Delicate Petals

She is a flower who cried the day they threw her away,
but loving hands reached for her and placed her in water,
and nourished her, and deeply cared for her.
Her petals were bruised because she was misused,
and even with scars on her stem, she flourished
and found healing — under soft light, her beauty is revealing
of something delicate, transcendent, and heaven sent;
Joyous tears fall on her petals, and radiantly she blooms forever.
She is beautiful in the spring, fall, summer, and winter.

Beauty of Her Being

She stands there, heartbroken,
but with resolve to move on and flourish again.
In silent reflection, her heart calls to heaven
for a true love to send.
She had forgotten to love herself,
so to herself she made amends,
promising to never neglect her heart again.
Until she finds him,
she will be restored in the light of healing in the interim.
Like flowers in spring with vibrant colors blooming—
The beauty of her being is stunning;
in her cogitation, she has found
that she was created in divine perfection,
and her faults make her human.
She will love again.
She is determined.

Beautiful Release

For so long I held on,
my tightened grip—
a surety that I would not slip.
You came and held onto me as I wept,
and talked to me with love,
through gentle breaths.
To convince me to release,
you guided me step by step;
in my apprehension
I feared my descension,
but you promised to be my protection.
The torment of my soul
was my vulnerability,
still, I closed my eyes and let go;
you caught me,
and I finally breathed deeply.
In my descent into your loving arms, I fell freely.
In my release, you became my peace.
I kept falling—
and love is what I fell in.

Revive my Heart

You took my once cold heart
And gently wrapped it in your warmth
I had lost faith in love
Because I had been hurt
But you became my saving grace
And I learned to once again embrace
True intimacy
When I began to touch your face
And then the tears streamed

And my soul screamed
As I released emotions from a place
I didn’t know I had within me
Then held you in my embrace
And it was then you told me
What you saw in me
And we wept together
While my spirit poured out
All the love that I had in me
And then I lovingly
Whispered three words to you
In sincerity


You cover me, like freshly laundered white linen
over varnished rosewood tables;

You cover me, like an abandoned child
protected under the mighty hands of the archangels;

You cover me, like a black veil over the face of
a grieving widow in agony, with the residue of pain
that was left behind silently on her pillows;

You cover me, like shade from the heat of the sun
under the tears of a weeping willow;

You cover me, like the broad wings of the Harpy Eagle
diligently hovering over her young;

You cover me, like the ozone layer over the earth,
protecting her from the sun;

You cover me, like a newborn
under the doting eyes of his mother’s embrace;

You cover me, every time you wipe away my tears
and gently kiss my face.

We will hold each other until our last kiss, when we are turned to dust, and the earth’s winds gently carry us and scatter our remnants among the fallen leaves, beautiful flowers and redwood trees; when the earth no longer spins on her axis in perfect balance like a beautiful ballerina on her toes in the company of an audience. In those moments, I will tell you that I love you, with immeasurable purity and the depths of infinite sincerity. At the twelve gates of heaven, look for me, and whisper the three words that you mean with all your heart; touch me—kiss me in light, and fall into my arms.

Temper, My Heart

Temper, my heart, lest you give yourself away too soon
And tell her that you love her, and that you would die for her.
Preserve the mystery, do not give your secrets away so quickly;
Do not cast aside the cloak that covers your desires.
Hold back your true feelings until it is the right time;
Perhaps with rose petals scattered on white linen tables
Furnished with delicious entrees and Riesling wine.
Be careful not to startle her mid sentence with talk of
Falling in love and adherence;
Your words must be delivered as smoothly as silk
in the truth of forthrightness.
Talk of long held feelings, and compliment her beauty
At least twice during the evening;
Preferably, in the beginning, and at the end tell her again.
Do not be sheepish in your approach;
Draw out of her words she might not normally convey,
But do it tactfully and respectfully.
Remember she is a flower and must be handled delicately.
Inquire about her family and ask her about her favorite recipe;
Speak to her lovingly, and infer that you see her in your destiny.
Finally, be humorous, and in the tone of her laughter
Seek the secrets of her soul and the substance of her beauty;
Caress her with reassuring words that appeal to her feminine sensitivity.

An Angel Sleeps

Every time you cry 
On the inside I die
Smile for me now
And bring me back to life
Lest I perish without 
The last memory
Of your laughter
And intimate passion
With tender kisses
The morning after
Silks of ultramarine blue
Against soft skin
Complement your hue
Your loving eyes speak to me
And again and again
I give my heart willingly
Your touch alone
Eases my anxiety
Even if I’m far away
I am home when you speak to me
My love I am home when you speak to me
Even with my many faults
You love me fearlessly
I love you perpetually
Everyday adoring your beauty
We commune in sweet harmony
And in my arms you
sleep peacefully
In my arms an angel
sleeps peacefully