2 to Manhattan

On my way into to the city, I saw you on the 2;
you were wearing gold open toe heels
and a deep V neck dress that was blue.
The color of your dress matched the color
of your pedicure, which I noticed was new.
You had hazel eyes and a big curl hairdo—
also, you were adorned in a tennis bracelet
and a necklace with a charm that said, I Love You.
In that moment, I wondered who was so lucky to have you
and if his was love was really pure and true.
To be polite, I glanced again, but I did not stare;
in your seat, you were like a goddess sitting on a golden chair.
My heart said to me, Victor, compliment her respectfully,
but my tongue whispered coldly, Don’t you dare.
I laughed when something suddenly came to mind,
but I was unprepared in my astonishment, when
you got up for your stop and said to me beautifully
as you walked out, I like your smile.

Erotic Vampiress

In the day she rests, and at night, she feeds from the blood of punctured necks.
She entices the men she selects, to suck and lick the erogenous nipples of her breasts
and enter the depths of her wetness before they take their last breaths.
She is an erotic vampiress, who enjoys playing with herself in the stillness of darkness.
Remnants of blood that she drinks are licked from her lips adding to her excitement,
until she releases intensely, deciding to taste the passion that drips from her fingers.
Her sexual tones are beautiful, like the voices of many soprano opera singers;
until the dawning of the morning, she allows her intense eroticism to linger—
piercing the darkness with screams of pleasure until the time comes for her slumber.


The most intense sex couldn’t scratch the surface
of her lascivious desires that are secret.
To not only want two but three men
at the same time, lingers on her mind.
She uses an extremely flexible double–ended dildo
and a variety of vibrators to keep herself satisfied.
At least once a day, she makes time to play;
screaming loudly as she releases uncontrollably.
The thought of them inside her excites her.
She dreams of walking into a dimly lit room
wearing lingerie and black stiletto heel sandals—
where three brawny men would be awaiting.
To write of her excitement in that moment,
would be words not easily contemplated.
First, roughly from behind, she wants to be taken;
while at the same time, looking into the eyes
of the man in–front of her, as she tastes him.
To have her hair pulled as she is being pummeled
on her knees, would be something that would thoroughly please;
she would certainly euphorically scream
as she feels the pleasure from the measure
of the other she rides, who is underneath.
She contemplates the lustful whispers they would say to her
as inside her, they would both be deep.
She has another intense orgasm,
thinking of the secret desires that she keeps.

Wet Anticipation

Remembering, the taste of his lips and the depths of him,
She waits restlessly, touching herself after undressing.
She is excited by every little sound that could be him;
The minutes go by, and still, there, after an hour and a half
She lies, unclothed with deep desire in her eyes.
The doorknob turns, and he walks in;
She turns and looks at him, as she calls his name
Brushing her fingers against her nipples seductively in her whispering.
Removing the comforter that covers her,
She reveals her deep desire for him;
He comes closer and passionately touches her;
She sucks his fingers, and then moves them lower.
She moans, as he slowly enters her; they deeply kiss.
For so long, she had waited for him—
And now, against the wall, he lifts her over his head—
His broad shoulders under her legs.
She places her hands firmly around his neck;
His tongue, already exploring the longing of her
Anticipation that is dripping wet.

Passionate Release

She is beautiful in her desire
Denying her heart’s feelings no longer
Her want for him only grows stronger
Her soul is deep refreshing water
And her heart is blue fire

The rhythm of her amorous fingers
Causes her erotic whispers
To become euphoric screams that grow louder
She calls his name as if he is inside her
Passionately letting go right after the last letter

Soft Light

Darkness is subtle in its caress.
The soft light slowly exposes her,
Like a sculpture in alluring undress;
It reveals the feminine contours of her feet
and the sensual enchantment of her breasts.
She breathes in eroticism
And exhales euphoria with every breath.
It is an ethereal experience
To discover the levels of her depths.
The well of love in her heart is full;
Her erotic soul is out of control
And absolutely beautiful.

Tears Amidst Roses

The wreckage of my soul lies scattered amidst the roses in the cold.
I hope for warmth and again to be made whole.
The tall stems hide me, and the morning dew rolls
off of red and burgundy petals, as if the roses weep for me;
In my shattered sate, I hope for an angel to find me
and love me with everything within her unconditionally.
I am broken but not lifeless; I am desolate but not hopeless—
I have seen many things and have dreamed many dreams;
Restless ghosts walk around me and rouse me from my sleep
to tell me of faded past loves and troubled waters deep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep

I hope to see the sun again, but until then
I hide scattered among the roses tall stems;
They whisper sweet words to me and give me water in their nurturing.
The fragrance of them sooth my agony, and I sleep on the softness of fallen petals;
Oh, heaven restore me to the whole man I used to be.
I lie amidst the roses in the shade of their petals listlessly,
Waiting for the day of redemption that I may never see.
Once, I loved fearlessly, but love was never returned to me;
Under colors of red, white, pink, yellow and burgundy, I sleep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep

The restless ghosts still come to me and tell me of their anguish;
They tell me of love betrayed and of dreams unaccomplished.
I am dismayed in my tormented state — but still hear their passionate cries.
Mother, if you can hear me, look upon your son in his travail,
And give me of your strength so I can again deeply inhale.
I am in agony and I am broken in my pain—
I cry incessantly, as rose petals fall on me softly;
Daily, they grow taller and flourish more beautifully.
I have survived thus far, because beauty is my company.
I dwell here, where the ants crawl, and the creatures of the night creep.

Still amidst the roses I weep
Still amidst the roses I weep