Eternal Flower

She was a seedling that grew into a beautiful flower;
Born in December, she amazingly bloomed in the winter.
Her petals are bruised because she’s been hurt many times before,
But now she is lovingly watered — and under healing sunlight,
Rich and nurturing soil her long strong roots explore.
With vitriol, some call her whore — but their
Taunts trouble her beautiful and wondrous soul no more.
Radiantly, she towers over them with protective thorns on her stem;
They could never dare to even attempt to hold her ever again.
Beautiful rain falls on her delicate petals, and she is gorgeous.
They revile her publicly, but secretly they are jealous;
They boil in their anger because they could never have her.
Her glory is heavenly — radiantly, she blooms endlessly.

Aura of Her

She meditates in darkness

Bathed in feminine softness

Bearing the contours of a sensual goddess

The aesthetic mystery of her body
is just the surface

Her soul is beautiful and perfect in its purpose

Her voice is like many peaceful streams
and summer sunlight glistening on the surface
of calm rivers


You cover me, like freshly laundered white linen
over varnished rosewood tables;

You cover me, like an abandoned child
protected under the mighty hands of the archangels;

You cover me, like a black veil over the face of
a grieving widow in agony, with the residue of pain
that was left behind silently on her pillows;

You cover me, like shade from the heat of the sun
under the tears of a weeping willow;

You cover me, like the broad wings of the Harpy Eagle
diligently hovering over her young;

You cover me, like the ozone layer over the earth,
protecting her from the sun;

You cover me, like a newborn
under the doting eyes of his mother’s embrace;

You cover me, every time you wipe away my tears
and gently kiss my face.


Two horses stand still in deafening silence. They begin a slow walk as the carriage of the fallen is drawn. A sea of black follows behind in solemn state. Sobbing can be heard as tears fall from sorrowful eyes. Black satin gloves and silk kerchiefs wipe the tears away. The walk is not long, but the anguish of separation is fully realized in those final moments. Hands are held and comfort is given. Behind dark shades and black veils, the streaming of tears is endless. The manifestation of sorrow in it’s rawest form causes the heart to break. The red and teary eyes of the sorrowful gaze off into the distance in trance like state. In silence, their hearts cry out to the heavens in search of solace and healing.  Doves are released; their whiteness is contrasted against the blueness of the sky. A red rose is thrown and a final prayer is whispered.


Raindrops fall on me;
Awaken my spirit,
And set me free;
Wash away my inhibitions,
And fear;
Wash away my sorrows
And despair;
I will close my eyes,
And shed joyous tears;
I will lift up my hands 
To the heavens,
And say a silent prayer;
Let the rain fall on me;
Let it drench me in the waters
Of healing and light;

Let it replenish my body,
And give my parched soul delight.
O most beautiful sky,
You have looked down upon me;
You have seen my sorrowful heart,
And witnessed my pain;
Now you cry for me,
And you have sent me your love
In the form of  your wondrous rain.

Essence in Light


In her moment of solitude she has found peace and light in her heart. The tranquility of her mind overtakes her, as her body is warmed by the feelings of love and happiness. She lifts her head to the sky to witness the glory of the heavens as she whispers a short prayer. Tears roll down her face as she releases her heavy burdens, and as the light flushes out the darkness. The yokes of iron that held her captive, and in sorrow have been broken. The hurt that she carried so long has been decimated and replaced with healing; a soothing balm of unconditional love, understanding and peace of mind has covered her. The deep scars of the past have disappeared, and the pain in her memory has been washed away. She has come home to her true self; she has recaptured her spirit; her essence is more precious than the most polished of the rarest metals and diamonds. She had always been a free spirit, but she had lost her way. Her bright light was dimmed by the people who had used her and had taken freely of her essence. Her spirit was like a trapped bird wailing in sorrow to be released into the air to fly once more, but they could never take the hope and the beauty inside of her. Her eyes have cried so many tears, and she has endured so much pain. Nights of anguish without any sleep as she sought rest, but could find only anxiety, as intrusive thoughts invaded her mind. The weariness of her body and of her mind were enough to make the angels cry. Her heart is a hidden gem and light exudes from her. No one can take of her energy any longer, for she bathes in light and her essence has overtaken her. Her spirit has been made whole again in divine healing and she is blessed. She walks in the wondrous nature of the earth with joyous laughter and her spirit is free. The sounds of the valley streams are calming as she drinks of the pure and cool water, reviving her soul once more.


Deep inhalation. Clean air. Eyes closed. A brief moment of meditation. Tranquility and peace. The calmness of exhalation, and the harmony of body and spirit. The transcendence of negative energy, and the feeling of other worldliness. An ethereal undertone; a celestial vibe. A heavenly vision. The letting go of heavy burdens; an air of relaxation never felt before; an aura of exuberance. A feeling of love. A wave of euphoria. A rush of ecstasy. An immersion in the warm waters of healing; bathing in light, and riding on the waves of life. Always hopeful. The overcoming of fear. The beauty in all of us. The wiping away of tears; the warmness in our hearts; the empathy in us.

The love we have. The smiling. The inner glow. The outer radiance; flowers in bloom; sun shining, and children playing. Joyfulness and gorgeous memories; the soundtrack of our lives. The music in our bones, and the beat of our hearts. The quiet reflection, and the precious moments; the pouring out of emotion, and the patience. The giving of ourselves; warmth, affection, intense intimacy, deep feelings, and the beautiful sentiments we share. The life in us. Our Resilience, and our silent prayers. The hope for tomorrow; an invigoration of our bodies. A renewal of our minds. An awakening within us. Close your eyes; breath in deeply. Be still . . . exhale slowly.

Ghosts of the Past

I have walked through the fires of affliction

I have swam the deep waters of despair

I have Flown in the winds of suffering

I have endured the storms of pain

I have survived the earthquakes of illness

I have overcome the avalanches of doubt

I have escaped the floods of misunderstanding 

I have conquered the tsunamis of betrayal

I still war with the ghosts of the past.

The Beauty In You

Homeless, down and out, but I see the beauty in you. Tattered clothes and deep pain in your eyes, but I see the beauty in you. Lost and forgotten, yet I see the beauty in you. Angry and confused, I see the beauty in you. Picked on and bullied; I see the beauty in you. Ostracized and laughed at; I see the beauty in you. Mentally ill and crying out for help; I see the beauty in you. Beat up by life and demoralized; I see the beauty in you. 

You’ve made the wrong decisions, but I see the beauty in you. Without hope or love, but there is so much beauty in you. Depressed and lonely; I see the beauty in you. Tired and working two jobs; I see the beauty in you. Worried about your future; I see the beauty in you. Misunderstood and rejected; I see the beauty in you. Abused as a child and trying to overcome the mental scarring; there is a light and beauty in you.

Wracked with fear; I see the beauty in you. Cold and hungry; I see the beauty in you. Born disabled and derided by many; I see the beauty in you. Confusing sex with love; I see the beauty in you. Thought he loved you, but he abused you; I see the beauty in you. Living on the streets with your children with nowhere to go; I see the beauty in you. Disrespected, laughed at and ridiculed by so many, there is a light and beauty in you. 

Crying in the dark and calling out to God; I see the beauty in you. Wanting more out of life; I see the beauty in you. Feel like giving up, but I see the beauty in you. Tears stream down your face and you cry aloud; I see the beauty in you. Your mother died and she was all you had; I see the beauty in you. Even as a child, there was always a light and a beauty in you. You’ve contemplated ending it all, but there is a bright light in you. Feel like the world is against you; I see the beauty in you. You just need to be held and loved; there is so much beauty in you.