After the Ecstasy

Listlessly they lie, like inanimate objects
unmoved as the dust collects.

Insomniac eyes could never hide the dark circles
of suffering from lack of rest.

After the last deep inhale,
there are no more remnants of euphoria left.

When there is a stagnant silence after heavy breaths,
there is no more ecstasy left.

It can be bought, but agony stalks
after it wears off.

The scars of its heavy price can sometimes be seen
between the webs of the toes and on angular arms.

Two Passionate Seasons

For two seasons we shared in the endless pleasure of euphoria.
We were not in love, but we were lovers,
For we both belonged to another;
And on that night we said our final goodbyes
We tasted of pure ecstasy for one last time.
Though I feigned apathy, for long I burned in the fires of jealousy.
Did I fool myself and take cover in fallacies of not loving her?

I took counsel with my heart and it told me,
If it was meant to be it would be;
But still, reasoning and rationality couldn’t console me.
The ghosts of her sounds of ecstasy haunt me.
I am perturbed as I try to purge myself of her memory.