Light kisses between her thighs entices her throbbing clit and readies her wetness for pleasure. He knows the extent of her passion because of the words of her whispers and the wetness that drips from his fingers. The taste of her essence drives his primal sensuality. Her soft feet with glossy navy blue polished toes in mule stilettos is a thing of beauty. He teases her extremely wet anticipation by lightly blowing on her pussy. She knows the skill of his tongue, and she is ready. She is so ready. She rubs and pinches her aroused nipples; her eyes close as she moans and lies back on her pillows.

“Just Fuck Me”

From behind, she feels him inside; his measure finding the spot of her pleasure. She feels so good to him, that he has to slow down to allow the ecstasy to last longer. His cock stretches her as he entices her through seductive whispers. She tells him that she is truly his. Her body cannot lie; she looks back at him to stare into his eyes. She is so beautiful in the transcendent heights of her pleasure. He wants her. He’s longed for her. Many times he’s stroked his cock thinking about her in the euphoria of self-pleasure. Now, her natural lubrication runs down the full length of his shaft; with his right thumb, he presses down on the butt plug that for most of the evening has been in her ass. He pulls it out slowly, and she lets out the sounds of her ecstasy — she wants him in her ass but she didn’t have to ask. The way she feels to him is indescribable, and he wants to release, but his rock hard erectness in her ass, makes her want his penetration to last. In a sonorous voice he asks, Can I cum? Her response is slow, because she is immersed in the absolute pleasure of rubbing her clit while at the same time, in her ass, feeling the fullness of his dick . So between moans, she says, No; stubbornly, she refuses to allow him to let go. On her knees she is thoroughly pleased, but she needs to be fucked roughly and have hair hair pulled firmly, to reach her release. Unable to control his passion much longer, he again asks her, Baby, let me cum, please. She hears him, but she ignores his pleas because she is almost at her release. Her reply is, Just fuck me hard goddamn it; pull my hair, and give it to me like I want it — and when he does, his animalistic nature takes over as he gives her everything in him he has left. His rough fucking takes away her breath, and she screams uncontrollably face down in satin covered pillows with a king size mattress pressed against her breasts. Her pussy is so wet. With his full weight pressed against her body, he orgasms loudly, and so does she.

Wet Darkness

A woman touches herself, whispering the most lascivious sexual scenarios under her breath. She is wet — craving the width of a large cock that can reach her depths. She wants to be stretched. She lets out sensual sounds as she strikes herself with a black leather belt; welts on her ass and rear thighs, denote the pain that brings pleasure. After, she uses her vibrator, up and down the ridge of her sensitive clit. Imagining her ex lover’s skillful mouth and tongue, she whispers, Keep going; lick it baby — suck it. Please don’t stop; I want to cum. Harder with her vibrator she presses down; she wants his thickness inside her now. A large vibrating dildo beside her, is the surrogate for his cock. With her left hand she fucks herself, and with the right, on her clit, she finds the right spots. Feeling a nearing intense orgasm coming, she keeps whispering, Don’t stop. And she doesn’t, reaching her climax with her eyes closed — her body first shuddering, then unable to move as if in an erotic pose. The darkness covers her intense pleasure, but the darkness knows the depths of all her secret desires. She is on fire, releasing the end result of the deep passion and breathtaking lust that is within her. She is on fire. Her still wet pussy demands more; she whispers, Pull my hair, and fuck me like I’m your whore. Her ass begs to be slowly penetrated. The extent of her desire to have another orgasm cannot in any way be overstated. She wants to cum, again and again; she released at least twice before, but all she can think about is passionate fucking. The large dildo she purchased over a year ago, she starts sucking — licking around the head with an eager tongue then going deep as if she was really going down on her last boyfriend. She truly misses him, but his large throbbing cock is one of the reasons. She can lie to herself no longer; she wants him deep inside her. She wants to be taken from behind as his strong hands rub the deep contours of her spine. She wants to ride him hard and feel the strength and brawn of his shoulders underneath her arms. She wants him in her ass as she rubs her vagina. She wants to get on her knees and suck his thick cock until he can hold on no longer. She wants him to count down from ten, so they can release together. Still, in darkness, the taste and feeling of him lingers. Still, the darkness knows her passion and most secret desires.

Still, She Lingers

To taste her and allow her sensual essence to linger.
To kiss her soft soles, lick her arches, and suck on her pedicured toes.
To slowly kiss between her thighs before taking a deep dive as I look into her eyes;
To hear her sounds of pleasure as she is satisfied with my mouth and fingers.
To whisper to her and feel her spasms right before her loud release happens.
To want her to cum again and again so I keep going with increased passion;
To know her psyche and body thoroughly, touching her erotically
In all the right places and spaces without her having to tell me.
To tell her, I love her when I’m inside her and kiss her passionately when it’s over.

To shower first, then take a long and warm bubble bath together.
To marvel at her beauty as she pulls up her hair while I lovingly massage her.

Craving (3)

Her experienced fingers excite the place where the feeling of pleasure still lingers. The privacy of darkness conceals the extent of her wetness. She is passionate, and in the comfort of her bedroom she can moan as loud as she wants and spread her legs wide in a showing of her sexual forwardness; she wants to have more orgasms, not less — so she spanks herself, fantasizing about the transcendence of pleasurable roughness. She is so wet. Her ass begs for the use of her vibrating dildo, so she gets up and retrieves it, returning to her bed then deciding to ride her pillow. The stimulation of her clit feels so fucking good; she moans as she lightly pinches her nipples. Still, her ass can’t be ignored, so she turns to the side with her pillow between her legs as her ass is thoroughly pleased from the dildo’s vibrating head; recalling what she said to a past lover in an erotic whisper, to herself she says, I’m your whore, make me beg. She screams, squirting on her pillow and all over her bed.

Wet Anticipation (2)

He calls her, and she walks closer to the familiar
euphoria of riding the full length of his measure.
She is already wet, contemplating his tongue on her,
with the penetration of his fingers as she moans and writhes in pleasure.
She wants to look at him as she tastes him and be spanked in doggy after.
Where she is tight, she wants him to slowly slide inside her
as she releases loudly, using her vibrator, drenched in wetness
because of his thickness and the words of his erotic whispers.

Before she begins she puts heels on with thigh high stockings
And mentions his name at least three times in her whispering
She remembers the skillfulness of his tongue and the measure of him
She is wet with anticipation as her fingers find the sources of her pleasure
She wishes he was there with her so they could cum together
Remembering the sounds of his moaning heightens her desire
She begins slowly but will scream loudly when she goes faster

Wants Him Watching

She was afraid to explore her long held eroticism
because of what she may have heard from the
loud and hypocritical voices of fierce criticism;
but one evening, she let go, letting her sensuality flow
and with her lover in a corner watching, she teased him
with her loud moaning; and after she manipulated
both heads of her double-ended dildo inside her,
she slowly pulled it out and tasted her passion,
before reaching orgasm using her vibrator
as her lover stroked himself intensely in a chair, intently
looking at her, longingly wanting to be inside her.
Knowing he was going to release at any second,
she seductively crawled to him, then used her tongue
to please him, excited that he was still watching.
With everything in him, he held on without releasing,
to savor the pleasure of her warm and wet tongue;
but when she mounted him and rode the full length
of his rock hard measure, he released loudly inside her
as she whispered, goddamn it, stop fucking holding back
and give me what I want; baby, please cum.
After her sensual pleas, she got on her knees
to take into her mouth what he had just released.
She looked up at him watching, still extremely wet
and playing with herself, wanting to fuck again.