Lady of The Night (The Allure)


A lady of the night. Extremely beautiful and calculating. Her heart is as cold as a Siberian winter. So many men have encountered her, only to witness their own destruction. Their souls gone forever, never to return. Her beauty is uncanny. She is always draped in the finest materials. Her nails are manicured to perfection. Her skin is radiant and beautiful; her face gorgeous and alluring. Her hair is long, conditioned, and wonderfully curled. Her selection of perfumes are a rare and irresistible pleasure. Her eyes are captivating and she has hypnotized many men with her gaze. Her lips are inviting and adorned in the most complimentary of colors and glosses. The tone of her voice is soft spoken.

No one really knew her story or background, only the rumors that were whispered in dark corners by men and women who had come to know of her endeavors. It was said that she was a lady of the night who took the souls of men; it was conveyed that she was irresistible and many men fell by the wayside after dealings with her. Rumor had it that she left many powerful men in financial ruin and made addicts of men. Addicts of her attention. Addicts of her sexual prowess. Addicts of her perceived love, and her powerful attraction. Still, many men pursue her to no end, as caution is thrown to the wind and reckless passion abounds. What they wouldn’t give for a night of lustful desires fulfilled where nothing is of limits. A night of excitement with a beautiful woman of her skill and talent. Only once have I spotted her; one glimpse of her was enough to invigorate my wildest and most lustful imaginations.

Without a word spoken she had mesmerized me. Incredible. She disappeared like a ghost before my eyes and I never saw her again. I shuddered at the thought of being totally captivated by her. The fate I would no doubt suffer if I was caught in her alluring web. My brief hypnosis wore off and I came back to reality. Still the curiosity in me needs to know her story. I want to know the reasons her heart is so cold. How she came to acquire her skills and prowess. The story of her upbringing. At least a name?

She Sleeps


Tonight I hold her. Tonight I kiss her. I keep her warm, and secure. Tonight I reflect on how we met and how happy we are together; tonight I cater to her. I bathe and caress her soft skin with the finest oils. Her favorite aromas and perfumes are selected. Tonight I massage her from head to toe. She is relaxed mentally and physically. Tranquility fills the room as light music is played. White silk against her beautiful skin is amazing. Her long hair is brushed back, and reveals the beauty and radiance of her face. I can’t help but to stroke her face and kiss her. As I draw her closer to me, there is an unexplained feeling within me, a deep feeling of love for her. This kind of love can’t be broken. I am in tune with her mind and body. I am in tune with her spirit. We are one. I have eyes only for her and she has eyes only for me. Arguments are left behind. Strife and anger are left behind. We transcend. We move forward in love and loyalty. It’s late now, and in my arms my angel falls asleep. Peacefully, she sleeps.

My Love


My love, we have come together as one. We have solidified our bond of love. Today, let us forget the world and express ourselves in deep intimacy. Let us renew our vows of love to each other and spend the day in service to one another. You are mine and I am yours. You are the woman of my dreams and I will forever be thankful for you. The heavens know my feelings for you, my lady. We will keep our secrets of love between us; you have the key to my heart as I have the key to yours. My eyes have no longing to gaze upon any other but you, and only you. Your joyous laughter invigorates my spirit. I love you with a love that is unexplainable in words. Our spirits intertwine in divine devotion. There is no life without you. We hold each other tightly in warmth and say a silent prayer in each others arms. Tears of joy flow from our eyes as we recount our days and nights together in love and harmony. My love, you are the light of my life. We face the world together. You have comforted me on long days and stormy nights. I lay my head on your lap as you sing me a beautiful song of comfort. You temper me with your soft caress and calm the restless spirit within me. You speak to me even in silence and you love me. I am immersed in your love and kindness. Your virtue is a blessing to me. I love you. You are my morning prayer. You are my life.

Divine Lady


Welcome to my warmth. I promise to love and protect you always. I promise to be a rock in deep dark seas; a place of escape and healing. I will love you to the end of time. Our legacy of love will live on and fill the pages of history with the stories of our courtship and love. I love you with such feeling that tears could not fathom. I adore you. You had come to me like a dream in the dawning of the day; the sun rising in the heavens above me, signaling the beginning of our love. The moonlight illuminating you with such passion and depth, that my soul cried out inside me. Your face a wondrous pleasure in beautiful splendor.

My god, your beauty electrified me as I gazed upon you in trance like state. My love, your beauty is unparalleled and comparable to nothing in this world. Where can I find the words to say to you? Your inner light is bright and you pull me in with your words of love and encouragement. Oh, how wonderful to have a woman so endearing; so kind; so giving of herself! Your warmth and tenderness touch me at depths not found in the deepest of oceans. You embrace me and kiss me in the darkness of night. It is a comfort that is indescribable; a sweet song, soothing with every verse and stanza.

Darling, please sing to me again; sing me a lovely song in soprano, and after whisper in my ears a passionate love story of two people who came together, and found love in each others arms. I have been longing for you my wife; the days are so long when you are not near me. Without you, I am but a man on a long and lonely road, lost in a desert in search of water to quench my thirst and revive me once again. I will hold you in my arms for a lifetime my love. I will sing to you the lyrics of our love; a dream fulfilled as fate would have it.

Oh, what wonderful things we have found in each other! A love and bond that could never be broken or torn asunder! My only proclamation is to love you forever my divine lady. For I have vowed a vow and declared to the earth and the galaxies great deep and personal feelings for you. I have whispered it to the moon and the stars, and I have sung it to the streams and valleys. I love her; I love her. Divine Lady, I’ll love you always.