Lili St. Cyr Pt. 2

In 1957, Lili St. Cyr sat down with Mike Wallace for an in-depth interview. I certainly consider Lily to be a woman ahead of her time in terms of her sentiment towards women’s freedom of sexual expression, the rampant hypocrisy of her time, her forward–thinking stance on marriage, the ugly side of showbusiness, religion, being brave enough to be honest about her own struggles with being a “striptease girl—” her finances, not particularly liking what she does as a profession, and the poignance in her answer regarding certain professions she respects as great contributions towards society in contrast to what she does for a living.

Her stances on life and her introspections are exceedingly surprising for her time and are an interesting comparison to the woman of the modern day era. Certainly, an intelligent and self-reflective woman — from some of the answers given in the interview, I would surmise that she did indeed greatly struggle internally with what she was famously or infamously known for, but at the same time, bucking against the sentiments of the larger populace in regards to what was deemed decent or indecent and breaking the restrictive norms of the oft portrayed “homely housewife” whose role was limited to being a child bearer, cook, cleaner, and voiceless human being within a sexually unfulfilling marriage.

I think women like Lily played an important role for the women of her era, who looked at her as not just a burlesque dancer or “striptease girl” but through eyes of admiration, for her refusal to bow down to the ridged sentiments and unjustly restrictive laws of her time. She was arrested on more than one occasion for “lewd behavior,” most likely from the very men that secretly were thrilled and entertained by her performances. Her outward beauty was undeniable, but her inward beauty was transcendent in my opinion. It would have been an honor to sit down and talk with her if she were alive today.

The interview:

Alessia’s Elegance

Her dripping elegance and subtle sensual elements are a commanding presence that shows a distinct feminine strength and unsurpassable confidence. She is well versed in politics, business, haute couture, literature, and world events. She enjoys frequent sex and kinkiness complete with black lace, ropes and whips — and she doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. She masturbates at least once a day; twice, if she has more time to play. Her two favorite vibrators are her best friends, and she has no inhibitions about using them. She is particular in who she selects in men, and she generally doesn’t keep other women as friends. She likes nice things, but she is still cognizant of what she spends. Daily, she turns down dogged pursuits by several men. She is a once divorced woman with no intention of ever getting married again. She is sexy, but to truly know her, is to hear the utterances of her heart and to discover the love she truly wants. She is sensual and desirable, but to sincerely converse with her, is to know her beauty on a transcendent level. Some disparage her with hurtful whispers and say things to others about her that are malicious; but still, she lives boldly, comfortable in the woman she is, stepping flawlessly in six inch stiletto heels, and radiant in the light of her spirit that her gorgeous smile reveals.

Morning Longing

She longs for him in the morning, wanting to be stretched by every inch of him.
Sucking her fingers, she wishes she was sucking the length of his thickness.
Her other fingers find the throbbing source of her profuse wetness—
Maybe if she says his name three times he will appear, to fuck her hard and pull her hair.
Though she is disappointed that he is not there, she can call him so he can hear;
Her fingers move vigorously under black lace as she thinks about how she rode his face.
She desperately needs to release; her wet desires she needs to satiate,
So her butt plug she lubricates, and she places new batteries in her powerful toy that vibrates.

The draw of her aura
The euphoria in holding her
The beauty of her countenance
The love in her eye’s conveyance
The mystery of her femininity
The depths of her they can’t see
The warmth of her tearful embrace
The affectionate rush when you wipe
away the tears from her face
The vision of an angel in white lace
To know that she is loved
To know that she is safe

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