They couldn’t see the beauty in you,
but you are beautiful.
They couldn’t sense the strength in you,
but you have overcome.
They couldn’t see the light in you,
but you shine like the sun.
They couldn’t reach the depths of you,
because their souls are shallow.
They could never love you,
because their hearts are hollow.

Purple Passion

Purple passion flows through euphoric veins
after being deeply inhaled willingly into the bloodstream;
The body submits to the enraptured infusion
in eagerness to take away the pain that eyes cannot see.
Heavy breaths, in-between sensual screams
denote the intensity with every slight touch she feels.
Pleasure flows, like a perpetually spinning wheel.
Purple lips passionately kiss — stimulating desire;
Red and blue fires come together, enticing one another.
A purple moon rests in a purple sky,
over purple oceans, where purple birds fly;
After intense intimacy in purple lights,

on purple silk, purple tears are cried.

A Cry to Heaven

Heaven, please let the children dance again;

Let the hearts of tearful widows mend;

Restore breath to the lifeless and joy to the broken;

Let victims release their pain, through utterances of the once unspoken;

Let the deeply wounded begin their healing;

Let the numb immerse themselves in wonderful feelings;

Let the unloved find love through kisses and intimate gestures;

Let the motherless children of deceased mothers
hold them once again — and hear their whispers.

If Only You Knew

How beautiful you are in my eyes.
If only you knew that I see past
what others may think about you;
If only you knew that I see much
more than your physical attributes;
If only you knew your own value;
If only you knew that I refuse
to give up on you;
If only you knew that in the safety of my arms
I want to wrap you;
If you could only see through
my eyes what I see in you;
If only I could take away
the depths of pain in you;
You glow in my heart;
I see the diamond that is you.
When you walk by, they lust after you;
but in my soul I hold your heart—
and the essence of you.
I love you;
Your pain is my pain,
so until your heart is made whole,
I will weep for you.

Beautiful Release

For so long I held on,
my tightened grip—
a surety that I would not slip.
You came and held onto me as I wept,
and talked to me with love,
through gentle breaths.
To convince me to release,
you guided me step by step;
in my apprehension
I feared my descension,
but you promised to be my protection.
The torment of my soul
was my vulnerability,
still, I closed my eyes and let go;
you caught me,
and I finally breathed deeply.
In my descent into your loving arms, I fell freely.
In my release, you became my peace.
I kept falling—
and love is what I fell in.