Please do not attempt to mind-fuck me again. It may have worked for you in the past, but I am starkly different from those other men. I approach life with a level of discipline. I appreciate beauty differently. I value a woman’s femininity with profound sincerity. I can gaze upon a naked woman and contemplate who she is internally without the need or desire to approach her womanhood sexually. Physical intimacy does not consume me. I am not juvenile in my thinking; I have greatly excelled in my maturity. What truly draws me to a woman is her mystery. Sexuality does not always have to be displayed overtly. I am comfortable in any degree of company — whether formal or informal, I always dress appropriately. I do not need to be the center of attention or speak loudly. Powerful oratory draws a crowd naturally. A crass woman without class is a turnoff, honestly; even if she is considered by many to be a woman of extreme beauty. Living a life of constant deception is unhealthy. You cannot emotionally manipulate me because you fuck me. I taught you pleasures unknown; I explored your body thoroughly. Upon knowing you initially, you didn’t even know how to self-pleasure effectively. In you, I unlocked a new level of intimacy. Ironically, now, you boast of your sexual prowess from mastery you learned from me. Let me give you a reminder of the wonderful levels of intimacy and sensuality: first, there must be a deep emotional connection; I’ll let you guess what’s second. You are beautiful undeniably, but sweetheart you will never possess the astuteness to be able to drain me monetarily.

Uncut Eroticism

Rubbing her pussy, she called him for a rough and thorough fucking;
he came over promptly, then she got on her knees to suck him deeply.
Licking around the head of his cock, she seductively teased him —
her pink vibrator on the ridge of her clit, leaving her pussy dripping.
Usually after, he would have passionately tasted her, but on that evening
he bent her over and started fucking her hard with a primal vigor.
She screamed loudly, drawing the attention of her nosey neighbors,
but she wouldn’t have given a fuck even if she had immediately noticed.
She likes her erect nipples to be licked and sucked hard when she rides him,
but on that evening, she truly only wanted to be fucked in one position;
he kept pounding her hard from behind, never breaking his rhythm.
His raw passion caused her to have orgasm after intense orgasm—
after the fourth one, she said to him through heavy breathing,
Please cum, but he was only able to release when she told him
that she would swallow every last drop and then lasciviously
looked into his eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Wet Darkness

A woman touches herself, whispering the most lascivious sexual scenarios under her breath. She is wet — craving the width of a large cock that can reach her depths. She wants to be stretched. She lets out sensual sounds as she strikes herself with a black leather belt; welts on her ass and rear thighs, denote the pain that brings pleasure. After, she uses her vibrator, up and down the ridge of her sensitive clit. Imagining her ex lover’s skillful mouth and tongue, she whispers, Keep going; lick it baby — suck it. Please don’t stop; I want to cum. Harder with her vibrator she presses down; she wants his thickness inside her now. A large vibrating dildo beside her, is the surrogate for his cock. With her left hand she fucks herself, and with the right, on her clit, she finds the right spots. Feeling a nearing intense orgasm coming, she keeps whispering, Don’t stop. And she doesn’t, reaching her climax with her eyes closed — her body first shuddering, then unable to move as if in an erotic pose. The darkness covers her intense pleasure, but the darkness knows the depths of all her secret desires. She is on fire, releasing the end result of the deep passion and breathtaking lust that is within her. She is on fire. Her still wet pussy demands more; she whispers, Pull my hair, and fuck me like I’m your whore. Her ass begs to be slowly penetrated. The extent of her desire to have another orgasm cannot in any way be overstated. She wants to cum, again and again; she released at least twice before, but all she can think about is passionate fucking. The large dildo she purchased over a year ago, she starts sucking — licking around the head with an eager tongue then going deep as if she was really going down on her last boyfriend. She truly misses him, but his large throbbing cock is one of the reasons. She can lie to herself no longer; she wants him deep inside her. She wants to be taken from behind as his strong hands rub the deep contours of her spine. She wants to ride him hard and feel the strength and brawn of his shoulders underneath her arms. She wants him in her ass as she rubs her vagina. She wants to get on her knees and suck his thick cock until he can hold on no longer. She wants him to count down from ten, so they can release together. Still, in darkness, the taste and feeling of him lingers. Still, the darkness knows her passion and most secret desires.

“Forgive Me”

Two lovers again found each other;
And in their rediscovery, they
First wept, then expressed
Their feelings towards each other sensually.
Passionately, he makes love to her;
Whispering the feelings of his heart,
He tells her, Baby, I’m so glad we’re
back together; I want you, I love you, I need you,
and never again do I want us to be apart
Sincerely, he asks forgiveness
for all the times he hurt her,
And she accepts his apology
With a loving kiss
And a gentle whisper.

Depths of Love

Love’s secret depths are only found when tears are shed
And the strength of its power is taken to the edge,
When circumstances seem insurmountable and at the end;
It is only then, that it is truly tested and the beauty of its
intensity and potency is manifested.

Intimate Questions

If I love with everything within me again, will again my heart be broken?
Should I even recall the pain that deeply wounded me, or should it remain unspoken?
If I love again, should I love cautiously or with reckless abandon?
My intricacies are a part of me, but will I be granted understanding?
For three seasons, there was beautiful intimacy, but should I hold her in my memories?
Does my heart betray me when I say her name inadvertently?
With so many past lovers, why would my soul hold onto to her so tightly?
Should I be angry with my own heart because it loves so deeply?
Should I have ignored her betrayal because she kissed so sweetly?
Did I truly know the depths of her, or was I blinded by her beauty?
In the height of our intimacy what were the words that she whispered to me?
Is not the foremost appeal of a seductress her sensual mystery?
Do I weep for myself, or do I weep for her because of the mistrust and anguish she carried?

Amorous Whispers

Seductive whispers drive her passion
To the edge of an intense orgasm.
For so long, longing lips wanted to be kissed;
For so long, she wanted to be missed.
For so long, she was unhappy in her prior relationship,
But now, finally — she is his.
He loves her deeply, expressing his
Passionate feelings through intimacy;
Undoubtedly, they belong to each other completely.
As he goes deeper inside her—
Through luscious lips,
She whispers his name amorously.


As if you are a still photo,
Still, in my heart I hold you,
Suspended in your most joyous moment
From the movie of our time.
I see you every waking hour;
With tears of true love—
You are framed in my eyes.

Essence of a Woman

The essence of a woman requires you to deeply love her, to draw out her long held secrets like the refreshing sweetness of well water. Move past the superficial, and explore the depths of her heart to see her sorrow, her joy, her hopes, and past hurt. You may see scars and a barrier of protection, because she is afraid of being in pain again; also, fields of flowers, because inside she is beautiful, and she loves them. She has been mislabeled, she has been used and has suffered the scourge of mental and physical abuse — so you must be delicate with her, as if holding the petals of a flower. In her soul, there is mystery and wonder, and when she loves, she loves with everything within her. In sincerity, you must hold her and serenade her soul with beautiful whispers. In her life, if she chooses you to enter, remember not to take her for granted, and to grow in love together, there must be loyalty, respect, and understanding. The importance of patience and communication must not be understated. Anger, from the inevitable stresses of life, and your interactions with her, must be separated. Present flowers to her unexpectedly to let her know she is appreciated. Whatever comes, you will face it with her and get through it together. Be her lover, her strength, and her protector. In matters of intimacy, you must learn her body and know how to touch her. First stimulate her mentally, and there will be transcendency in pleasing each other. She was made in divinity, a beautiful sculpture of the creator. Sometimes, the intricacies of her you might not easily know, so lovingly, speak to her with your heart, and with the depths of your soul.