Retrospectively, I search diligently past beauty to see in an angel the folded wings that others could not see. Within femininity there are several mysteries that keep a woman’s sacred secrecy, like rare diamonds in the earth that men search for endlessly but will never find; through wondrous eyes, I see angels gliding high in that place from where the twilight shines. To not know and taste the essence of a woman, is to not know the ultimate beauty and wonder of creation — strands of hair blow against her face, and I know that she was beauteous from her inception. She is crowned with stars that touch the heavens; I dreamt of kissing her in white linen. I dreamt that we lost each other and then found each other again. I envisioned that she rescued me from that dark place where pain doesn’t end. With her wings folded under clothing they can’t see the profoundness of her true beauty, but I see; with wondrous eyes I see. With a celestial glow she smiles at me, and in her smile, there is loving eternity and divine destiny that whispers to me.


When we cry together, know that I am your protector, lover and strong shoulder forever. Never forget, that when it storms I am your shelter. The depths of love have shown me secret paths that have transformed my once hardened heart and have made me better. I mean every word in every vow made to you, down to the letter. I was broken; so shattered — I sought healing through many sexual encounters, but there was still an emptiness, though I had many lovers. True intimacy is so much more than fleshly pleasure. I held you and kissed you the first night. I admit, that I wanted you, but a beautiful transcendency took a hold of me, and unexpectedly I uttered through a sincere whisper, Let’s just talk more and get to know each other. I listened intently to your life story as we lied together, and you moved me like no other. Baby, I swear you moved me like no other. It was then that my soul stirred within me, and I said to myself silently, I love her; I truly love her.

Romantic Getaway

Flames of passion brighten
as twilight waves rush in,
in the evening, there is kissing,
sweet caress, and heaving breathing.
When the darkness finally comes,
there will be sounds of moaning
and the excitement of different positions
that quench the emotions of longing—
a full moon contrasting white sand
against the aesthetic of shimmering skin;
in nakedness after ecstasy, wine glasses
will be filled with sweet Moscato again,
and two lovers will hold each other
with tears of indescribable joy,
in gentle ocean winds.

Eternal Letters

My love, words cannot convey the emotions that so well up in me that joyous tears flow constantly. That you would understand me, alone in itself is a thing of beauty — but that you would understand the depths of my poignancy and still look upon me adoringly and love me unconditionally is a gift that I could never deem myself worthy. Your name is whispered among women, and men do stare at me enviously as if I had the fulness of the heavens in my possession. The sincerity of your love heals even the deepest and most hideous scars that were marked upon my heart when I fell into devastation. The bitter cold is merciless, and the soul withers in darkness like unwatered roses cut from the stem, left strewn on tables in drab rooms never to see the sun again. I cannot count the number of times that my sorrowful tears fell in your hair as you whispered to me lovingly, I will always be here. Your soothing caress is like much needed deep breaths in fresh air. Your head rests on my chest and I reaffirm to myself that I want no one else in this world or the next. On my many journeys if the sea were to take me in its unforgiving waves, the whisper of your name would be my last breath. At my end, I would know that I would see you again; your eternal kisses falling upon me like light raindrops falling upon budding leaves in the spring, bringing to life what was thought to be lost forever but was found again. I love you with a love unfathomable. With tears, I gave my heart to you in the winter with sincerity and purity irreversible. The marriage of us is not with rings or cliché babblings of repetitive sayings but of a transcendency with potency not transcribed easily, illuminated beautifully by transparent destiny, and richly blessed eternally. We share true intimacy through our minds, souls, and bodies. We please each other with fervor that brings us closer together, tearing asunder any inkling of strife or anger. We find an oasis in each other, and you have loved me like no other. Darling, I swear that you have loved me like no other.

Beautiful Love

I was not worthy of such a thing that would find me and wrap my wretched coldness in its warmth, taking all of me and immersing my brokenness in its healing power unconditionally. In my fragile state, I did indeed see, but I couldn’t see clearly, and I foolishly pushed love away from me. I swore a solemn vow to never again allow passionate kisses upon my lips, lest I fell in love again only to be left emaciated in a desolate wilderness — but love is patient, and it sought me and though I lied listlessly in total decimation, gradually back together it brought me and took the raw diamond that is my soul and shaped me, and kissed me, and with tenderness, polished me relentlessly so that now I shine brightly. Now, in my eyes, there is a transcendent clarity that allows me to quickly distinguish true love from false pretense and vanity. Many lovers have said many beautiful words to me in the heat of our desire, but the essence of intimacy is much more than what is conveyed physically. In my moment of truth I was left devastated when I called upon those I thought had truly loved me, but reality is as cold as one thousand Siberian winters endured consecutively. I could never render anything to love and the depths of emotions that it has given me. Love, you are radiant in your beauty.


The verses of your soul are written in the depths of my heart, flowing through me and resurrecting long slumbering memories that had been buried deeply and that now whisper to me constantly, haunting me beautifully, driving me to confess silently as my tears fall within four walls that bear the marks of the passion and the torment of my secrecy.

Beautiful Verses

Immersion in exultation was never deeper. The taste of rapture was never sweeter. Intimacy was never so ardent. Femininity was never so delicate. Shimmering skin was never so celestial. There is no greater mystery than the depths of a woman’s levels. There are many wondrous creations under heaven’s golden streets but nothing more beautiful. The journey of discovery to find the depths of her is a marvel. To have her love is wonderful. To cry tears of joy with her as her hair caresses falling tears is indescribable. To protect her is an honor. To commit to her is the bonding of two fires that came together and grew stronger. To give her your heart is to completely trust her. To listen to her sincere utterances is the beginning of truly knowing her. To kiss her passionately is the conveyance of deep emotions silently. To keenly listen to the sounds of her ecstasy is to thoroughly know the essence of her mind, soul, and body.

Declarations of Love

Today, before witnesses we confess our undying love and make known public our oneness. I am your man, and you are my woman — graceful, beautiful and feminine. Forever, let not our foundation be shaken or the sentiment of our words be mistaken, for with each other we are taken; we are eternally taken. Let your heart be my heart and my heart be your heart so we can eternally be divinely connected and steeped in each other’s feelings. Let it be written by the angels that I love you with a purity and sincerity that cannot be transcended. May the fire of our desire for each other never be quenched, and may we comfort of each other’s souls. In the bitterness of cold darkness you are my shelter of warmth and light. You are the angel in my sight. Kiss me passionately, and let me gaze upon your gorgeous adornment in white. Let us exchange the symbols of our eternal love without vain pretense and the corrosive decadence that brings ruin. Once, we were both unloved, but fate brought us together in the twilight. You are my light; my love, you are indeed my light. Without hesitation or apprehension, I dedicate myself to you for life — my love, you are my life. Still, you are there in my dreams, and you are there with unfurled hair upon my awakening. My tears are the joyfulness of my expression. Sweetheart, you are beautiful beyond measure.

When I first beheld you I wanted to hold you, and I loved you; I swear on the heavens that I loved you. Search my heart diligently, and if I am lying, then forever leave me. But you have already searched my heart, and you have seen the beauty of my sincerity. I am yours, and you are mine completely. Now, let us again kiss passionately in the congregation of our distinguished guests. Embrace me tightly — let me feel the sensuality of your lips and your breasts. May the world witness my love for you and gaze upon the truth of my depths. I give you all of me, holding nothing back, but I am not empty, for it is endless love that fills me. When I was shattered utterly it was only the hope of love that sustained me. My eyes fell upon you, and you saved me; my lady, with loving eyes you saved me. Our intimacy is something otherworldly, unadulterated in wondrous purity. The desire to please you thoroughly wells up within me. You give yourself to me totally, and on this day, I touch you delicately; in my arms, my angel, before witnesses I confess my love for you loudly and with joyful tears, I touch you delicately.