Timeless Love

She is intertwined in every fiber of his being;
He hears her name whispered in the wind,
and her aura permeates in the in-between.
Their levels of intimacy are ethereal and unseen.
On the night they wept together — they became one,
a true marriage without vain symbols valued in the cost of a rings.
It was the coming together of two divine beings;
A true union, where upon the chambers of the heart, vows are written.
Where the promises of words in truth are spoken;
Where the fire of sensuality remains and attraction never wanes.
The fire of their love will never change,
Even when the hair turns grey in old age;
Even when the last breaths are taken,
they will find each other when they cross over
and are again awakened in the halls of their fathers.
Eternally together. Eternal lovers.

Abbreviations of the Heart

You speak to me through abbreviations of the heart:
a light kiss; the brush of your hand against my wrist;
the way you gaze at me when you take your hair down;
your loving whispers to me when I’m down.
Confessions of the heart don’t have to be long —
in short form, I understand.
Through the falling of my joyous tears,
I tell you I love you, again and again.


A dream is realized, every time I stare into your beautiful eyes.
I have looked into your soul, and I have seen your salient cries;
Soft and emotional kisses are given as I wipe the tears away from your eyes.
I will hold you in my arms for an eternity, 
And I will love you endlessly under the starlit skies.

Broken Hearts of Love

I come to you broken;
I come to you unloved:
I come to you with tears
But I come with a heart of love;
Please look past my faults,
And see my wounded soul;
Extend your precious love to me,
And make me whole;
Explore the depths of me,
And see my heart of gold;
Take me into your warmth,
And bring me out of the cold.


You left me, but you took a piece of my heart and soul with you;
Remember me as the man who always loved you;
Remember my vulnerabilities that I openly showed you;
Remember the nights that we comforted each other and cried together;
Remember your promise to always love me forever. 

Hearts of Passion


My heart speaks to me. Love infuses me. Let me hold you closely. A passionate kiss is given; I look into your eyes and we share our thoughts without words being spoken. I love you with such heartfelt emotion; I love you with deep feelings hidden inside me that only you have discovered. I have dreamed of these days, and I have longed for these moments. My love, let us commune with each other in divine union. Light my spirit with your flames of love, and stimulate my body with passion; awaken my subconscious mind with beautiful dreams, and gorgeous thoughts of  you that are lasting. Let us walk slowly together hand in hand into peaceful rivers and kiss passionately, holding each other tightly, as our skin glistens brightly under the soft rays of the moonlight. Let us make impassioned love, and then slow dance in the dusk of the twilight. At midnight I will recite to you a poem of  love and intense emotions while you are asleep, and hope it floats into your subconscious, and rests in your heart. I will kiss your sweet lips once again my lady, as we vow to each other, that we will never be apart.