You Are

You are the beauty of the mystery of whispers unheard;
The subtly of a slight brush that brings a hidden rush;
The transcendency of intimacy that is often ignored;
The tears that run after vows of the heart are exchanged in silence;
The breath of archangels in snow that fall softly on winter flowers;
The depth of words spoken in the most intimate hours.

You are the glory of the sun’s rays, gleaming through spring showers;
A Passionate kiss given to the brokenhearted in their most lonely hours;
The beauty of true love found in an instant by happenstance;
The unspoken conveyance of deep feelings in a passionate glance;
The vigor of revived souls near death, given another chance;
The utterances of the long tormented that finally found peace;
The majesty of every wonderful intricacy above and underneath.

Impassioned Elucidations

Created in divinity, she is much more than beauty
but the embodiment of a mystical mystery that the eyes can’t see.
To touch her essence, you must love her unconditionally.
To reach her depths, you must draw out her whispers of long held secrecy.
There must be an ethereal intimacy that bonds the souls together;
In sincerity, you must whisper sweet words to her heart to find her treasure.
In her, there is a transcendent quietness that brings peace
and a supreme love that break the chains of inhibition that causes release.
She is immersed in divinity, from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet.
The warmth of her love, causes joyous tears and peaceful sleep.
In passionate kisses, the taste of her lips are sweet;
The strands of her hair, are like celestial waterfalls where angels meet.