The Gathering (Part 2)

You who suffer, you who are misunderstood,
and you who were unloved since childhood—
gather your hearts together, for there is comfort in unity, and a shelter.
Cry no more, for the abandonment of your fathers
or for the death of your beautiful mothers,
but let the soul that is within you,
strengthen you and strengthen others.
Raise your swords ye valiant men and women,
and with your battle cry, cut through the darkness;
spare nothing, and do not be merciful,
lest the darkness recovers in the void
and comes back to attack you in your slumber.
All ye mighty generals, that conquered and died in battle
lend us your resolute hearts,
that we may raise our banners of war in silent march.
We will carry on, even in the bitter cold of winter,
until the darkness is slayed and our swords rest upon its cursed grave—
but if there is nothing left of us, ye who come after us,
with our swords and armor bury us—
but do not weep for us when our bones return to dust.
Gather up your own hearts, sharpen your swords,
and let not there be frailty in the arms that wield the bow
or in the resonance of your words.
Before warfare, test the worthiness of your armor,
and in battle, strike your enemy with violent anger,
searing even the sinew, to strike down the darkness
that would steal your happiness
and snatch the light that is within you.


In weeping and torment love is the only reprieve;
The heart is heavy with sorrow,
But a simple kiss allows the soul to breath.
If only for a few minutes there is beautiful stillness,
Wrapped in sweet caress.
In a passionate kiss there falls a calmness,
That words could never express.
It is the cure for unending agony and loneliness.
Love, it is the medicine that overcomes deep sadness
And floods warm light into cold perpetual darkness.

Depths of Sorrow

There is a time
In life we know,
The depths of pain
When sorrows flow;

Inside my mind
Is where you’ll find
Where fires burn,
And billows blow;

I’d found a dream
In blessed light,
Till darkness robbed me
In the night;

It pulls me down;
It pulls me down;
With cruel intent,
And silent sound.