Impassioned Thoughts

In my mind, you wear a crown of seven stars,
A one-shoulder silk ultramarine blue dress,
a floral designed gold necklace, heels—
And an ankle bracelet, and you are mine.

In my mind, we communicate with each other
Passionately, in devotion divine.

In my mind, we transcend earth’s gravity
And make impassioned love in the skies.

In my mind, I say, mi amor, how was your day?
And you say lovingly, honey, it was fine.

You walk past me, and I turn my head,
So you don’t see the not so subtle longing
In my eyes.

In my mind, emerald rain falls on you and I,
And I profess my love to you through my speech,
And through the tears of joy that I cry.

In my mind, you are immersed in warm honey,
In a white marble bathtub—
Wearing diamond chandelier earrings
And a diamond stud nose ring,
In the most beautiful garden,
Under the shade of cherry blossom trees
That are gorgeous in their flowering.

You walk past me again;
In my heart, soul, and mind—
I love you, without you even knowing.