Within seconds, love was trampled upon and warmth was forever gone. We were lovers for many nights, but what I sincerely thought we had would never see another dawn. I had shown the depths of my heart that are rarely seen; I had put my cards on the table in sincere and loving transparency. Perhaps, it was blinding beauty, but you deceived me and mercilessly exploited my vulnerability. It was then that Medusa’s gaze was cast upon me in December’s cold and my heart turned to stone. There are no memories left to dwell upon. There are no pictures of you that I tearfully kiss in sweet reminisce. There are no secret hopes of rekindling anything. My heart does not lie to me; there is no wanting. If we crossed each other’s paths, I would keep walking. There are no wondrous dreams of you in a beautiful garden with rose petals perpetually falling. I fall asleep under soft light to keep the darkness from stalking. I do not think of you. I do not miss you. There is indifference. There is nothing.

Every affectionate thought is steeped in the essence of you. Every loving motion, beautifully intentional. Every kiss given, wonderfully sensual. Every word written, sentimental. Every intimate moment, ethereal. Every strand of your hair, essential. Every selfless act, amazingly spiritual. Every whisper uttered, deeply personal. Every sexual position, profoundly passional. Every tear that falls is joyful. Every time we hold each other in silence it is transcendental. Every time we go to sleep together it is peaceful. Every fiber of your being is incredible. Every letter of your utterances are delightful. Every time I tenderly caress your face I feel we’re so inseparable. Every time we divinely commune with each other, we reach another celestial level.

Longing for Love

In midnight dreams I hold on to you tearfully, hoping that once again you will be there for me; oh, love, I long for you with passionate sincerity. Rescue me and take me to a place of safety, for the darkness is cold, brittle and without mercy. It seeks to destroy me and leave me in desolation, forever lonely. I’ve prayed for understanding for so long, but love, only you have truly known me. We have communed together intimately in an indescribably powerful transcendency. Immediately, I was shattered when you departed from me — with tears I have repented for taking you for granted, so please come back to me. I may not have you again, but at least let me see with longing eyes what again it could be; and if I am destined to be forever lonely, I will hold onto the memories of loving whispers, communication, trust, selflessness, beauty, loyalty and divine intimacy.

Retrospectively, I search diligently past beauty to see in an angel the folded wings that others could not see. Within femininity there are several mysteries that keep a woman’s sacred secrecy, like rare diamonds in the earth that men search for endlessly but will never find; through wondrous eyes, I see angels gliding high in that place from where the twilight shines. To not know and taste the essence of a woman, is to not know the ultimate beauty and wonder of creation — strands of hair blow against her face, and I know that she was beauteous from her inception. She is crowned with stars that touch the heavens; I dreamt of kissing her in white linen. I dreamt that we lost each other and then found each other again. I envisioned that she rescued me from that dark place where pain doesn’t end. With her wings folded under clothing they can’t see the profoundness of her true beauty, but I see; with wondrous eyes I see. With a celestial glow she smiles at me, and in her smile, there is loving eternity and divine destiny that whispers to me.

You Are

You are the beauty of the mystery of whispers unheard;
The subtly of a slight brush that brings a hidden rush;
The transcendency of intimacy that is often ignored;
The tears that run after vows of the heart are exchanged in silence;
The breath of archangels in snow that fall softly on winter flowers;
The depth of words spoken in the most intimate hours.

You are the glory of the sun’s rays, gleaming through spring showers;
A Passionate kiss given to the brokenhearted in their most lonely hours;
The beauty of true love found in an instant by happenstance;
The unspoken conveyance of deep feelings in a passionate glance;
The vigor of revived souls near death, given another chance;
The utterances of the long tormented that finally found peace;
The majesty of every wonderful intricacy above and underneath.

Another Holds Her

I take an inventory of myself, and I retrace the steps I made on the day you left. Still, my heart beats for you.

But someone else takes away your breath—

Diligently, I search the vast emotions of my depths to find memories of you smiling in your favorite sundress.

But someone else takes away your breath—

I whisper vows to the mighty archangels, telling them of my contriteness; my tears falling on heaven’s steps until there are no tears left.

But someone else takes away your breath—

I ponder theories of love and reunification after death, lying silently in bed with my hands over the place within me that you are secretly kept.

But someone else takes away your breath—

Tears drop on pictures of you as I reach for but a sliver of your aura with my arms outstretched.

But someone else takes away your breath—

With every loving touch and passionate kiss I received from you, parts of your heart, I secretly kept. Your love is in me forever, fused to the foundations of my deepest depths.

But someone else takes way your breath—

Uncut Eroticism

Rubbing her pussy, she called him for a rough and thorough fucking;
he came over promptly, then she got on her knees to suck him deeply.
Licking around the head of his cock, she seductively teased him —
her pink vibrator on the ridge of her clit, leaving her pussy dripping.
Usually after, he would have passionately tasted her, but on that evening
he bent her over and started fucking her hard with a primal vigor.
She screamed loudly, drawing the attention of her nosey neighbors,
but she wouldn’t have given a fuck even if she had immediately noticed.
She likes her erect nipples to be licked and sucked hard when she rides him,
but on that evening, she truly only wanted to be fucked in one position;
he kept pounding her hard from behind, never breaking his rhythm.
His raw passion caused her to have orgasm after intense orgasm—
after the fourth one, she said to him through heavy breathing,
Please cum, but he was only able to release when she told him
that she would swallow every last drop and then lasciviously
looked into his eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Intimate Confessions

For so long, I dreamt about your love and caressed your face in beautiful imagery. You are gorgeous, but I searched for the inner parts of your aura that others couldn’t see. I confess sincerely, that when I first saw you my soul loved you, and I wanted your heart to belong to me. My heart kept you safe in a secret place and whispered sentiments that words could never adequately convey — now here we are, face to face, kissing each other passionately and lost in each other’s embrace. The tone of your shimmering skin contrasts beautifully against white lace. Let me say expressly, that I love you deeply and endlessly; the fire in me that burns for you burns brightly and can never be quenched. The intimacy we share is like the aura of ethereal air. When you smile, I am happy, soaring high in clear skies above rivers, mountains, and valleys; your loving touch takes me to a place of serenity. You are a woman among women, a passionate lover, a friend like no other, and the embodiment of transcendent love. Secretly, your affection moves me to tears, but I can’t hide my emotions from beautiful eyes that truly see. I had already swore vows to you through the depths of my heart, but here and now, I pledge to you verbally to always love you, safely keep you, and through storms, fire, and deep waters shelter you — and keep my sensual fire, and make love to you intensely because you are the woman of my intimate desire. Let us now kiss each other deeply in the company of our beloved ones, with white gardenias, burgundy roses, and bougainvillea magenta glory at their boundary. I make these intimate confessions to you, in love and sincerity.