Black Satin

Covered eyes can’t see the skilled hands that excite the throbbing parts of the body. Sounds of pleasure are let out softly initially, but then loudly with each level of intensity. Darkness heightens the other senses — she feels the essence of an eager tongue skilled in pleasure and its brushes against her wetness. She feels the sensations in her nipples as she lightly pinches the sensitive erectness. She breathes deeply, savoring the passion of a well endowed man — his length; his thickness. She had been left to contemplate her oncoming pleasure after she was blindfolded, then showered with neck kisses as fingers rubbed and pressed down on the pulsating source of her wetness. The intensity of her consecutive releases leave her breathless. She doesn’t need to see to position herself in doggie and be entered slowly then fucked and spanked aggressively. Her hair is pulled firmly. Black satin cover beautiful eyes that can tell no lies but always convey fiery sensuality discreetly. What she can feel she doesn’t need to see. The darkness is needed to conceal the erotic mystery. She knew that she would be pleased and fucked thoroughly, but she didn’t who it would be. She knew that she would be taken with experienced hands that are strong and steady, but she didn’t know how many.

Uncut Eroticism

Rubbing her pussy, she called him for a rough and thorough fucking;
he came over promptly, then she got on her knees to suck him deeply.
Licking around the head of his cock, she seductively teased him —
her pink vibrator on the ridge of her clit, leaving her pussy dripping.
Usually after, he would have passionately tasted her, but on that evening
he bent her over and started fucking her hard with a primal vigor.
She screamed loudly, drawing the attention of her nosey neighbors,
but she wouldn’t have given a fuck even if she had immediately noticed.
She likes her erect nipples to be licked and sucked hard when she rides him,
but on that evening, she truly only wanted to be fucked in one position;
he kept pounding her hard from behind, never breaking his rhythm.
His raw passion caused her to have orgasm after intense orgasm—
after the fourth one, she said to him through heavy breathing,
Please cum, but he was only able to release when she told him
that she would swallow every last drop and then lasciviously
looked into his eyes and stuck out her tongue.

Wet Passion

His thickness in her mouth; the taste of him, causes a wet reaction. She rubs her erect nipples as she sucks him; he reaches around the side of her and rubs her clit with passion as her legs are wide open. She licks around the head of his cock, listening to his instructions and then goes as deep as she can. She is so wet, that her passion runs down the lengths of his fingers. She moans beautifully — he holds her hair firmly as she sucks the length of his rock hard girth vigorously. He knows that she wants his cock inside her, and he teases her with lubricious whispers; he tells her in a sensual tone to ride his face, to surprise her. His rhythmic tongue constantly brushing against her wet clit, causes an almost instant orgasm. Turned on by the taste of her and by the sounds of her moaning, he keeps going; at the same time, in a 69, she sucks him with passion. She didn’t have to ask, to have him put two fingers in her ass and suck hard on her clit with various rhythms of soft licks — to cause shudders, loudness, and erotic whispers of, Oh, shit. She loves to cum from the pleasure of his exceedingly skillful tongue, but now she she wants her hair to be pulled and to be fucked hard for a long time without pause — first from behind, then from the side, then in missionary after she rides, where she can kiss him deeply when he says, Cum for me and dig her nails in his back when she releases and screams euphorically.

Sensual Chronicles

Hardened girth explores drenched walls,
Causing delayed screams and euphoric waterfalls;
Erect nipples brush against satin material,
And her sensitive lubricated clitoris throbs.
In-between penetration, her ass is attended to
With the stiffened tip of his warm tongue—
Two fingers inside her vagina simultaneously
Will lead to waves of powerful orgasms.
He likes to please her orally, but his hard
Cock is eager to explore her pussy more thoroughly.
From behind, she takes a vigorous pounding;
In the depths of pleasure, he fulfills his longing.
Pull my hair, and spank my ass, she whispers to him—
He obliges, losing himself in her rapture;
Warm lubrication and her vibrating dildo,
Lead to double penetration that pleases her—
So much is the pleasure, that only silence
And orgasmic uncontrollable shudders
With tears, is all that she can muster.
He removes her six inch stilettos
And wildly sucks her toes—
Releasing inside her
Right after.

Erotic Memories

The skillfulness of his warm tongue;
His girth that effortlessly made her cum;
The euphoria of sucking his thick hugeness
as she looked up at him with her fingers rubbing her wetness.
The way he sucked and licked her nipples
as she was riding him that left her breathless.
The anal beads that he slowly pulled out her
as she satisfied her clitoris with a powerful vibrator.
The way she intensely squirted with
her hand on the back of his head;
The memory of how he teased
her pussy with his tongue
and made her beg.

Craving (2)

She sucks the full length of his cock with passion; her lips tightly wrapped around his girth
as she greedily savors the taste of him. In the darkness, her fingers find the deep wet source
of her pleasure — she rubs her clit first, before two fingers enter her. Her euphoric moans
are muffled because her mouth is full. She teases the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue;
he lies back with his eyes closed and amorously whispers to her, Take off the rest of your clothes.
Sucking him in doggy position, she spreads her legs wider — rubbing her throbbing clitoris faster;
with dripping lust he stares at her, and he wants to be inside her. He says her name again and again
through beautiful whispers, and her pussy is so much wetter. She pauses her sucking to mount him;
it’s been so long since she’s fucked him — his hugeness stretches her, and her wet passion runs down
his rock hard length like a river. They both close their eyes and count down from five so they can
cum together, but tonight she does not want him to release inside of her vagina; she quickly slides
down and places her mouth on his erect hardness as he releases. Oh, shit; oh, baby, is all that
he can muster, between tempered screams and heavy breathing.

So Deep

The length and breadth of his measure find the depths of her;
She whispers gorgeous words, immersed in complete and absolute pleasure.
Slowly, up and down on him she is in rhythm, and he is so hard inside of her;
With her eyes closed, she whispers, You’re so deep —
And she is so fucking beautiful in her intense release.


The most intense sex couldn’t scratch the surface
of her lascivious desires that are secret.
To not only want two but three men
at the same time, lingers on her mind.
She uses an extremely flexible double–ended dildo
and a variety of vibrators to keep herself satisfied.
At least once a day, she makes time to play;
screaming loudly as she releases uncontrollably.
The thought of them inside her excites her.
She dreams of walking into a dimly lit room
wearing lingerie and black stiletto heel sandals—
where three brawny men would be awaiting.
To write of her excitement in that moment,
would be words not easily contemplated.
First, roughly from behind, she wants to be taken;
while at the same time, looking into the eyes
of the man in–front of her, as she tastes him.
To have her hair pulled as she is being pummeled
on her knees, would be something that would thoroughly please;
she would certainly euphorically scream
as she feels the pleasure from the measure
of the other she rides, who is underneath.
She contemplates the lustful whispers they would say to her
as inside her, they would both be deep.
She has another intense orgasm,
thinking of the secret desires that she keeps.