Kiss me now, and take me away from this endless sorrow. Let me find comfort in your whispers and the scent of your hair. In your embrace, let your shoulders be the place for my falling tears. The beauty of your femininity comforts me. Your love is soothing medicine. The doses of you are immeasurable. The potency of your portion is incredible. With you I can be vulnerable. The essence of you is wonderful. Let the depths of my intimacy tell your heart that I love you. Let the truth of my eyes convey that I adore you. Your indelible mark upon my heart signifies that I belong to you. The beats of my heart through still waters ripple. You are my angel — a life-changing miracle. Your utterances are that of an oracle removing obstacles with the force of something mysteriously powerful. You are my medicine; again and again, my spirit calls to you.


It was pain that brought us together, and for many seasons we truly loved each other — but it was also pain that cruelly tore us asunder. My tragedy, is that pain refuses to leave me, though in quiet rooms I cry constantly, trying in vain to purge through tears what has become a part of me.

The Inquiry

I inquired of an angel all things celestial and ethereal. I asked her the secrets of her existence that make her immortal. I asked her to take me with her on her ascension to heaven so I could leave the pain behind. She said these words lovingly, looking into my eyes — My beloved, your ascension will come with time; I know there has been deep pain and tears for many years, but look at the scenes of your life, you have conquered your fears. The things that cause you sorrow have been already removed from your life. You are stronger than you realize. It was then that she touched my crying eyes, kissed me, and said, Sleep now, and there will be a new beginning in you when you arise.