Abbreviations of the Heart

You speak to me through abbreviations of the heart:
a light kiss; the brush of your hand against my wrist;
the way you gaze at me when you take your hair down;
your loving whispers to me when I’m down.
Confessions of the heart don’t have to be long —
in short form, I understand.
Through the falling of my joyous tears,
I tell you I love you, again and again.

Ethereal Beauty

Standing in front of the mirror,
for a long time, she stared at herself
and began to remove the facade—
slowly peeling off all of the layers;
at the foundation she made a breathtaking revelation
as she wept, beholding a being
that was a divine creation,
exuding magnificence and
angelic light with every breath.

3 AM Euphoria

The scent of her is so familiar;
A particularly wonderful French perfume
Gracefully sprayed over a matching vintage dusting powder.
Bath oils cause her soft skin to shimmer;
A deep inhale.

A passionate kiss.
Sweet words are spoken from passionate lips.
A seductive whisper;
The heart beats faster.
Another kiss,
Then 3 AM euphoria.