for a long time, but she didn’t give a shit. Being a new home owner, she finally found an excuse to invite him over — at her house warming gathering, many of her family and friends were there. She was dressed exceptionally beautifully with open toes stiletto heels, an off shoulder frills black mini dress, and her long black curled hair. She was happy that her co-worker Dorian was there. She stared at him all evening and smiled at him as he talked to her friends, sitting comfortably on her dinning room chairs. It was getting late, and her guests began to leave; Dorian got up to go, but Jennifer told him, Don’t leave yet, please. All day, all she could think about was the raging fire of her sexual needs. After everyone else left, he stayed behind, and it was then that Jennifer skipped the subtleties — leading him up to her second floor master bedroom, she kissed him deeply and looked into his eyes as she got on her knees. She knew the huge bulge in his pants was going to be hers, and she sucked it passionately like it was. Without words, he just moaned and looked at her; her tongue under the base of his cock, heightening his pleasure. From behind, he took her and fucked her intensely with his long thick measure. The width of his cock stretched her; her pulsating pussy releasing over and over again on him. He would stop intermittently and make her beg for it. Between her hard fucking, she would get back on her knees to taste his dick and the passion she released on it. He took the time to please her with the use of his experienced tongue running up and down on her sensitive clit. She looked back at him with dreamy eyes, biting her lip. Again, he bent her over and pulled her hair as his cock explored inside her everywhere; to make her cum again, he uttered erotic whispers, and fucked her like he really wanted her. His cock thoroughly satisfied her receptive pussy, and she wanted him to spend the night with her, so he stayed and slept over. It wasn’t until the second passionate fucking the morning after, that she realized, the whole time, the bulge in his pants was always for her.

The Way

It’s the way he holds her;
It’s the impassioned kisses
on her neck, back, and shoulders;
It’s the emotion in the words
of his sensual whispers;
It’s his dedication to her pleasure;
It’s the intense fire of his erotic nature;
It’s the deep love in his eyes when
he longingly gazes at her;

It’s the way his tongue licks around
her nipples when she rides him;
It’s the way she releases on his girth
over and over again when moaning;
It’s the unbreakable bond between them;
It’s the scorching heat of their shared passion;
It’s the way he takes his time with her
and appreciates her natural beauty;
It’s the way he expresses himself to her
and loves her unconditionally.

A Good Morning

She had been touching herself under the comforter for over an hour,
while she lustfully and longingly stared at her sleeping lover.
The night before, he had bent her over the kitchen counter for an erotic encounter;
His large cock thoroughly satisfied her; when he was deep inside her,
She moaned louder and louder and rubbed her clit faster and faster.
She remembers how he pulled out of her wet passion and placed her right leg
Up on the counter, then got on his knees to skillfully use his tongue;
Two fingers inside of her in addition to his persistent licking made her cum.
But they were far from done; in six inch mule stilettos, she got fucked passionately,
Balancing herself gracefully on the tip of her clear sexy heels;
He firmly gripped her hair as whispered lascivious words in her ears.
With the thickness of his girth, she would have fucked him anywhere,
But after her pleasure on the counter, he sat on a dinning room chair and stared—
She came over promptly and sat on his cock slowly, kissing his lips and neck lovingly.
She then took her heels off so her bare feet could grip the floor securely;
She rode him hard, never once breaking eye contact as she roughly fucked him.
She didn’t care that she had released at least twice before — she wanted more.
With primal lust in her eyes, she told him, I want you to make me your whore;
Fuck me like you really want me — This is your pussy baby; it’s really yours.
Do you fucking hear me?
He whispered, Yes — and after his response,
He firmly gripped her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples wildly
As she kept riding him vigorously; he then placed one hand around her neck,
Choking her lightly; she breathed heavily, on the verge of releasing her intensity.
When she riled up his passion, she had felt his throbbing cock become
Even harder in her pussy. The rock hard stiffness of his throbbing cock
Drove her to keep bouncing up and down on it hard, non-stop.
She found her release as she shuddered and squirted all over him, screaming.
He kept going, but they changed positions; he wanted her on her back.
His huge cock–head found the upper chambers of her vagina as
He passionately explored her. He sucked and licked her extremely pretty toes,
And she sucked the length of his fingers. It was something that she whispered,
That caused him to release loudly inside of her unexpectedly.
It was 2 A.M. when they finally went to sleep, but at 7 A.M. she wanted
To feel his passion inside her again; he wasn’t a morning person, so
She didn’t want to wake him; but her wet passion kept dripping,
And her clit was throbbing, so hesitantly, she roused him,
Sucking his cock ardently to arouse him — and when his cock
Was fully hardened, adorned in black satin, she mounted him—
Riding his extended thickness and moaning, again.