Exclusive Evening Events

Her entrance is like a poetic stanza profound. She shines and stuns in a black evening gown. Like a beautiful whisper, the train of her formal attire drags gracefully on meticulously polished floors. She had already conquered any and all competition as soon as she walked through the door. She did not come to a party; she came to an event with ultra exclusivity. She is wearing pointed open-toe black Manolo Blahnik heels, but because of the length of her dress they are not easily seen. For the event, she paid handsomely for a mani-pedi — money well spent. After a shower, then soaking in bath-oils for an hour, she moisturized her skin further with pure unrefined African shea butter. Her perfume for the evening is, Versace Yellow Diamond Intense, a fragrance that exudes a wonderful floral aroma. Gracefully, she sat on her vanity and put on her diamond chandelier earrings as she looked into her oval mirror; her hair was professionally done — curled and pinned up earlier. At the event she wants all eyes to be on her, for to command a room with eloquent oratory and elegance is beautiful power. She is a wonder, walking with the handsome gentleman with a closely cropped salt and pepper beard beside her; hors d’oeuvres and expensively aged Champagne are exquisitely refreshing. She mingles among conversations and laughter, and she is constantly complimented on the beauty of her aura. Meticulously manicured nails against her evening clutch, contrast wonderfully in color. Her baguette round diamond tennis bracelet shines brighter with a deeper sentiment, for it was given to her by her late father.

Black Tie Formal

The foundation is Oxford plain toe by Ferragamo, polished to perfection, lightly used or brand new; of course everything else must be immaculate, but a man must have the proper shoes — his suit tailored with precision, winged collar white shirt new, starched and ironed. He must choose from a selection of top fragrances for the evening and conduct himself as a true gentleman. He must look elegant along with the woman that will be accompanying him, for a black tie event is where they will be heading. He can have a full beard, but it must be properly groomed and trimmed; sometimes, gentlemen of exquisite tastes prefer the five o’ clock shadow, but the style of facial hair is always optional as long as it goes well with attire that is formal. Bulky wallets must be left at home; a money clip will be more appropriate for the evening, solid gold. A full length formal double–breasted wool peacoat can be worn also, but is usually left at home unless the weather is significantly cold — a formal event is always better when there is a gracious host.

For a black tie formal, gaudy jewelry is unnecessary, and if worn, it can be seen as over-the-top and tacky. A nice gold watch and a wedding band will be enough for a man if he’s married; a lady with her hair pulled up adorned in a pair of diamond earrings sparkling, is always a thing of beauty. A man can drink at the event, but not excessively — the worst thing would be to embarrass himself and his lady in a room full of associates and colleagues. At the end of the formal event, if his brand of fragrance has kept its scent then he will know that his choice of eau de parfum is quality. If his date agrees, they can change and head out to an after hours spot to party, or go to a popular café for New York cheesecake and Irish coffee.