Empyrean Elevation

Curved pink satin gracefully floats in heavenly motion — white embroidered lace hovering over like a full moon, its soft light highlighting pink roses in beautiful evening bloom. In white, an angel moves, her fluidity like heaven’s poetry read consistently by circles of archangels in golden rooms. Invisible wings lift her, her arms extended on each side like the branches of oak trees after a winter’s slumber in spring breezes that come alive. She dances delicately with an indescribable beauty inside; her heart carrying her across the vastness of oceans in each wondrous motion. Seven stars are her crown, smiling beautifully in a transcendency from which she will never come down.

Dancer’s Ballad (joy once more)


With tears in her eyes she dusts off her old satin ballet slippers.
In darkness she gracefully dances once more;
Pointed toes grace finely polished wooden floors.

She is not broken;
She is not too old;
She is not cast away.

If she had danced in front of an audience they would have cried.
She composes a wonderful poem with her movements;
Her ballad is beautiful; my god, it’s beautiful.

In silence, only her movements can be heard;
She dances to the song in her heart.
Fluid movement; She flows … she is a river.

The twinkling stars give thunderous applause.