Strapless stiletto heels, reveal the sensual subtly of her appeal;
Burgundy polished, pedicured feet with ankle bracelet
Make her feminine arches spectacularly undeniable.
The confidence in her walk is a slayer of men’s hearts—
And in its womanly intricacy, a thing of absolute beauty;
Without heels, she is still a goddess — but in heels,
She surpasses all, in the harnessing of her sexual prowess.
The softness of her feet, displaying the beautiful color of her toes
where they peep, is an exercise in excellence;
They match her short black sundress and flawlessly impress.
Academics try to encapsulate the mystery of her feminine essence,
Debating the ethereal nature of every slight movement in her steps.
Her sexy toe rings, in addition to everything else,
Will make your heart jump and take away your breath.

Unspoken desires

The mystery of her body is a quest in sensual discovery.
It is more than mere sex but a protracted transcendent intimacy.
Her excitement, can be hidden for only so long;
She moans expressively and longingly,
As he uncovers her secret desires with his tongue.
Her wanton eyes, tell him to keep going—
He enthusiastically pleases her in ceaseless rhythm,
As he looks into her eyes, with no intention of slowing.
She screams, releasing waves of euphoria flowing;
Over and over. Again and again. Over and over. Again and again.
Seductively, she wraps her legs tightly around him,
Whispering lubricious words, that she knows will enkindle him.

Amorous Dreams

Erotic dreams drive her to the edge of a new awakening;
In both her subconscious and conscious mind,
She finds herself fantasizing about him.
He pleases her thoroughly, sparing nothing.
She screams loudly, allowing herself to let go;
After the third wave of sensual shudders,
All inhibitions are thrown out of the window.
She kisses him wildly, whispering utterances
Of lustful desires long held back and suppressed in her psyche.
Touching a transcendent wave of pleasure,
She cannot express through words the feelings of her measure;
Deep breaths and closed eyes are all she can give.
Every moment is savored and mentally recorded.
Her bodily reactions to ecstasy become involuntary,
And she is totally wrapped in passionate intimacy.
Waiting for the next waves to come,
Again and again, she holds onto him and breathes deeply.
With every deep breath, he finds the hedonistic secrets of her depths,
And he gives of himself, until there is nothing left.

Heightened Pleasure

Through a symphony of moaning, your body tells me of its longing.
I am passionate in my approach and intent in my listening.
To please you, is more than just mere expressions of the physical;
It is primal passion, long lasting, mixed with something ethereal.
I immerse myself in you, after a red sky fades into the night
And the color of the sky becomes midnight blue.
You hold onto me, tightly, shuddering uncontrollably,
Unable to express to me what you feel, verbally, but I know; baby, I know.
I must venture deeper to capture the raw essence of your primal heart;
I want you to tell me the secrets of your erotic desires, as if we were long distance lovers.
Whisper to me, not what I want to hear, but the things you’ve wanted to try for years.
Our intimacy started when I kissed your neck and shoulders, as you let down your hair.
The beauty of your aura must be appreciated, so I step back and stare;
With sensual eyes, I step back and stare.
I close my eyes to savor the moment, and when they are again opened, a goddess is there.

A beautiful goddess, with long flowing waterfalls for hair, is standing there.

All That Is You

There is no reason or validation needed to love you.

There is no rational or explanation of the feelings
within me, when I hold you.

There is nothing in all the worlds more beautiful than you.

There is too long a list, to write the traits that define you.

There is a particularly wonderful aura about you.

There is no uncertainty that my heart belongs to you.

There is a certain silence after intimacy that
denotes to your heart all of the words that my
mouth wants to tell you.

Revelation of Angels

On that day, when we suffer no more, it shall be glorious to behold.
The rain shall fall with a wondrous rainbow, forming a celestial shawl.
The earth will shake, and we shall stand like redwood trees, tall.
We will be reunited with our loves, who shed tears when they fell before the fall.
My mother will call my name as it was when I was in her womb, and I will hear her call.
I will embrace my grandmother as it was when I was a child in her arms.
By a peaceful river, we shall gather and sing angelically composed songs.
All the tears from the years of our weeping will be transformed into diamond waterfalls.

The light in our eyes that sorrow once stole
Shall be returned to us one thousand times fold.
We will dwell in the warmth of indescribable love and tread upon the desolate cold.
We will dwell in the warmth of indescribable love and tread upon the desolate cold.
On that day, all the beautiful mysteries of the world will be told.
Broken hearts will mend — and our fractured auras will be made whole.
On that day, the white wings we never knew we had, will begin to unfold.
On that day, the white wings we never knew we had ,will begin to unfold.

Remnants of Heartbreak

It is the ones we love deeply that blind us.
In the time of heartbreak and weeping,
We pray that true love will find us.
It is the long trail of ignored subtleties
That always come back to haunt us.
In the coldness of betrayal and loneliness,
Beautiful promises previously whispered are worthless.
The days and nights of sacrifice,
And in-depth talks of hopes for the future become fruitless.
Sometimes anguish can turn the once loving and affectionate,
Into the dispassionate and ruthless.