Sweet Submission

In sweet submission, a woman releases all her sexual inhibitions to her trusted lover. Everything that she is, she gives to him, and her reward is endless pleasure. His erotic experience and strong aura are assurances to his beautiful and delicate flower. With passion, he fucks her; switching tempos, slowly he penetrates her willing wetness, and then faster. Her heart belongs to him, and her body is so willing. Holding on to whites sheets, she deeply moans with her eyes closed as she takes the full length and width of his rock hard measure. She has orgasms she’s never had before, in her submission. Riding him, his hugeness fills her. You have a beautiful cock, she whispers. He looks into her eyes while his strong arms bring her down on his euphoric girth. In heavy breathing, she kisses him and wipes the sweat from his face. She loves the ecstasy of his big cock and the way it tastes. To tease her longing pussy, he pulls out of her and strokes his throbbing cock in a lamplit corner — making her beg for the pleasure of his passionate and experienced fucking. He wants her to swallow every last drop of his erotic essence and she is willing. He leads her to a chair to whisper lascivious things in her ears and fuck her there. With her head down and her ass in the air, he pulls her hair and kisses her neck with beading sweat dripping on her body. The girth of his cock finds the most erogenous spots inside of her pussy and causes the squirting of ecstasy. In her submission, she finds the secrets of eroticism again and again. She says, My pussy belongs to you as she holds onto soft white linen and with an unmistakable longing looks back at him.

“Just Fuck Me”

From behind, she feels him inside; his measure finding the spot of her pleasure. She feels so good to him, that he has to slow down to allow the ecstasy to last longer. His cock stretches her as he entices her through seductive whispers. She tells him that she is truly his. Her body cannot lie; she looks back at him to stare into his eyes. She is so beautiful in the transcendent heights of her pleasure. He wants her. He’s longed for her. Many times he’s stroked his cock thinking about her in the euphoria of self-pleasure. Now, her natural lubrication runs down the full length of his shaft; with his right thumb, he presses down on the butt plug that for most of the evening has been in her ass. He pulls it out slowly, and she lets out the sounds of her ecstasy — she wants him in her ass but she didn’t have to ask. The way she feels to him is indescribable, and he wants to release, but his rock hard erectness in her ass, makes her want his penetration to last. In a sonorous voice he asks, Can I cum? Her response is slow, because she is immersed in the absolute pleasure of rubbing her clit while at the same time, in her ass, feeling the fullness of his dick . So between moans, she says, No; stubbornly, she refuses to allow him to let go. On her knees she is thoroughly pleased, but she needs to be fucked roughly and have hair hair pulled firmly, to reach her release. Unable to control his passion much longer, he again asks her, Baby, let me cum, please. She hears him, but she ignores his pleas because she is almost at her release. Her reply is, Just fuck me hard goddamn it; pull my hair, and give it to me like I want it — and when he does, his animalistic nature takes over as he gives her everything in him he has left. His rough fucking takes away her breath, and she screams uncontrollably face down in satin covered pillows with a king size mattress pressed against her breasts. Her pussy is so wet. With his full weight pressed against her body, he orgasms loudly, and so does she.

There is a subtleness in her beauty.
The lovely undertones of a yet to be
discovered intense sensuality.
To be enveloped in the warmth
Of her aura, is to deeply love her;
To look upon her countenance,
Is to realize that there is a
Raging fire in her eyes.

So Deep

The length and breadth of his measure find the depths of her;
She whispers gorgeous words, immersed in complete and absolute pleasure.
Slowly, up and down on him she is in rhythm, and he is so hard inside of her;
With her eyes closed, she whispers, You’re so deep —
And she is so fucking beautiful in her intense release.