Thirteenth Floor

Jennifer was already wet at her desk, but the tone of Vincent’s voice and his seductive stare took her over the edge. She desperately wanted him to suck on the erect nipples of her breasts and bend her over the desk in her office, deeply penetrating her with girth and length that would take away her breath; her mouth watered at the prospect of getting on her knees and intensely sucking him to climax, while at the same time, pleasuring herself. Unable to take the waves of erotic thoughts anymore, she took the elevator down to the thirteenth floor — where she knew there was a single occupancy restroom that was seldom used. She walked through the door. Sprawled on the floor, she pulled down her black lace panties, and on her clit, she let her fingers explore; feverishly rubbing her erogenous spot with one hand, and with the other — lightly pulling and twisting her nipples until she could take no more. Right before releasing, she envisioned him spanking her ass in her office chair and stretching her with his full measure as he pulled her hair. So lost was she in her euphoria, that on that day, Jennifer could have shed tears. She shuddered uncontrollably in pleasure, holding back the screams — but she released through erotic whispers, soaking her stockings in the passion that she concealed.

Subtle seduction is her introduction
She highlights her femininity excellently
And she is comfortable in her sensuality
Stiletto mules accentuate her
legs and feet beautifully

Rhythmic Tongue

He kept skillfully using his tongue to please her, while at the same time,
slowly sliding his fingers rhythmically and passionately in and out of her.
Without being asked, he longingly ventured lower so his tongue could explore her ass.
He teased her as he went deeper, looking into her eyes directly as she begged for more;
She told him seductively that she needed him and that she wanted to be his whore.
She held on long to savor the pleasure, but unable to take it anymore,
she let go — drenching his face with the wetness of her squirting organ—
and muffling her erotic screams in the softness of her white pillows;
her face of erotic euphoria slightly turned and pressed against the headboard.

Heels (Pt. 4)

Sexy stiletto knee high boots compliment
her denim jacket and black leather cat suit;
with fuchsia lipstick and gold earrings,
she is an attraction that is way more than cute.
Her walk is savage, and her heels are sexier than the average;
concrete and her boots are a perfect marriage.
Even without her speaking her stilettos say hello.
Drops of rain that run off of her heels are sensual.
If she should scuff her leather boots that would be incidental,
but in her sex appeal, it would be hardly noticeable;
she had to learn to walk in three inch heels,
but she graduated to six inches and is highly capable.
She conditions her heels with leather shoe cream
to keep them looking new, and also to keep them pliable.
She ranks her stiletto boots in the top three of her collection
because they are sexy in any weather and reliable.


Sometimes, she goes to Frederick’s, other times—
Victoria’s Secret, to purchase her sexy lingerie sets.
She especially likes white lace thigh highs
and matching bras that compliment her breasts.
Occasionally, she gets white satin corsets
with matching white lace garter belts.
She may wear crotchless panties if she is feeling really sexy.
Additionally, stiletto heels and full MAC makeup
with her hair pulled up, would make her look
like an erotic goddess in any man’s fantasy.
With black stiletto heel sandals, she would be
ultra sexy in a black V lace–up teddy.
In an evening romance lace and mesh babydoll set
she would definitely be the ultimate threat.
Her dark purple pedicured toes, would be a
beautiful sight to behold, peeking through
a white open cup bodystocking fishnet.

Released Passion

Over the phone, in sensual tones of heavy breathing, she asked him again and again
if she could release what for so long she had been holding.
He finally said, yes, and then she screamed uncontrollably,
squirting — leaving everything wet, and shuddering as she exploded.

Heels (Pt. 3)

Pointed toe stilettos
over black stockings
conceal the dark purple
pedicure she had recently gotten.
Faithfully, every two weeks
she takes care of her feet,
to the delight of her husband.
During sex, he likes to suck her toes,
and he spoils her rotten.
Her closet is filled with
stiletto heel sandals,
sexy stiletto boots,
and a wide variety
of Louboutin
red bottoms.

Erotic Whispers

Unapologetically, she is sexually free, immersed in pleasure and sensuality. She tastes him, using her tongue teasingly; then looking into his eyes intently, she takes him deeply and slowly with intensity. As his fingers enter the dripping wetness of her pussy, she breathes deeply and says his name purposely. Wanting to pleasure her more, he lifts her legs over his face — her feet pressed against the black velvet upholstered headboard. He begins to use his tongue skillfully to stimulate the erogenous spot that can’t be ignored; she sucks him deeper, moaning with pleasure. Longingly, his tongue moves erotically and intensely; teasingly, outside and inside her, and then outside her again. His immense erectness is the rage of his fire that desires her. Unable to take it any longer, she releases all over him, but he keeps going as if not noticing. Her loud screams, signal waves of pleasure that take over. To taste herself, she kisses him and sucks his fingers. In silent euphoria, from behind he takes her; the fire in him causing an erotic rhythm that quenches the lustful want of her longing. Using the leverage of her hands on the wall, she pushes back against him — causing him to find unexplored depths of her, as she turns her face to the left to look at him. He asks her if she belongs to him through a passionate tone of sensual whispering; she answers, yes, guiding his hand to caress her breasts. They switch from one erotic position to the next, but she is dying to ride him. So she rides him roughly and vigorously without stopping — her hands around his neck. She does not cheat herself, going all the way up the full length of his dick, and then slamming herself back down, to feel the ecstasy of his width. As if in a trance, while sweating, somehow — she keeps her determined rhythm. Eagerly, she wants to cum again, but she wants to cum with him. As she feels the coming explosion, she counts down from ten; barely making it to five, they both release loudly, looking into each other’s eyes.

Intimate Silence

Overcome with intense anticipation
She touches herself in partial undress—
Taking the edge off with her fingers,
And the sounds of heavy breaths.
Listening intently for his steps,
She wants him to come in, sit,
And watch her play with herself before sex.
He walks in, and she keeps going;
Saying his name seductively
Between uncontrolled moaning.
Slowly he starts undressing,
Enticed by her sensual writhing
And the lustful words of her whispering.
The usual foreplay is skipped;
While she she rides him, they deeply kiss.
Sensually, in a circular motion
She vigorously moves her hips.
Passionate confessions are orated
Through sincere and amorous lips;
After the first wave, she holds onto him
Screaming, her body shaking
As if she was involuntarily dancing.
After the second wave, they release together;
The measure of him, deep inside her.
The beauty in their intensity
Is the height of their euphoria,
And the length of the breathtaking
Intimate silence after.