You invade my memories constantly
Every time unknowingly taking a piece of me
With nothing left to give I am left empty
The solace that comforts me
Is knowing that you once loved me
At early morning hours I surrender to sentimentality
Immersing myself in the lingering essence of you completely
In my willing immersion the tears run
My love if you could only see 
I walk in cold winds with my arms extended
Sending kisses through my spirit hoping you can feel me
Rescue me Touch me
Take me away from desolation and agony
In my mortal flesh I am but a man
But on the wings of your love I transcend 
Hidden in the nurturing darkness of your comfort
I am reborn again and again


Your aroma is as sweet as your aura.
You must be properly appreciated in my savor.
I inhale you deeply and hold my breath
For as long as I can, before release.
I am infused with you and intoxicated
in my unapologetic indulgence;
My will to please you is beyond
Even my own comprehension;
The sky could fall and still
I would be wrapped up in your ascension.
The deep waters of your soul,
Is where I take my euphoric immersion;
The black waterfall that is your hair, flows,
Brushing seductively against your contours;
The silhouette of an angel beheld in my eyes.
You strip away from me torment and agony;
I am resurrected in your affection daily —
Giving to you all that is within me uninhibitedly.
The diamonds that are your eyes shine …
I rejoice knowing that you are mine;
A love that could never be bought;
A love that they could never find.

The Lament of Days Gone By

It must be said of sorrow that the sufferer cares not of tomorrow,
For Life is lived on the edge so the numb soul can feel again;
Tears flow within four walls and agony is undocumented,
But the weeping soul knows that is is wounded;
In the throes of torment dreams of love seem so distant;
Lovers come and go like the changing of the seasons.
The anxious heart longs for warmth when winter approaches
but the chill of cold loneliness pervades.
The once resoluteness of their being fades …
In weeping plea they lament and say,
Who will love us to the end of our days?
Gray hair sets in and the nails are brittle and hardened;
With wrinkled faces and cloudy eyes near blindness
The old reflect on their lives in quiet lament and great sadness,
Stretching forth frail hands under dim lamplight
As if reaching for a piece of the past to be rewritten; 
Their utterances incoherent, mumbling prior words spoken
Attempting to bring back some semblance of living, 
Because for so long they have been heartbroken
With souls exposed to the cold and hearts frozen .
Old photos over worn fireplaces resurrect fond memories of the past
And in that precious moment the aged get up and start to dance.
Throwing aside pride, they cry for love lost and for love never pursued;
More precious than diamonds now are the memories of their youth.
Though near blindness, in the mind they see clearly,
For even in grayness and frailty they glow in their beauty.
Years of torment and agony causes the body to age rapidly,
But they have survived many brutal winters untold;
They whisper to themselves laughingly, 
Though I am old, I have breath yet within me;
Love is still within reach and not just a memory.


I had lost myself in you. The many pieces of me scattered over the battlefields of lost love, mixed in with jealously, nonsensical arguments, and other emotional debris. Every time you leave you take a piece of me, but I want you to remember me so I give willingly. Years go by but the ‘what ifs’ still haunt me. Was it her? Was it me, or was it we? In my eyes you are a creation of beauty. They say the destiny of the misunderstood is to be lonely. I commune with myself with past memories as my only company; the sensual whispers, deep kisses and your laughter especially. A strand of your hair found on a pillow is enough to invoke emotions in me that I would otherwise never know. Like a strong tide, you pull me to and fro; I struggle to swim and get back to shore, but upon my return the man I used be is no more. Inadvertently, you also left a piece of yourself with me as you walked out of the door. Goodbye kisses turn into final intimate experiences, and then again last words are spoken. I wait until you drive off to commence my long held weeping. Tears still flow even after the third day of mourning. To dull the pain, old numbers are called and familiar voices answer, but it’s not the same. I try to pull away from you, but seemingly we are conjoined; it was a revelation to me when I realized my heart was no longer mine. A collage of past loves adorn the wall of my heart like a gallery of fine art;  each one with their own unique story, narrated with powerful oratory. If you ever need me, send for me with love, addressed, in care of my heart with the postage of white doves, sealed with a kiss and scented with the perfume I most miss. 

Now, I Remember You

The rare thoughts in-between are the most precious memories.
Though you faded away from me, in my mind your aura is pristine.
You were lost in the debris of my mind, but somehow I stumbled upon you.
For a night I communed with the joy of our past and kisses in spring grass,
But to keep you rare and valuable I placed you back were I found you.
You are lost again to me, but my consolation is knowing you are there.
Every now and then I will try to find you, with love and streaming tears.
Still, I carry you in my heart … you infiltrate my four chambers, 
And I fiercely try to pull away stubbornly;
But then in my sleep I reach for you with tearful longing unknowingly.
I am prideful in my open oratory, but secretly I want you to see me.
I long for sleep so I can dream and once again touch you with sincerity;
You were dead to me, but now in your glory you are resurrected in my memories. 

Oh you men of war, will you not fight?
You scribes and poets, will you not write?
You sorrowful and desolate, will you not tell of it?
You great orators and storytellers,
Will you not let your voices be heard?
You lovers of decadence, will you not indulge?
You long downtrodden and desolate,
Will you not state your claim in angered passion?
You upright men of valor, will you not give your lives for your children?
You beautiful mothers, will you not be their comfort and their strength?
You aged ones with beautiful silver hair,
Will you not impart your wisdom upon us and tell us of the years?
You eagles, will you not soar and spread your wings in heavenly winds?
You rivers and streams, will you not be my peace?
You tempestuous seas, are you not blue and deep?
You who hold back long held tears, will you not weep?
You of my kin who have gone on before me,
Do you not live through me?
You who have been kissed and held by me,
I love you deeply, can you not see?

Epilogue (2):

She finally found herself after the turmoil and the tears,
Though the process of her healing would take several years.
Her heart was delicate, but the people she trusted the most never protected it.
In fact, they were the ones who tried to break her spirit. 
A stark lesson in the realization that the ones you love, don’t always love you.
The lowest point in her story was when she recognized that it was true.
The heartbreak she must have felt places the reader directly in her shoes;
Seeing the coldness of the world through her eyes and those sleepless
Nights she wailed and cried, is enough to make the reader cry;
Even more so, is the fact that she was abandoned 
Even though they knew that on that faithful night she could have died.
Her triumph in the late chapters served to be an emotional roller coaster.
I have a feeling this is just the beginning, and her story is far from over.

I Lost You in the Crowd

We were dancing and I went to get drinks;
Your oratory moved me, and I liked the way you think.
I looked back at you, and you smiled at me.
To the bartender I said loudly,
Double shot whiskey, a bottled water and a vodka cranberry.
Upon returning I couldn’t find you; 
Perhaps another enticed you.
Did you go to the restroom?
I walked around looking for you with a slight frown;
Another three songs came on, but you couldn’t be found.
Perhaps you left abruptly because you didn’t like me,
Or the music was too loud?
Oh well;
Bartender! Double shot whiskey, another round!


The Earth cries out in pain and we hear her. They have misused her; they have taken of her bounty with crude instruments that destroy her. The changing of her climate has given her a high fever. She suffers the diseases of pollution and deforestation. Tons of garbage are strewn over her lands and seas, and she is angry. They have pillaged her and are unmerciful to the wails of her agony.  They rape her in incestuous transgression for she is their mother. Greed has infiltrated their hearts and poisoned their blood; the soil is saturated with water; her tears are the flood. In her bosom is fire; for her precious stones and metals they drill deep within her. She is beautifully adorned with diamonds, gold, and silver. Carbon emissions have eroded her protective layer … they continue to defile her. Ice caps melt, and her wild inhabitants suffer. They have lied, and her pain they deny. Oh beautiful mother, your sons hear your cry! We stand with you and fight through the hottest days and coldest nights. We adore you, for you give us life. She will endure the years and one day again be covered in ice.