As the darkness closes in I scream out in resolved subversiveness; the will of my spirit echoes throughout the earth and scorches the bottom of the heavens. The angels hear the agony and torture of my silent cries. A dove flies overhead and keenly searches my soul; she sees my pain and lands on my shoulder with a beautiful white gardenia. I inhale deeply as I savor the perfume of the flower; the light inside me is again rekindled. 

Peaceful Memories


Peaceful memories, wrap me in warmth and calm my thoughts; send me to a place of tranquility and love; infuse my mind with fond memories of my childhood, and let me see my mother’s face glowing in light. Kiss me with the kisses of solitude; hold me in the darkness of night; be my guiding light in dark and stormy seas. Shower me with feelings of love, and deep emotions; bring me back to that place of safety that sheltered me from the storm. Revive memories of laughter, and of those wonderful nights in the summer. Cover me in a warm blanket of peace, and bring happiness into my dreams; take me to the places of endless cherry blossom trees and vast lavender fields; let me float atop lush greenery in the sunshine, and remember all the beautiful and wondrous times. Let peacefulness and joy enter into my heart, and circulate through my bloodstream. Peaceful memories, please let me touch Polaris, in a late summer’s dream.


Raindrops fall on me;
Awaken my spirit,
And set me free;
Wash away my inhibitions,
And fear;
Wash away my sorrows
And despair;
I will close my eyes,
And shed joyous tears;
I will lift up my hands 
To the heavens,
And say a silent prayer;
Let the rain fall on me;
Let it drench me in the waters
Of healing and light;

Let it replenish my body,
And give my parched soul delight.
O most beautiful sky,
You have looked down upon me;
You have seen my sorrowful heart,
And witnessed my pain;
Now you cry for me,
And you have sent me your love
In the form of  your wondrous rain.


Deep inhalation. Clean air. Eyes closed. A brief moment of meditation. Tranquility and peace. The calmness of exhalation, and the harmony of body and spirit. The transcendence of negative energy, and the feeling of other worldliness. An ethereal undertone; a celestial vibe. A heavenly vision. The letting go of heavy burdens; an air of relaxation never felt before; an aura of exuberance. A feeling of love. A wave of euphoria. A rush of ecstasy. An immersion in the warm waters of healing; bathing in light, and riding on the waves of life. Always hopeful. The overcoming of fear. The beauty in all of us. The wiping away of tears; the warmness in our hearts; the empathy in us.

The love we have. The smiling. The inner glow. The outer radiance; flowers in bloom; sun shining, and children playing. Joyfulness and gorgeous memories; the soundtrack of our lives. The music in our bones, and the beat of our hearts. The quiet reflection, and the precious moments; the pouring out of emotion, and the patience. The giving of ourselves; warmth, affection, intense intimacy, deep feelings, and the beautiful sentiments we share. The life in us. Our Resilience, and our silent prayers. The hope for tomorrow; an invigoration of our bodies. A renewal of our minds. An awakening within us. Close your eyes; breath in deeply. Be still . . . exhale slowly.

Weary Hearts

Weary hearts continue on their long journey of sorrow. Some have experienced happiness before and some have never had happiness or a moment’s peace. They are weary; they are so weary. They seek love and acceptance. They seek peace and solace. Their road has been one of pain and hurt. Tears and disappointment have been their existence. They float through life hiding their deep pain and hurt. They have been lied to, abused, taken for granted, hurt, used, and have been unloved. If only they could find a place of warmth and love; if only they could find tranquility and joy. They hide behind forced smiles and happy faces. They hide behind their careers and seemingly happy families.

Some hide behind nothing, for they have nothing to hide behind; they live in poverty and blight. How long can these weary hearts go on without failing? The tears roll down in streams when they can no longer bear it. Their wailing reverberates throughout galaxies; throughout space and time. Some sit in dark and quiet rooms, and are drowned in their suffering. Who will care for these hearts who have walked the long road of suffering? Who will love the unloved and abused? Who will shield them from the cold and darkness of the world? Oh those precious children whose hearts are filled with pain each day, and the little ones who cannot speak for themselves. Who will fight for them? The abused kept in the dark who are repeatedly hurt and hurt again. Who will hear their plea?

O, weary hearts I will cry for you. I will think of your plight and pain in my every waking hour. I will dream of your redemption and your freedom from the chains of sorrow. I will pray to the heavenly Father and plead your cause. For you are deserving of love. You are deserving of peace and safety. You are a light in a dark world, and your light will vanquish the darkness. You will find love, and your long and weary journey will come to an end.  Weary hearts do not despair, for your time of joy and solace is nearly here. Let my words reach you in love and uplift your spirit.

Love and light to you.

Mother’s Light


Speak to me in my dreams –

And in my suffering look upon your son –

For day by day my afflictions increase

And wars are lost and won

I am in a desert without water –

And the sun scorches me unmercifully

Venomous snakes and ferocious beasts 

Stalk my every move, and at night they taunt me

Frightening noises reverberate throughout the darkness

As I hold a candle under a heavy cloak – 

I look upon your countenance

Mother you are truly beautiful

Only you can understand my silent suffering

You have looked down upon me from the other side –

And have witnessed my nights of pain

You have seen my tears and cried

Mother – I have seen violence

I have seen poverty

I have seen despair

I have seen pain

Through it all 

I have carried you in my heart –

And In a world that’s dark

I have kept your flame