I Wept

Four walls keep silent the narrative that I utter in whispery tones. I hold onto the remnants of her aura with longing for what was. Gold hoop earrings rest on my nightstand; the brush for which she groomed her hair lay somewhere strewn with long black strands. There was a time when I was not so filled with sentiment — there was a time when anger and indifference were absolutely prominent, but it was that evening that I kissed the place where she slept, and I wept. I unreservedly wept.

Crotchless White Lace

White lace drapes beautifully over smooth
wonderfully fragranced, moisturized sensuality.
It holds two lips in its embrace tightly;
Wet flesh peeks through its intimate opening
not so subtly, visually, pleasing aesthetically.
It is usually worn with heels and a lace plunge babydoll,
in a combination that enthralls sexually.
They are panties that do not need to be removed
for oral or penetrative pleasure in the heights of ecstasy.
From behind, what lies in-between white lace, protrudes
beautifully and even more prominently —
leading to a wet picturesque magnificent entry.

Intimate Questions

If I love with everything within me again, will again my heart be broken?
Should I even recall the pain that deeply wounded me, or should it remain unspoken?
If I love again, should I love cautiously or with reckless abandon?
My intricacies are a part of me, but will I be granted understanding?
For three seasons, there was beautiful intimacy, but should I hold her in my memories?
Does my heart betray me when I say her name inadvertently?
With so many past lovers, why would my soul hold onto to her so tightly?
Should I be angry with my own heart because it loves so deeply?
Should I have ignored her betrayal because she kissed so sweetly?
Did I truly know the depths of her, or was I blinded by her beauty?
In the height of our intimacy what were the words that she whispered to me?
Is not the foremost appeal of a seductress her sensual mystery?
Do I weep for myself, or do I weep for her because of the mistrust and anguish she carried?

Essence of You

That I would awake you at 4 am
Just to touch you and breathe again;
That I would hold you lovingly
And kiss you like the world was 
sixty seconds from its end.
That I would revere you
Like a precious relic long preserved 
And unblemished.
That I would whisper to you
Beautiful words from my heart
That are true and pure;
That I would look into your eyes 
And tell you it is you that I adore.
That I would run my fingers through you hair
and marvel at the gorgeous creation that you are;
That I would inhale you in last breaths
And proclaim my undying love
Even in the throes of death.
That I would take a piece of you with me
Until we are again united in empyrean glory.
That archangels in the vast heavens
With golden pens in giant books, 
Would write our story.
That I would never be afraid to
Tell you that I need you, and can’t live without you;
That I would tell you I love you,
And you say, I love you too.
That even the shadow of your contour against the wall
Would cause the earth to quake
And the skies to fall.
That I would bask in the healing light of your aura;
That your ethereal nature would be sensed 
Even in your whispers.

Forever and Always

I gave all of myself to you. I gave you my doubt, my fears, my tears, my love, my joy, my desires, my secrets, and my passion. Sometimes I was hard to understand and there were times I wanted to be alone, but you were patient and you didn’t give up on me. You didn’t give up on us. You mean the world to me and I love you. You’re a gorgeous woman with a soft feminine touch. I remember the restless nights I couldn’t sleep and you calmed me; the days I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and you would kiss me and tell me you love me. You understand me more than any other woman. You have a deep understanding of me as a person; of my life and what I’ve been through. Your value to me is worth more than gold and diamonds.

You are a blessing to me; a true woman of strength and love. I consider myself blessed to have you in my life. Many men desire you, but you chose me. The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew I wanted you to be mine. Your beauty captivated me and I couldn’t turn away. I knew in my heart If I hadn’t approached you that very minute, I would have cursed myself for being cowardly, and you would have run through my mind for an eternity. The allure of your voice enticed me to be more straightforward  than usual, and I told you directly that you would be mine and I needed to know more about you. With an air of skepticism you listened, but you were gracious enough to indulge my boyish enthusiasm.

I found a comfort in you; a compassionate and reserved woman, you were easy to talk to and very well spoken. I was intrigued by your knowledge and profound wisdom. My lustful eyes also gazed at your attire that conformed to your shape; your open toe heels and coach glasses were seductive; your perfect lipstick and bright eyes appealed to me, but I hadn’t yet found the depths of you. I hadn’t explored your love, your patience, or your mannerisms. Oh, you are so much more than any external beauty could reveal. In our many days and nights of talking, we confided in each other. I told you things I had never told anyone before. There was a natural easiness in our conversations. I felt like I had discovered an undiscovered jewel that had been overlooked by so many men, because they were so fixated on just your physical attributes. Yes, you attracted me physically, but I wanted and needed to know you much more intimately.

I was interested in the depths of your mind; the experiences you had been through and what moved you. Those intimate moments of our devotion made me feel like a new man. I realized that I had found something special. A diamond; something rare and beautiful, and I found it in you. For the first time I let out all of my thoughts and secrets, and I knew in my heart you would never betray my trust. We spoke of things, deep and profound; we confided in each other and formed an unbreakable bond. The first time we made love, it was deep and intense; Our souls connected on higher heights of intimacy.  We have a deep love and affection for each other. Our love and commitment will endure, forever and always.