Memories Weep

When love is no more, and the rings that symbolize eternal vows are taken off, the weeping of tears come and the deep pain of constant reflection of what was, and what could have been, if only. Two lovers who loved each other are left decimated and lonely. Tears fall on a beautiful white veil that was worn in a wonderful ceremony of which there were close friends in attendance and family. Possessions are moved out, and the home which was shared becomes empty, save a few wedding pictures in broken glass frames that become shattered memories of love, affection, trust, intimacy and ecstasy.


The Third Release

Lend me your heart so I can feel what you feel, and kiss me deeply so I can inhale the air you breathe; tell me without fear your deepest desires and the ways you want to be pleased. Infuse my mouth with the essence of your wetness so that I can enjoy the delightful taste of you after you leave. When you pleasure yourself in private ecstasy, think about me, and touch yourself slowly; start by rubbing your nipples then pinching them lightly — after a few minutes, pinch them firmly to increase the sensitivity. If you want me to listen to your euphoric moans, call me in the throes of your ecstasy. Put on your satin blindfold and the black stilettos that you know excite me; just before your third release, whisper, fuck me, then say my name loudly. If you want to extend the pleasure, position yourself in doggy, then spank your ass as if you were being fucked roughly. To again release intensely, skillfully place your left hand against your headboard, and with the other, allow your vibrator to please your clit perfectly.

Loving Expressions

Lovers frolic together in the place that they first met each other; they have loved each other for many summers and will love each other forever. She still entices his fire with seductive whispers, and he still pleases her with much passion and vigor. He kisses her and gently strokes her hair that is silver, then, tells her lovingly that she is his woman forever, and that she is beautiful and he wants no other.

Perfume on Satin

There is no greater a pleasure than in pleasing her. She moans beautifully when his tongue flickers with perfect pressure. She loves tasting her own ecstasy from the length of his fingers. Deep breathing always intensifies, when fully erect girth enters and the body starts to shudder. Wonderful chemistry is the poetry of lovers. Classic French perfume on satin is the euphoria that lingers. Elegance exudes with diamond earrings left on a beautiful antique dresser. Her eyes are almond, and her hair, long and dark with a silky texture. Two Sagittarius fires burn bright together. They so badly want each other, that they may fuck again in the shower, not even five minutes after the last dose of euphoria was over. Still, her perfume lingers on black satin covers. Excellently pedicured deep pink colored toes against a black satin backdrop caused her lover’s mouth to water; before he arrived at the place of her wet ecstasy, slowly, he sucked her toes passionately and thoroughly. Her perfume so intensifies the emotions of his ecstasy. With neck kisses, he experiences bliss as he inhales the scent of her deeply — liquid perfume and perfumed body powder is but a small portion of her feminine secrecy. Classic French perfume pervades black satin perfectly. 

When I am no longer, throw roses on peaceful waters where beautiful Willows weep and where fireflies illuminate evening summers with slightly cool temperatures, then blow me impassioned kisses, listening closely for the echoes of my still loving whispers.

Let fallen tears on paper be my most read love letter. Read intently the sincerity between the lines as if the world was ending, and I was in my final hour. The tears that permeate white paper are more significant, poignant and telling than anything that I can communicate through writing. You are the purpose of my breathing; you are the perfume of flowers on summer evenings; You are my love; you are my everything. You are the bursting of the dawn after a long night that causes birds to sing. You are the profoundly romantic poems of intimate whisperings. You are what I hold onto when everything around me falls apart; I love you — you are the life within me; you are my world; you are my heart.

You are a beautiful verse written with love and echoed in eternal whispers. The beginning of you causes the heart to be exceedingly joyful. The ending, something like perpetual rose petals in various colors falling on the wings of sleeping archangels.

Intimate Darkness

Let me see you through my hands and not my eyes. Let me feel the beat of your heart and listen intently as if I were blind. Whisper to me sweetly and tell me with passion that you are mine. Allow me to caress your face and make a wondrous find. Lead me to the places that you want me to be — be my loving guide. Let me taste your most secret places; let me feel the pleasurable spasms of gratification on the tip of my tongue. Give my ears the pleasure of heavy breathing and the utterances of erotic whisperings. Ride my erect hardness with beautiful moans in intimate darkness. After, let us switch positions so I can pull your hair with the pleasure of primal vigor. Say to me loudly, Fuck me harder, so your words can further inspire my erotic fire. Suck my fingers — let me feel the softness of your tongue and lips — then guide those fingers to penetrate and rub the source of your drenched wetness. Tell me in lustful tones to rub and tease the sensitivity of your breasts. Turn around in reverse cowgirl; savor the pleasure of my girth and length. Ride me hard until there is nothing left but echoes of loud release, sweat and deep breaths. Let my hands be my eyes. Let my eyes see true beauty and unrestrained ecstasy. when I am inside you, tell me that you love me. Whisper to me the most lascivious wants of your sexual desires in the privacy of dark intimacy.

Beautiful Flower

How sweet the nectar of euphoria that comes from the drenched erogenous flower that first quivers with uninhibited pleasure on the tip of the tongue, then explodes shortly after, in congruence with a concupiscent whisper of — I’m going to cum, babe, suck my clit harder, and fuck me faster with your fingers.

Every affectionate thought is steeped in the essence of you. Every loving motion, beautifully intentional. Every kiss given, wonderfully sensual. Every word written, sentimental. Every intimate moment, ethereal. Every strand of your hair, essential. Every selfless act, amazingly spiritual. Every whisper uttered, deeply personal. Every sexual position, profoundly passional. Every tear that falls is joyful. Every time we hold each other in silence it is transcendental. Every time we go to sleep together it is peaceful. Every fiber of your being is incredible. Every letter of your utterances are delightful. Every time I tenderly caress your face I feel we’re so inseparable. Every time we divinely commune with each other, we reach another celestial level.