What She Wants

Starved for an orgasm, she kept saying to him, Baby, please make me cum.
She really enjoyed feeling the depths of the girth and length of his shaft,
But on that particular night, he knew that her body craved
the skillful use of his tongue to make the euphoria last.
He started, by softly and passionately kissing between her thighs,
Then with the tip of his stiffened tongue, he talentedly teased her ass;
He paused and whispered to her, Suck your fingers then rub your clit while I do this
Through heavy breaths she responded, Okay baby; I thought you’d never ask.
In his desire to thoroughly please her, he went deeper, giving her all he had.
By the time the ninth minute had passed, she already had two intense orgasms
And was begging to be fucked hard on her back, with the measure of his shaft.

2 to Manhattan

On my way into to the city, I saw you on the 2;
you were wearing gold open toe heels
and a deep V neck dress that was blue.
The color of your dress matched the color
of your pedicure, which I noticed was new.
You had hazel eyes and a big curl hairdo—
also, you were adorned in a tennis bracelet
and a necklace with a charm that said, I Love You.
In that moment, I wondered who was so lucky to have you
and if his was love was really pure and true.
To be polite, I glanced again, but I did not stare;
in your seat, you were like a goddess sitting on a golden chair.
My heart said to me, Victor, compliment her respectfully,
but my tongue whispered coldly, Don’t you dare.
I laughed when something suddenly came to mind,
but I was unprepared in my astonishment, when
you got up for your stop and said to me beautifully
as you walked out, I like your smile.

Lingerie (Pt. 2)

Lace, wraps the contours of her body beautifully.
Her gloss red nails contrasts against her tulle tights sensually.
She is a goddess in heels, essentially; a woman, who other women envy.
Without her stilettos, she stands at 5’3″ wonderfully.
Reverse cowgirl is her favorite position, but to climax
A little differently, she likes to ride his tongue, occasionally.
When he’s inside her from behind, she likes to look back at him teasingly.
To go deeper inside her, he holds onto her garter belt tightly.

She does her own nails, but most times, she gets them done professionally.
Sometimes, he teases her, by licking her wetness through her panties;
She wants him to release all over her torn sheer stockings and black heels.

Released Passion

Over the phone, in sensual tones of heavy breathing, she asked him again and again
if she could release what for so long she had been holding.
He finally said, yes, and then she screamed uncontrollably,
squirting — leaving everything wet, and shuddering as she exploded.

Kiss me passionately, and revive my broken heart, my angel.
It was after three seasons of unhappiness that I had to let go.
Instead of exuberance and intimacy, there was sorrow;
Instead of loyalty and love, there was deep betrayal.
Hold me in your warmth my angel, and give my heart
A reason to mend and in love, to be made whole again.
Whisper beautiful things to me in the wonder of the twilight,
And show me true love, to bring my soul back to life.


As if you are a still photo,
Still, in my heart I hold you,
Suspended in your most joyous moment
From the movie of our time.
I see you every waking hour;
With tears of true love—
You are framed in my eyes.

Essence of a Woman

The essence of a woman requires you to deeply love her, to draw out her long held secrets like the refreshing sweetness of well water. Move past the superficial, and explore the depths of her heart to see her sorrow, her joy, her hopes, and past hurt. You may see scars and a barrier of protection, because she is afraid of being in pain again; also, fields of flowers, because inside she is beautiful, and she loves them. She has been mislabeled, she has been used and has suffered the scourge of mental and physical abuse — so you must be delicate with her, as if holding the petals of a flower. In her soul, there is mystery and wonder, and when she loves, she loves with everything within her. In sincerity, you must hold her and serenade her soul with beautiful whispers. In her life, if she chooses you to enter, remember not to take her for granted, and to grow in love together, there must be loyalty, respect, and understanding. The importance of patience and communication must not be understated. Anger, from the inevitable stresses of life, and your interactions with her, must be separated. Present flowers to her unexpectedly to let her know she is appreciated. Whatever comes, you will face it with her and get through it together. Be her lover, her strength, and her protector. In matters of intimacy, you must learn her body and know how to touch her. First stimulate her mentally, and there will be transcendency in pleasing each other. She was made in divinity, a beautiful sculpture of the creator. Sometimes, the intricacies of her you might not easily know, so lovingly, speak to her with your heart, and with the depths of your soul.