Intimate Confessions

Between euphoric breaths,
she confessed that she loved him;
not holding back, she gave him her everything,
and in her moaning, she signaled her joy
and the fulfillment of her longing—
touching his soul, and evoking emotions
that long stirred within the depths of him.
It is then that he said to her, I want no one else;
forever you are my woman
Without inhibition, she rode him
uncovering the breadth of her eroticism—
she leaned in and kissed him,
whispering to him, how much she had missed him.
And after the last letter, she released the passion of her fire
and kept going as he whispered, faster.
His drive took him over the edge
when she passionately said, mi amor, deeper
he closed his eyes when she seductively
Started sucking his fingers;
and in the height of his release,
he told her, that he was more than a lover
but that he was in love with her.

Blinders of the Heart

The reticent tongue does not speak of what lustful eyes see.
Feelings are released through unsolicited dreams —
where heavily she breathes through intimate screams.
Vividness of dreams seem so real that even the scent of her is remembered.
Chanel No.5 is not there when he awakens, but somehow its fragrance lingers;
he still feels the softness of her hair through passionate fingers.
He is with another, so he tries to forget her;
the torment of his soul is his heart’s unceasing desire.
To temper his raging fire, his heart must wear blinders,
for to see her is a passionate reminder.
The woman that lies next to him, is not her;
his secret desires she will never know.