Warm water washes over her
Like the soft caress of a lover.
Under heaven’s blue skies
She is a goddess with
Diamonds in her eyes;
Beautiful, Loving,
And sensual
In her nature.

Heels (Pt. 3)

Pointed toe stilettos
over black stockings
conceal the dark purple
pedicure she had recently gotten.
Faithfully, every two weeks
she takes care of her feet,
to the delight of her husband.
During sex, he likes to suck her toes,
and he spoils her rotten.
Her closet is filled with
stiletto heel sandals,
sexy stiletto boots,
and a wide variety
of Louboutin
red bottoms.

Impassioned Thoughts

In my mind, you wear a crown of seven stars,
A one-shoulder silk ultramarine blue dress,
a floral designed gold necklace, heels—
And an ankle bracelet, and you are mine.

In my mind, we communicate with each other
Passionately, in devotion divine.

In my mind, we transcend earth’s gravity
And make impassioned love in the skies.

In my mind, I say, mi amor, how was your day?
And you say lovingly, honey, it was fine.

You walk past me, and I turn my head,
So you don’t see the not so subtle longing
In my eyes.

In my mind, emerald rain falls on you and I,
And I profess my love to you through my speech,
And through the tears of joy that I cry.

In my mind, you are immersed in warm honey,
In a white marble bathtub—
Wearing diamond chandelier earrings
And a diamond stud nose ring,
In the most beautiful garden,
Under the shade of cherry blossom trees
That are gorgeous in their flowering.

You walk past me again;
In my heart, soul, and mind—
I love you, without you even knowing.

And I Beheld You

Your movements were fluid.
Looking into your eyes I cried,
And you wiped away my tears and kissed me.
The touch of you moved my soul gracefully;
See me now in my weeping
As I kneel besides you sleeping,
Your memory infused in me
And a part of my being;
Rest my love, until the coming
Of that glorious dawning,
When we are again reunited in the heavens.
It was you — it was always you;
Side by side I would have died with you,
Holding hands and in my last breaths
Reaffirming my endless love,
Leaving behind the relics of us;
Kiss me one more time —
Even in death let me feel your lips against mine,
Before the warmth of your body leaves you
And I am rendered listless, 
Left to stumble around in the wilderness
Of the harshest winters.

Lost without you, I am so lost without you.
For a time, life had yielded sweetness,
But now I taste of its bitterness,
And my aura slowly withers —
What can I render to you now that you are gone?
A thousand roses laid gently
Around your headstone?
I must consort with the angels
To make inquires of your soul
And to send you a message of love and of longing;
Oh but for the day of that glorious dawning!
Until then I will carry you in my heart
Through rivers and streams,
In deep valleys and dreams, you are with me.
Winter again approaches;
I will warm us by a fire
And sing songs of our love together;
I will commune with you
And take you under the twilight
In your white dress — your hair pulled back,
Your neck adorned with a beautiful gold necklace, 
The winds blowing through your dark long curls
That flow in length like graceful waterfalls;
We will dance and after rededicate our vows.
You belong to me and I belong to you.
Do you take this woman to have
And to hold, for richer for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish in life and in death?
I do. Eternally, through deep waters 
And through fire,
Through the hottest summers,
And through the coldest winters,
You remain my only desire;
Now kiss me as I adorn you
With a new ring, you are more beautiful 
Than a blue diamond sparkling.
Whisper to me when I am lonely —
Of you I will write beautiful poetry
And remember the first day I beheld you in glory;
It was in the sixth month that you came to me,
And by the the twelfth we were in love
Together forever inseparably. 

The Borinqueña I Remember

We were lovers for two summers
Taking walks together, holding hands,
And eagerly discovering each other.
You had dark hair with highlights
Past your shoulder, two gold Figaro chains 
With a crucifix and your name, 
Brown Timberland boots,
And a tattoo on your shoulder
Prominently displaying the face of your mother.
With passionate kisses I was enraptured in your aura;
I still remember you, my beautiful Borinqueña.

Expressions of Love


My lady; how was your day? I have long awaited your arrival. Let me take the time to say I love you, and that you are a wonderful woman and excellent mother. This evening, let us do something out of the ordinary. Let us go out on the town and enjoy the evening.  Let me romance you, as we discuss the origins of our love, and remember our first kiss. Darling, you are a beautiful woman; your eyes speak to my soul. Your elegance is unprecedented, and your soothing voice moves me into deep and undiscovered emotions. I remember your tears of joy the day I asked you to be my wife, forever to love and cherish. I have taken you to your favorite restaurant, and have ordered your most enjoyable appetizers and entrees. We will savor sweet red wine with our fine meals, and share desert. How was your dinner my love? Allow me to move my chair closer to yours, so I can hold and kiss you. Let the crowds gaze upon our affection and see the nature of our true love. In these precious moments our love is rekindled over and over. I truly only have eyes for you. The night is young yet, my darling. Let us enjoy live music in an intimate setting, and slowly dance together while we kiss. I love seeing your smile and hearing your laughter, as humor fills our hearts. With the cares of the world behind us, a nightcap is certainly warranted. My lady, I want you now more than ever; let us take our leave and go to our home. We will explore each other passionately, and with profound sensuality. I will pleasure you unselfishly, and we will go to the deeper depths, and higher heights of intimacy. You are my one and only love. Goodnight honey; let us sleep in peaceful bliss.

Love I Wait


Loneliness why do you haunt me? Why do you follow me without fail? I have tried to loosen your grip on me but you persist in your dogged pursuit of me. Release me; release me I say. I have longed for the comfort of a woman for so long now that I can’t count the days. I have pursued companionship and love to no end. I have been jeered in the streets as a madman walking down the lonely road of failed attempts at love. Love where are you? Companionship why do you escape me? I have sought you day after day. I have sought you at night in intimate settings and dark lounges but once again you escape me. I have pursued you in beautiful fields of lush greenery in the warmth of the summer. I have written vows of commitment and rehearsed them with solemn intent. I have prepared lovely vineyards and gardens for our evening walks and enjoyment. I have built a beautiful abode for your comfort. I have selected precious metals for your adornment and set aside diamonds to seal you as my one and only. In my dreams I kiss you and we exchange our vows as I look upon your radiant smile. Love, I will wait for you. I will seek you no longer, but I will wait for you to come to me. I will think about you in the morning and hope you find me in the dusk of the twilight. I will dream, dreams of passion and desire and think of our wonderful life together. I will keep our bed warm until you come to me. Do not wait another season to find me love, for loneliness might take me away.