If Only He Knew

She screams his name louder and louder;
Enthusiastically, he goes deeper and deeper.
If only he knew, that she does not scream for him
But that she fantasizes about another.
If only he knew, that her excitement for him is not true
And that she entices him with erotic whispers
So he can quickly reach his climax and be through;
If only he knew, that another man captures her
And that for him, she wears her best heels,
Short dress, and most enticing perfume.
If only he knew, that she touches herself
All day when he is away, and climaxes with such intensity.
If only he knew, that she drips with lust
When she is around her long desired lover
And is overtaken in her wet excitement,
When his hands inadvertently brush against her.
If only he knew, that she doesn’t belong to him,
But that now, she belongs to another.
If only he knew, that she dreams of his length
And thickness, deeper and deeper inside her.
If only he knew, that she wants to take him in her mouth
Before she straddles him as he is sitting.
If only he knew, that she wants him to reach
His climax inside her, as she is sensually whispering.
If only he knew, that she is untrue
When he asks her, do you like me inside you?
And she seductively says, I do.
If only he knew.

Blinders of the Heart

The reticent tongue does not speak of what lustful eyes see.
Feelings are released through unsolicited dreams —
where heavily she breathes through intimate screams.
Vividness of dreams seem so real that even the scent of her is remembered.
Chanel No.5 is not there when he awakens, but somehow its fragrance lingers;
he still feels the softness of her hair through passionate fingers.
He is with another, so he tries to forget her;
the torment of his soul is his heart’s unceasing desire.
To temper his raging fire, his heart must wear blinders,
for to see her is a passionate reminder.
The woman that lies next to him, is not her;
his secret desires she will never know.

Lady of The Night (The Allure)


A lady of the night. Extremely beautiful and calculating. Her heart is as cold as a Siberian winter. So many men have encountered her, only to witness their own destruction. Their souls gone forever, never to return. Her beauty is uncanny. She is always draped in the finest materials. Her nails are manicured to perfection. Her skin is radiant and beautiful; her face gorgeous and alluring. Her hair is long, conditioned, and wonderfully curled. Her selection of perfumes are a rare and irresistible pleasure. Her eyes are captivating and she has hypnotized many men with her gaze. Her lips are inviting and adorned in the most complimentary of colors and glosses. The tone of her voice is soft spoken.

No one really knew her story or background, only the rumors that were whispered in dark corners by men and women who had come to know of her endeavors. It was said that she was a lady of the night who took the souls of men; it was conveyed that she was irresistible and many men fell by the wayside after dealings with her. Rumor had it that she left many powerful men in financial ruin and made addicts of men. Addicts of her attention. Addicts of her sexual prowess. Addicts of her perceived love, and her powerful attraction. Still, many men pursue her to no end, as caution is thrown to the wind and reckless passion abounds. What they wouldn’t give for a night of lustful desires fulfilled where nothing is of limits. A night of excitement with a beautiful woman of her skill and talent. Only once have I spotted her; one glimpse of her was enough to invigorate my wildest and most lustful imaginations.

Without a word spoken she had mesmerized me. Incredible. She disappeared like a ghost before my eyes and I never saw her again. I shuddered at the thought of being totally captivated by her. The fate I would no doubt suffer if I was caught in her alluring web. My brief hypnosis wore off and I came back to reality. Still the curiosity in me needs to know her story. I want to know the reasons her heart is so cold. How she came to acquire her skills and prowess. The story of her upbringing. At least a name?