So Deep

The length and breadth of his measure find the depths of her;
She whispers gorgeous words, immersed in complete and absolute pleasure.
Slowly, up and down on him she is in rhythm, and he is so hard inside of her;
With her eyes closed, she whispers, You’re so deep —
And she is so fucking beautiful in her intense release.

Morning Longing

She longs for him in the morning, wanting to be stretched by every inch of him.
Sucking her fingers, she wishes she was sucking the length of his thickness.
Her other fingers find the throbbing source of her profuse wetness—
Maybe if she says his name three times he will appear, to fuck her hard and pull her hair.
Though she is disappointed that he is not there, she can call him so he can hear;
Her fingers move vigorously under black lace as she thinks about how she rode his face.
She desperately needs to release; her wet desires she needs to satiate,
So her butt plug she lubricates, and she places new batteries in her powerful toy that vibrates.

Rhythmic Depths

He takes her to depths she’s never felt before,
and delicately, she rubs her clit with her eyes closed
as he sucks her beautifully pedicured toes.
He feels so good inside her, even more than he knows—
though she expresses her pleasure through her moans.
He desperately wants her to orgasm intensely.
He desperately wants her to finally let go.
In missionary he satisfies her, but from the side,
his length finds her G-spot, and his width
rubs against her sensitive clit so much better.
He wants to memorize the words of her sensual whispers
down to the very last letter, so he can find his release
when they are apart and can’t see each other.
She counts down from ten, but she only makes it to seven
before she has an intense orgasm on his hugeness again.
She wants to take control of the rhythm, so she sits on him,
but before that, she got on her knees
to taste her own passion while he was looking.

Unquenchable Desire

His mouth waters, because for so long he wanted to taste her.
He finds so much pleasure in thoroughly pleasing her.
She likes the way he uses his tongue as a source of pleasure,
but his tongue teasing her clit with two fingers in her ass
between his erotic whispers would be so much better.

Wet Anticipation (2)

He calls her, and she walks closer to the familiar
euphoria of riding the full length of his measure.
She is already wet, contemplating his tongue on her,
with the penetration of his fingers as she moans and writhes in pleasure.
She wants to look at him as she tastes him and be spanked in doggy after.
Where she is tight, she wants him to slowly slide inside her
as she releases loudly, using her vibrator, drenched in wetness
because of his thickness and the words of his erotic whispers.

Reverse Cowgirl

She feels him, and he feels beautiful.
Through waves of pleasure, she lets go
and rides him vigorously in reverse cowgirl;
The fullness of his length and thickness
hit against the pleasure of her erogenous zones,
and she has to pause, to fully savor the joy of her orgasms.
With every thrust, he feels even bigger inside her;
with his strong hands around her waist,
he pulls her down deeper, harder, and faster.
He beautifully paces himself, so he can outlast her,
but her screams, and the way she says his name
increases his passion and makes him even harder.
She feels so good on him, but he wants to taste her
with his fingers inside her, so he can drown in her pleasure.
He tells her his feelings through sensual whispers
and his lascivious words increase the rage of her desire.
The expressions on her face are indescribable,
as he explores her with his tongue from behind on his knees;
he seduces her excitement with sensual words as he says,
Use me; I’m yours … baby, cum for me please.
In her response — her midsentence pause, then erotic silence
is the signal for the coming screams of her release.
She drenches his face in what he was waiting to taste
as she loudly screams and uncontrollably shakes.
Holding her legs with his muscular arms,
in the beauty of the moment he partakes.
Deeply, again, he enters the source of her pleasure
with his tongue, so nothing will go to waste.
Her thigh highs are drenched at the
borders of black lace.

Before she begins she puts heels on with thigh high stockings
And mentions his name at least three times in her whispering
She remembers the skillfulness of his tongue and the measure of him
She is wet with anticipation as her fingers find the sources of her pleasure
She wishes he was there with her so they could cum together
Remembering the sounds of his moaning heightens her desire
She begins slowly but will scream loudly when she goes faster