Joyous Tears

Kiss me in the moonlight;
Let me drink of your valley stream;
Adorn me in your endless love,
And wrap me in a dream;
Take all of me with you my love, 
For I long for you each day;
Kiss me passionately with your sweet lips,
And take my fears and troubles away;
You are my angel and I love you with a love
That can’t be fathomed or explained;
You came to me at my lowest point,
In the darkness and the rain;
My pain, my joy, my struggle, and my sorrow
You have witnessed through the years;
Your love and understanding of my heart,
Is why I cry joyous tears.

Weary Hearts

Weary hearts continue on their long journey of sorrow. Some have experienced happiness before and some have never had happiness or a moment’s peace. They are weary; they are so weary. They seek love and acceptance. They seek peace and solace. Their road has been one of pain and hurt. Tears and disappointment have been their existence. They float through life hiding their deep pain and hurt. They have been lied to, abused, taken for granted, hurt, used, and have been unloved. If only they could find a place of warmth and love; if only they could find tranquility and joy. They hide behind forced smiles and happy faces. They hide behind their careers and seemingly happy families.

Some hide behind nothing, for they have nothing to hide behind; they live in poverty and blight. How long can these weary hearts go on without failing? The tears roll down in streams when they can no longer bear it. Their wailing reverberates throughout galaxies; throughout space and time. Some sit in dark and quiet rooms, and are drowned in their suffering. Who will care for these hearts who have walked the long road of suffering? Who will love the unloved and abused? Who will shield them from the cold and darkness of the world? Oh those precious children whose hearts are filled with pain each day, and the little ones who cannot speak for themselves. Who will fight for them? The abused kept in the dark who are repeatedly hurt and hurt again. Who will hear their plea?

O, weary hearts I will cry for you. I will think of your plight and pain in my every waking hour. I will dream of your redemption and your freedom from the chains of sorrow. I will pray to the heavenly Father and plead your cause. For you are deserving of love. You are deserving of peace and safety. You are a light in a dark world, and your light will vanquish the darkness. You will find love, and your long and weary journey will come to an end.  Weary hearts do not despair, for your time of joy and solace is nearly here. Let my words reach you in love and uplift your spirit.

Love and light to you.