Live Through

Awakened and the nightmare begins
Daily life must be lived
But the anguished have nothing left to give
Unwanted thoughts torment the anxious
Irrationality becomes their reality
Depression consumes in totality
The body is willing but the mind is perpetually spinning
Eyes well up with tears for seemingly no reason
To the world the pain is hard to explain
In dark rain the distressed can be heard fervently praying
If you listen closely to their whispers you can hear them saying:
Dear God, I wish I had another brainĀ 
I can’t live another day with dark clouds over me, and cold rain
What did I do to deserve this pain?
Let me live again and free me from these chains.

Anna’s Story

Her plight is suffering; her plight is pain
A seemingly incessant and perpetual rain
She is misunderstood by those she knows
Who dismiss her sorrow and deride her woes
With arrogance they laugh at her secret plight
If they only knew her struggle and fight
She has suffered in silence for many years
She has kept her secret and hidden her fears
A woman abandoned by those she loved
Abused and traumatized; Deprived of love
It has taken a toll on her precious mind
For her mental health has been in decline
Her treatments and therapy have never helped
So she lives with the anguish inside of herself
She self-medicates to numb the pain
This is a story of sorrow;
Anna is her name.