The Chair

The chair, where pleasure takes place;
Where each other, they passionately kiss,
And where each other, they teasingly taste.
Where he sits, and she on top of him,
With his strong hands around her waist;
Where he guides her up, and then down on him
Again and again, in a sensual rhythm
Until she screams in transcendent climax
From the measured strokes of his depths;
his hands, lips, and tongue teasing
The erect nipples of her aroused breasts.
Where she moans, as she is immersed in
Constant waves of orgasms, on the the tips of her toes,
As if climbing unending erogenous steps.
Where she likes to ride reverse cowgirl
In an erotic trance with her hair down,
And sometimes, likes to turn herself to the side,
So she can feel him inside, as she looks into his eyes.
The chair, where they express the intimate
Poetry of their hearts without fear;
and he whispers sensual words to her,
While from behind, he pulls her hair.

Take Me

The most fragile parts of me I reveal to you openly.
Without fear, I shine light on the secrecy of my vulnerabilities,
Letting go, and giving you the most intimate parts of me, willingly.
See me in my sincerity, and take me into your heart lovingly—
For I am a man of strength, devotion, and intimacy
Who has survived the bitter cold of tragedy and has loved deeply;
The seasons pass by — and many tears I have cried silently.
If you receive me, receive me completely, in my joy; in my agony.

Erotic Recollections

Her memory takes her back
to a long fulfilled fantasy.
She had waited for so long,
but then her secret desire, happened finally.
On that particular day,
the weather was stormy;
she walked in, wearing
seductive heels as she
made her way to her room,
passing through the hotel lobby.
Concealed, under her belted
cream colored trench coat—
were black lace thong panties,
a matching black lace bra,
and a silk black teddy.
With excitement,
she got herself ready;
the anticipation, causing her
to be wet with intensity.
If walls could tell the story
of what they see,
it would not be only two
engaged in the heights
of euphoria and ecstasy,
but there would be three.
The erotic positions of
her fantasy were incredible;
The feelings and sounds
of unadulterated pleasure,

Unending Ecstasy

In her surrender, she found unparalleled pleasure.
The words that are said in the most intense moments
are conveyed through sensual whispers and are remembered after.
The fervor of her drive, is like an erotic book with unending chapters;
the usual monotonous positions are left behind in their euphoric discovery,
as they both transcend to higher heights of intimacy and ecstasy.
The expressions of her eroticism were the fulfillment of a long held fantasy.
The passion of their interaction could never be duplicated;
every session, is like a salacious entry written secretly in a personal diary—
unique in its exitance, untamed, erotogenic, and fiery.
Her open toe heels, and black silk romper teddy are beautiful simplicity,
yet sexually appealing — highlighting the essence of her femininity.
The importance of foreplay is not missed,
in the sexually stimulating places that he is so enthusiastic to kiss—
She cannot hide her true desires that are revealed in her wetness;
the closing of her eyes, and her sensual sighs, tell him to keep going.
In pleasing her, he is also pleasing himself, in his undying yearning.
Her hips move in a rhythmic circular motion
that cause unselfconscious orgasms and uncontrollable screaming;
In the heat of passion, it is deep inside her that she feels him—
She kisses him again, deeply, to make sure she is not dreaming.

Euphoric Surrender

She gives in to pleasure,
Taken by the passion of his kisses
And the depth of his measure.
She knows that he wants her,
Driving the instincts of his primal stamina
With every provocative word that she whispers.
She closes her eyes, releasing all of her;
Wildly, reverberating sounds of rapture,
In euphoric erotic surrender.

Amorous Dreams

Erotic dreams drive her to the edge of a new awakening;
In both her subconscious and conscious mind,
She finds herself fantasizing about him.
He pleases her thoroughly, sparing nothing.
She screams loudly, allowing herself to let go;
After the third wave of sensual shudders,
All inhibitions are thrown out of the window.
She kisses him wildly, whispering utterances
Of lustful desires long held back and suppressed in her psyche.
Touching a transcendent wave of pleasure,
She cannot express through words the feelings of her measure;
Deep breaths and closed eyes are all she can give.
Every moment is savored and mentally recorded.
Her bodily reactions to ecstasy become involuntary,
And she is totally wrapped in passionate intimacy.
Waiting for the next waves to come,
Again and again, she holds onto him and breathes deeply.
With every deep breath, he finds the hedonistic secrets of her depths,
And he gives of himself, until there is nothing left.

Lovers in Spring

Through open windows, curtains move to and fro
as if dancing in rhythm to the music of spring breezes.
Intimate moments are uncovered by the morning sunshine
that illuminates two lovers in-between glimpses.
Inside, there are tender kisses, tears of joyous crying,
and the erotic secrets of sensual whisperings.

Impassioned Elucidations

Created in divinity, she is much more than beauty
but the embodiment of a mystical mystery that the eyes can’t see.
To touch her essence, you must love her unconditionally.
To reach her depths, you must draw out her whispers of long held secrecy.
There must be an ethereal intimacy that bonds the souls together;
In sincerity, you must whisper sweet words to her heart to find her treasure.
In her, there is a transcendent quietness that brings peace
and a supreme love that break the chains of inhibition that causes release.
She is immersed in divinity, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet.
The warmth of her love, causes joyous tears and peaceful sleep.
In passionate kisses, the taste of her lips are sweet;
The strands of her hair, are like celestial waterfalls where angels meet.