Delicate Petals

She is a flower who cried the day they threw her away,
but loving hands reached for her and placed her in water,
and nourished her, and deeply cared for her.
Her petals were bruised because she was misused,
and even with scars on her stem, she flourished
and found healing — under soft light, her beauty is revealing
of something delicate, transcendent, and heaven sent;
Joyous tears fall on her petals, and radiantly she blooms forever.
She is beautiful in the spring, fall, summer, and winter.

Elegant Petals

She is a purple hibiscus, radiant in her beauty and basking in her glory;
the morning dew is her crown, nurturing her through the warmth of the sun.
The wind blows against her, and her petals are lifted up like a spinning ballerina.
Love, is the rich soil in which she is firmly anchored.
In the celestial display of her colors, she is wondrous.
The aura of her, something ethereal—like angelic whispers.