4 AM Euphoria

Every touch is transcendent;

Every whisper, from seductive lips are passionate;

Every thrust is purposed;

Every zone teased, sucked, and licked
Is erogenous;

Every released orgasm is intense;

Every silent second after,
An intimate reflection without pretense;

Every I love you, is true;

Every answer to every concupiscent question,
Is, I do.

If Only He Knew

She screams his name louder and louder;
Enthusiastically, he goes deeper and deeper.
If only he knew, that she does not scream for him
But that she fantasizes about another.
If only he knew, that her excitement for him is not true
And that she entices him with erotic whispers
So he can quickly reach his climax and be through;
If only he knew, that another man captures her
And that for him, she wears her best heels,
Short dress, and most enticing perfume.
If only he knew, that she touches herself
All day when he is away, and climaxes with such intensity.
If only he knew, that she drips with lust
When she is around her long desired lover
And is overtaken in her wet excitement,
When his hands inadvertently brush against her.
If only he knew, that she doesn’t belong to him,
But that now, she belongs to another.
If only he knew, that she dreams of his length
And thickness, deeper and deeper inside her.
If only he knew, that she wants to take him in her mouth
Before she straddles him as he is sitting.
If only he knew, that she wants him to reach
His climax inside her, as she is sensually whispering.
If only he knew, that she is untrue
When he asks her, do you like me inside you?
And she seductively says, I do.
If only he knew.

Erotic Intricacies

In the heat of passion, they lock eyes like nothing else matters.
She holds onto him, lost in the euphoria of flowing eroticism;
Straddling him on a wooden chair, she takes control,
pacing every sensual movement on the tips of her toes.
He pulls her into him, kissing her passionately,
and finding every secret intricacy in her erogenous zones;
he is rewarded with the wildness of her lust and the echoes of her moans.
She purposely teases herself with every thrust, fast and then slow,
wanting the pleasure to last forever — not wanting to let go.
At the height of her euphoria she is beautiful; her nails dig into him,
and he is intoxicated by the pleasure of the feeling
and the lascivious words of her whispering.
Amatory ecstasy totally takes over;
her moans louder, his thrusts deeper.
Tightly, he holds her, caught in the
movements of her rapture.
She screams loudly, falling into him
uncontrollably, and then it’s over.
He looks at her with longing,
because she is his lover,

and he loves her.

Unspoken desires

The mystery of her body is a quest in sensual discovery.
It is more than mere sex but a protracted transcendent intimacy.
Her excitement, can be hidden for only so long;
She moans expressively and longingly,
As he uncovers her secret desires with his tongue.
Her wanton eyes, tell him to keep going—
He enthusiastically pleases her in ceaseless rhythm,
As he looks into her eyes, with no intention of slowing.
She screams, releasing waves of euphoria flowing;
Over and over. Again and again. Over and over. Again and again.
Seductively, she wraps her legs tightly around him,
Whispering lubricious words, that she knows will enkindle him.

Lovers in Spring

Through open windows, curtains move to and fro
as if dancing in rhythm to the music of spring breezes.
Intimate moments are uncovered by the morning sunshine
that illuminates two lovers in-between glimpses.
Inside, there are tender kisses, tears of joyous crying,
and the erotic secrets of sensual whisperings.

Timeless Love

She is intertwined in every fiber of his being;
He hears her name whispered in the wind,
and her aura permeates in the in-between.
Their levels of intimacy are ethereal and unseen.
On the night they wept together — they became one,
a true marriage without vain symbols valued in the cost of a rings.
It was the coming together of two divine beings;
A true union, where upon the chambers of the heart, vows are written.
Where the promises of words in truth are spoken;
Where the fire of sensuality remains and attraction never wanes.
The fire of their love will never change,
Even when the hair turns grey in old age;
Even when the last breaths are taken,
they will find each other when they cross over
and are again awakened in the halls of their fathers.
Eternally together. Eternal lovers.

Amorous Rendezvous

In intense release, sensual sounds move through walls,
and the body is taken over by pleasure, in waves of euphoric shudders.
In those enraptured moments, nothing else matters;
Intimate words are uttered in whispers, and eager lips find each other.
Dedicated tongues induce uncontrollable screams;
The control of steady rhythms flow like violet rivers,
Under a bright crystal sun in lucid dreams.
It is more than just a frenzied session;
It is the building of refined ecstasy in slow progression.
After several positions, there are four words whispered before explosion.
Silence falls — and the mind records from the tryst what it wants;
In the immediate after, the sensual rapture is vividly recalled.

Secret Diaries

Erotic shadows move in silent ecstasy.
If only walls could speak and tell of what they see.
White lights highlight motions of passion;
The figures on the wall move fluidly,
As if in a coordinated ballet of sensuality.
In rhythmic fashion they move fast, and then slowly;
If only walls could hear the exchanges of intimate whispers
And untamed screams of ecstasy—
Still, they keep long records of unrestricted pleasure
Of lovers in secret diaries.