Still, She Lingers

To taste her and allow her sensual essence to linger.
To kiss her soft soles, lick her arches, and suck on her pedicured toes.
To slowly kiss between her thighs before taking a deep dive as I look into her eyes;
To hear her sounds of pleasure as she is satisfied with my mouth and fingers.
To whisper to her and feel her spasms right before her loud release happens.
To want her to cum again and again so I keep going with increased passion;
To know her psyche and body thoroughly, touching her erotically
In all the right places and spaces without her having to tell me.
To tell her, I love her when I’m inside her and kiss her passionately when it’s over.

To shower first, then take a long and warm bubble bath together.
To marvel at her beauty as she pulls up her hair while I lovingly massage her.

Passionate Movements

We dance intimately in a grand ballroom, just you and I;
you kiss me, and I am yours completely.
You stun in a formal white dress, chandelier earrings, and a diamond necklace.
Strappy heels add to your appeal, and I am immersed in your rapture;
I spin you around as we dance if beautiful synchrony.
Tonight, whisper your heart’s sincerity — and capture the depths of me.
Reveal secrets to me, and know in your heart that you can trust my confidentiality.
Again, kiss me deeply, and know that I love you with everything that I have in me.
As we dance slowly, let me be lost in the comfort of your femininity.
Seductive utterances are not enough; hold onto the essence of my being,
and know that I could never live without you.
Another spin, and from behind is how I hold you—
With loving arms around you, we rock from side to side in sweet caress.
You place your hands on top of mine, and what I feel…
What I feel in this very moment, I can’t describe.
Right here and right now, I dance with a goddess in my eyes;
You tilt your head back, and your hair becomes a gloriously flowing waterfall;
I love you; you move me deeply — without saying anything at all.

Beauty of Her Being

She stands there, heartbroken,
but with resolve to move on and flourish again.
In silent reflection, her heart calls to heaven
for a true love to send.
She had forgotten to love herself,
so to herself she made amends,
promising to never neglect her heart again.
Until she finds him,
she will be restored in the light of healing in the interim.
Like flowers in spring with vibrant colors blooming—
The beauty of her being is stunning;
in her cogitation, she has found
that she was created in divine perfection,
and her faults make her human.
She will love again.
She is determined.

Oh Cruel Love

You hold the pieces of my heart in your hands
and before the world, you cruelly display me.
The looks, the rumors, and the whispers—
come from people we know mutually.
My soul holds onto the love,
the nights of intimacy, and all that used to be;
I curse myself under my breath,
for my own foolish heart betrays me.
I blow kisses to your pictures,
and again, I am at your mercy.