Heartfelt Emotions

Your love has touched my soul;
In my final hour, I will remember our time together;
I will kiss you with the kiss of eternal love
Let us recall our first encounter; let us savor our first kiss
I will tell the angels of you; I will tell the heavens of your wondrous love
Look into my eyes and kiss me passionately, 
Let me feel your fire once again within me
Stare upon me lovingly and see my tears of deep emotion
I am moved to passion at the thought of you
The stars and the moon look down upon us in awesome wonder
Darling, your face is like a wonderful dream in light and beautiful splendor
I have given you my heart, and made vows to you for an eternity
We are inseparable in this life, and in the life to come
You are the beauty of beauties; You are a rose in a place of desolation
Your smile is like sunshine, and your heart is like heaven’s light
Place your hands on my face and let me feel your warmth
Your comfort is indescribable; It is a thing of wonder
My love, let us renew our vows and watch the sunrise
I can see the twelve gates of heaven as I look into your eyes
Let the earth shake and the heavens be moved as our names are lovingly written in the skies.

A Mother’s Love

For nine months you carried me. Wrapped in your warmth, I felt your heartbeat. I was in tune with your emotions, every feeling, every sensation. Suspended within your womb, I traveled with you; Mom, where are we going today? I asked, but I was never sure if you could hear me. I hear this sound outside. It’s getting louder and louder. Suddenly I want to move; I want to dance . . . I am euphoric! I am rhythmic! I can’t help myself now! I’m kicking and spinning! Then you said: “What has gotten into this baby?” “This boy is really kicking.” We were intrinsically connected. I relied on you to feed me and nurture me. You were my life source; I was totally dependent on you.

In those months we bonded, I could feel the love you had for me, and it was comforting. It was a tranquility that the moon and the stars couldn’t explain. It was beyond comprehension how your voice soothed me; a restless life, at times impatient to make my entrance into the world. I wonder if you could sense me smiling, or perceive my happiness and contentment? I’m certain you could. I’m sure of it. That connection; that sacred connection between mother and son. That unbreakable bond; that love and care. That nurturing and the blessing that was you; that was us; I am thankful. I am joyful.

A physical cord that once connected us, that umbilical cord of life, that once fed me, and that conveyed our thoughts and feelings to each other; a beautiful work of the Lord, of his creation, and of his gift, has now become a spiritual cord, and I still need your love and your comfort. The comfort of a mother. A natural nurturer, a cultivator of life. Your smile. Your cheerfulness. Your spirit. Yes! I remember the times you spun me around the room and you danced with me! The many nights I felt the rhythm of your breathing; the days I could feel the rub of your hands against me; your singing and joyfulness. The days you were worried and somber I didn’t kick as much, but instead, I settled myself and stayed quiet. I wanted you to sleep more, be relaxed and fully rested. Your life source was stronger than ever.

Finally I had arrived! I made my debut into the world with much fanfare and jubilation. So many voices. So many things in my vision embraced with warmth and love. You looked at me and smiled. Laboring for many hours, and staying strong, just so you could make the transition smooth and have me arrive on schedule. Wow! What a mother! What a life force! I love you. We spent only three years together. You transitioned to the spiritual realm, but before that transition you left behind a gift: your only son. You may be gone in the physical sense, but your heart abides with me. Our connection remains. It is unbreakable, and it is eternal.

In these years, I find solace in you. I find joy and peace in your memory. We will again dance together; I will again see your radiant smile and  wondrous beauty. Your work is done here. I carry on the legacy that is you. An incomprehensible inner strength. A beautiful spirit that graced the world and touched many lives. You gave me life. I once lived in you. Now you live in me, Forever.

For My Mother



The heavens have opened

And received you

In eternal rest you sleep

You carry a piece of me with you

For I cannot see you

But in your presence I feel you

My desire is to be closer to you

In my dreams I seek you

Every breath I take

I breathe you

Your blood runs through me

Who would I be without you

Sorrow and anxiety overtake me

The dark waters of fear seek to drown me

Throw out your lifeline and comfort me

Mother I need you

Father has again abandoned me

He never deserved you

I pray for the day I once again see you

I was but three when you left me

So I struggle to remember you

But In my heart I will always carry you

Always remember I love you.

Darkness Falls

My hopes and prayers I will keep,
In winter winds and suffering deep.
The darkness swirls and hides the light,
As I face the terrors of the night.

I will not wail; I will not fear,
As darkness falls, it holds me there.
In chains I’m bound in desperate plight;
Still, I taunt the terrors of the night.

If the moon and the sun will hear my plea,
Then one faithful day, I may be free.
In chains I’m bound, but still I fight
For I pray for the day of eternal light.

Eternal Love

Love, Oh Eternal Love; how long will you forsake me? On my journeys I have encountered you. We spent many seasons together. In the summer we spent time together in the warmth of the sunshine, and in the winter we cuddle by the fireplace. You enthralled me with passion and desire. I long for you. I miss you. Where are you? Where have you been? It has been seven seasons now since I have seen you. I wonder if you now spend time with other men, in strange places and dark corners, giving yourself away freely with no thought of me; with no compassion for my plight. I stare out of my window at night thinking about you, jealous of the men that hold you and keep your warmth. Love, Oh Eternal Love, they could never know the depths of you like I do. They could never know of your mysteries and inner secrets like I know.

I have explored every part of you; I have tasted of your sweet nectar. I have searched your inner depths, and discovered your delicate ways. You have comforted me; you have kissed me. When will I see you again? I cannot put you away. I cannot pretend that I don’t need you. I am a man bordering on obsession, because I know what you mean to me. There is no life to be lived without you my darling; my hope in you is my silent prayer. You are the morning dew on freshly cut grass. You are a beautiful garden, budding anew with life season after season. The hibiscus and the orchid renew my spirit; the black grapes and pear trees provide a sweet savor. 

Spring is here and summer draws near. I will wait for you Love; you will come back to me. I will sing to you from afar; I will sing beautiful songs to you and hope you hear me. I will remind you of our time together. I will remind you of the passion we once had between us. I am here darling; I stand with open arms. If I have to, I will wait one thousand years, and then one thousand more. I will write another song for you oh Love, and I will sing it to you in your dreams. Please do not forget me, for I am the man you once gave yourself to. Love, forever I am yours.